Sunday, July 1, 2018

Si BF..

Naisahan nanaman ako ng jowa ko hahah!

Ako naman mamaya reresbak, pag dumating padala mo haha :p

If only they know what am I talking about..


MAMA and ATE's Dayoff

5:41 AM Sunday.

Yesterday I woke up around 3PM. It was my third alarm , actually waiting for my sisters go signal if we can now go to mall. Tried to contact mama and called her, no response.

So mama and I decided to just go out and window shop. I started off early because I need to activate EMV BPI card (with sim). Unexpectedly ma has to put on hair dye and wait for annother 45 excruciating mintues before she can prepare and eventually meet me in Crossing.

So I decided to have my late lunch in McDonalds. Spicy Chicken and cheddar sauce. Was able to chitchat to an old lady across me, we shared a long stretch table. Anyway ma is finally here.

So we went together in Sta Lu( decided over Feliz). We started with Daiso, then Japan Homes, American Store , some korena store, Mumuso and all we bought are candles and chocolate bonbons (which tastes cheap). Anyway We ended up buying palabok and chicken (free chicken bec it was not punched , since mama is senior they gave it away ha!) and classic hotdog sandwich all ala carte cause we are going to stay in Belgian Waffle for cheap but nice Malaysian Coffee (Belgian and Malaysia how??) . There is this old woman sitting across me again, this time just facing me. I was creeped out because as ma and I were chatting I glanced at her and she's one hand covered her face and her one eye peeping like wtf?! I look because i sense that she hasnt moved for that long time and feels like someones watching me. True enough! Reason why we got off early.

So we went up stairs , about closing time, because the last floor  where cinemas are located normally closes 12MN, typical last full shows. So we just sat there and chit chat a little bit more about our relatives,friends, work, sisters and everything under the sun. Love my mama she's my best friend although she gets irritated the way I talk like pushy haha. Then we just rode tricycle going home, and final stop is Ever grocery store. Pickup shampoo and Milk. Mama had Milk, Pampers (for Liam), Detergent etc. So that's it for yesterday.

Always love love love bonding with mama.


Idea #01 and #02

NSO/ PSA Birth Certificate

Who needs this? Employers? Why do they need hard copy (original)? Where does it go? To BIR or some sort of volt for safekeeping?

- why don't we create a SIM Card that expires for like 5 or so years? When it is required you just need to swipe it and voila no more papers , no more cutting trees!


- No wasted papers
- No casualties (trees, people, environment)
- No wasted money going to satellite offices
- No more long queues


- like NONE.

RETIRE ALL Make up Tools

The heck, can we have like a buffet of makeup masks? Wherein your daily, special occasion or for all season go to makeup can be recreated perfectly by formulating your very own custom mask. Literally like a facial mask that sticks your preferred makeup in seconds.


- No wasted Time
- No wasted Tool
- No wasted money in salons
- No wasted money in buying makeup and tools for no use at all but just a hype
- All can benefit especially artistically challenged individuals
- Decreased in number of  industrialist, greedy corporations. 


- Inflation of jobless gays. Try to find a new career.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

What Documentaries I Like. . .

Im interested in human behavior, how they think destructively towards another person without remorse or how they cover up their true colors.

I watched too many crime scene documentaries, murder cases and serial killers. Also seen couple of psychopath, narcissist, sociopath types of videos just to have better understanding on how these bizarre individuals process their thoughts. As I move along documentaries over documentaries it appears that our mind is so complex that even specialist in the field of science cannot fully explain its dynamics. Many factors may contribute to a person to commit murder or deceit.

If you're into it you may want to read or watch any of the following:

Roman Polanski
Bernard Madoff  (Ponzi Scheme) - HBO:The Wizard of Lies
Robert Durst - HBO: The Jinx
Peterson - Netflix: The Staircase
Dennis Rader - The BTK Killer
Jeffrey Dahmer - The Milwaukee Cannibal
Ted Bundy - 
Tommy Lynn ( man his eyes are dead)

And more..


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Singapore March 8, 2018 Part 1

Here is a quick summary of Singapore escapades with mah dudes. Ofcourse first of, it's Chiqui's wedding!

NAIA Terminal 3, PAL Flight 501 ready for take off!

I remember when checking in, the luggage counter lady approached me and said in a very discreet way " kindly cover your shirt, it's showing". I'm like, oh my boobs? She cant look at me directly , when Pam approached she asked " Ano yun dude?" I told her " yung dede ko daw lumalabas" . Pam said "nakita nya pa yon? diko nga nakita e". Funny!!

Airplane meal. That's pepsi and beef salpicao :) I later asked for a cup of coffee to finish off the bread.

Sunset view from my window.

I took advantage and snap a picture of Frankie for Monster High photo share. Pam was freaked out haha! I think she's okay with Blythe but not this one haha

This is EPIC ( nyahahha) Favorite selfie with my best bud :)


Touch down Changi Airport. Thank Lord for safe flight.

Terminal 1, thats Pam in creamy white cardigan :)

NO shame CR selfie :) I just want to flaunt my Peko Chan white tee and Rilakkuma eco bag. Tita has to do what she gotta do.

My Melody in Changi Airport Terminal 1

Changi Airport interiors.

Vending Machine @ChangiAiport

Lost , No wifi and cant whatsapp Chiqui. But we have plans hihihi.
BIG BIG plan.

My Dinner.
Chicken wraps, fries, juice and chocolcate pie at McDonalds Changi Airport.
We anticipated staying a little bit longer in the airport :)
I dont think we ever took a photo of us having the time of our lives humiliating each other in Starbucks Coffee Changi Airport. We are busy laughing our guts out.You'll know why in next photos.

Cute Hello Kitty Cafe inside airport.

Yes the room is in 13th floor.
So we just arrived in Park Hotel Alexandria, SG. Across IKEA, rad huh.

Our room :)
So this is where the magic begins. All the fun part happened in the airport is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes we are had a surprise bachelorette party :)

Frame we took from Manila, that needs a lot of bubble wrap to keep from shattering.
Kisses from me and Pam, yes we put on our lippies haha!
And the photos we took on our travels.
Here goes the most awaited part..

Can you see the titi? haha thats made in Changi SB. Yes WE draw it. nahaha
So Pam brought these beautiful dresses from Manila, one for each of us. SWEET!
3 cupcakes from SB too, all dark choco Pam's favorite lol!
She bought nuts and chips. She even made those sash for us! :D

I just made the banderitas in Manila. Took pinterest as inspiration.

Bebe girl's shook y'all! 

Whats funny though is she kept pressing why on earth are we late. Damn girl! She monitored our flight haha cant contain myself any longer keeping it cool  until we reach our room. I want to laugh so bad, prepping up for "SURPRISE!!" .That's 13th floor for a reason haha! Luckily she froze when she saw it haha! Both titas of manila are very much happy - abswelto na!

So pretty much this wraps up our first day, we had so much fun. even for a little while, we catch up on almost everything our bunganga cant stop firing. We missed each other so so much much.


Love lots,

Birthday Part 2!

Here are some photos I took the night of my birthday :)
Made simple meal for my sisters , pimiento pasta and pan con tomate italian bread. Of course with the help of hubby. A fancy bottle of white wine year 2015 I think which is 8% alcohol a little sweet.

Had a quick run in our local grocery store in the middle of the night for the glass. Luckily there's a pair that looks similar with wine glass, but more like a rum glass.

Bought minicare from local savemore grocery store for 99 php they made some icing notes by request.

Sisters gift with inappropriate greeting card. Chocolate moose is sweeter than expected, but eventually it tamed after couple of days in ref.

Birthday cake card taken in ref.

Us, things are everywhere and we are such a pretty mess but that's fine :) appreciate my sisters and little Liam for celebrating with me.


Monday, March 26, 2018

March 26, 2018

Lets be nostalgic on my 33rd birthday...

I woke up late today, as usual. My daily routine of having breakfast on a supposedly afternoon tea turned out a little bit extra knowing I have task to do after my 4 o'clock meeting - and that is grocery shopping for later's simple and laid back celebration.

I had a dream, my mom rented a house who looked very similar to our home. Anyway I was laying down apparently saw an eye graffiti on the wall. Its as if looking at me and suddenly it seems as if it's staring. Those wide open eye made me stood and found my mom in another dim lit room "Ma?" I called her. She seemed just standing there staring at me, I only see her silhouette no facial expresssion then suddenly she jumped out of the shadow saying "Tignan mo Dy, may ginto oh?". I grabbed it and find a light to see whats in the pouch. There are two rosaries, and about 3 gold necklaces. Then some unknown faces got inside the house, "Sino po kayo?" I asked they said "kakasuhan namin kayo, nsa bahay kayo namin." I was bothered because I know we rented the place, so I called my mom she was talking to the supposedly land lord maybe confronting why we rented a private owned house. So I ran inside the CR, put back the jewelries in pouch in an attempt to put it back in their cabinet, who ever can see my fingerprints atleast I returned it all. Then I peep to the hole in CR's door, saw a child looking directly at what Im doing when I open the door she was lying together with a grandmother. I hopped across them quickly went to the cabinet and throw the pouch. Feels like a thief really...
I saw my mom, she looked at me as if saying have you put it back? I just nodded as confirmation.

Then I woke up, it's 2PM. In reality now..
I wash my face, apply some toner, snail Gel and eye bag droplet. Then I laid down for a couple of minutes watched youtube documentaries, then got up again.

aroung 3:30 PM I cooked my afternoon breakfast, bacon , three pieces mini hashbrowns while waiting for my arabica (bon vivant) coffee to brew. When finally set, I had to beat egg to complete my meal. Then comes 3:58PM, finally the status meeting update with my SME team.

Well. I think I need to update this later with photos and all. I need to get my SGD chnaged to Peso, then go grab some bread and pasta for laters! I need to be back before 7:30 for Six Sigma meeting! 
Tata! Laters!