Thursday, March 29, 2018

Singapore March 8, 2018 Part 1

Here is a quick summary of Singapore escapades with mah dudes. Ofcourse first of, it's Chiqui's wedding!

NAIA Terminal 3, PAL Flight 501 ready for take off!

I remember when checking in, the luggage counter lady approached me and said in a very discreet way " kindly cover your shirt, it's showing". I'm like, oh my boobs? She cant look at me directly , when Pam approached she asked " Ano yun dude?" I told her " yung dede ko daw lumalabas" . Pam said "nakita nya pa yon? diko nga nakita e". Funny!!

Airplane meal. That's pepsi and beef salpicao :) I later asked for a cup of coffee to finish off the bread.

Sunset view from my window.

I took advantage and snap a picture of Frankie for Monster High photo share. Pam was freaked out haha! I think she's okay with Blythe but not this one haha

This is EPIC ( nyahahha) Favorite selfie with my best bud :)


Touch down Changi Airport. Thank Lord for safe flight.

Terminal 1, thats Pam in creamy white cardigan :)

NO shame CR selfie :) I just want to flaunt my Peko Chan white tee and Rilakkuma eco bag. Tita has to do what she gotta do.

My Melody in Changi Airport Terminal 1

Changi Airport interiors.

Vending Machine @ChangiAiport

Lost , No wifi and cant whatsapp Chiqui. But we have plans hihihi.
BIG BIG plan.

My Dinner.
Chicken wraps, fries, juice and chocolcate pie at McDonalds Changi Airport.
We anticipated staying a little bit longer in the airport :)
I dont think we ever took a photo of us having the time of our lives humiliating each other in Starbucks Coffee Changi Airport. We are busy laughing our guts out.You'll know why in next photos.

Cute Hello Kitty Cafe inside airport.

Yes the room is in 13th floor.
So we just arrived in Park Hotel Alexandria, SG. Across IKEA, rad huh.

Our room :)
So this is where the magic begins. All the fun part happened in the airport is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes we are had a surprise bachelorette party :)

Frame we took from Manila, that needs a lot of bubble wrap to keep from shattering.
Kisses from me and Pam, yes we put on our lippies haha!
And the photos we took on our travels.
Here goes the most awaited part..

Can you see the titi? haha thats made in Changi SB. Yes WE draw it. nahaha
So Pam brought these beautiful dresses from Manila, one for each of us. SWEET!
3 cupcakes from SB too, all dark choco Pam's favorite lol!
She bought nuts and chips. She even made those sash for us! :D

I just made the banderitas in Manila. Took pinterest as inspiration.

Bebe girl's shook y'all! 

Whats funny though is she kept pressing why on earth are we late. Damn girl! She monitored our flight haha cant contain myself any longer keeping it cool  until we reach our room. I want to laugh so bad, prepping up for "SURPRISE!!" .That's 13th floor for a reason haha! Luckily she froze when she saw it haha! Both titas of manila are very much happy - abswelto na!

So pretty much this wraps up our first day, we had so much fun. even for a little while, we catch up on almost everything our bunganga cant stop firing. We missed each other so so much much.


Love lots,

Birthday Part 2!

Here are some photos I took the night of my birthday :)
Made simple meal for my sisters , pimiento pasta and pan con tomate italian bread. Of course with the help of hubby. A fancy bottle of white wine year 2015 I think which is 8% alcohol a little sweet.

Had a quick run in our local grocery store in the middle of the night for the glass. Luckily there's a pair that looks similar with wine glass, but more like a rum glass.

Bought minicare from local savemore grocery store for 99 php they made some icing notes by request.

Sisters gift with inappropriate greeting card. Chocolate moose is sweeter than expected, but eventually it tamed after couple of days in ref.

Birthday cake card taken in ref.

Us, things are everywhere and we are such a pretty mess but that's fine :) appreciate my sisters and little Liam for celebrating with me.


Monday, March 26, 2018

March 26, 2018

Lets be nostalgic on my 33rd birthday...

I woke up late today, as usual. My daily routine of having breakfast on a supposedly afternoon tea turned out a little bit extra knowing I have task to do after my 4 o'clock meeting - and that is grocery shopping for later's simple and laid back celebration.

I had a dream, my mom rented a house who looked very similar to our home. Anyway I was laying down apparently saw an eye graffiti on the wall. Its as if looking at me and suddenly it seems as if it's staring. Those wide open eye made me stood and found my mom in another dim lit room "Ma?" I called her. She seemed just standing there staring at me, I only see her silhouette no facial expresssion then suddenly she jumped out of the shadow saying "Tignan mo Dy, may ginto oh?". I grabbed it and find a light to see whats in the pouch. There are two rosaries, and about 3 gold necklaces. Then some unknown faces got inside the house, "Sino po kayo?" I asked they said "kakasuhan namin kayo, nsa bahay kayo namin." I was bothered because I know we rented the place, so I called my mom she was talking to the supposedly land lord maybe confronting why we rented a private owned house. So I ran inside the CR, put back the jewelries in pouch in an attempt to put it back in their cabinet, who ever can see my fingerprints atleast I returned it all. Then I peep to the hole in CR's door, saw a child looking directly at what Im doing when I open the door she was lying together with a grandmother. I hopped across them quickly went to the cabinet and throw the pouch. Feels like a thief really...
I saw my mom, she looked at me as if saying have you put it back? I just nodded as confirmation.

Then I woke up, it's 2PM. In reality now..
I wash my face, apply some toner, snail Gel and eye bag droplet. Then I laid down for a couple of minutes watched youtube documentaries, then got up again.

aroung 3:30 PM I cooked my afternoon breakfast, bacon , three pieces mini hashbrowns while waiting for my arabica (bon vivant) coffee to brew. When finally set, I had to beat egg to complete my meal. Then comes 3:58PM, finally the status meeting update with my SME team.

Well. I think I need to update this later with photos and all. I need to get my SGD chnaged to Peso, then go grab some bread and pasta for laters! I need to be back before 7:30 for Six Sigma meeting! 
Tata! Laters!

Sunday, February 18, 2018


You have to remind yourself that you're not going to live forever, so don't be hard on yourself.

If it comes to you, it's for you. If it doesn't come to you, after all the efforts you put into it then it's not meant to be. So learn to let things be. Don't push it. 

Try again next time, know that the in time you might find it. It might take time for you to realize as you grow wiser, but it will come to you in due time. 

Keep moving.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Am I Old or just Wiser?

We can be who we want to be, go wherever we want. We just CAN, but WONT.

It's not always we are chasing our dreams, sometimes we simply not in the mood dealing with a lot of things in life. And so who doesn't love a down time, right?

As we age, we sometimes feel content and fulfilled already. We leave all harsh activities to younger generation because we have our own agenda. We just want to sit down relax, have our favorite coffee and read our favorite book on lovely day. Simple as that. 

It's not like we stop exploring this wonderful world, it's just that we have different perspective now , different way of looking at things around us. It's more of growing plants in the backyard than going on a hike.  The energy to "do-it-all" is slowly fading away. 

There is an urge to catch up on things we haven't had time , energy and money to splurge in beginning of time. I noticed I'm being careful on buying things like it has to make sense or else I'm not going to waste my money on it. But sometimes things are not that much important as it may seem to others but for us it's one hell of a break, like rekindled hobby. I suppose we go against mainstream cause we are sick and tired of being seen and we just want a quiet life.

This time it is an opportunity for long hours sleep. I personally see this as a luxury that not all have. I actually enjoy time in my bed, reason why I pump up the bedding game.

Long walk is a must. Where I stay. I only have the garage and malls to stroll. There is much appreciation in strolling outside with beautiful scenery. Just inhaling fresh air makes me feel thankful to be alive and healthy.

I rarely go out. I go out to get some groceries or meet friends or Sunday Mass with family and that's it.

I enjoy cooking meals rather than going out to grab a bite. I enjoy writing my cookbook.

I found love in repainting dolls, and making dioramas. My photos no longer focus on self portrait or shall I say selfies but they are now more on photographs of scenes and dolls. I like to capture special moments, unfiltered.

So the question is, am I getting old or just wiser?

Well, since I save a lot of money and energy doing nonsense I bet Im wiser. Age is just a number!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Watching Cook Abroad in TLC channel washing cows and building tent around the herd as "house of celebration" is fucking morbid, why?

Imagine cleaning your cows, living breathing creatures and just around the corner they are meal for celebration how fucking retarded are we? Like I understand vegans this very moment. People are so into supreme being shit, like we eat near the source who are still alive!!! We assume that because cows cant talk and react the way people do, we can just go fuck their lives? This is just psychotic to be honest.

HUMAN supremacy makes me wanna puke! People are curious of aliens, dont look far just face the mirror.

No respect for animals, no respect for lives, what is left of you that signifies humanity then? 


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Instant Coffee Fave

I cant deny to love instant coffee which are dupes of authentic coffee grinds.
First stop, the reason I follow up with this blog is UCC instant coffee my GOD delicious haha!
Like Medium Roast when mixed with hot water tastes like freshly brewed with milk.
Old Town Coffee - Malaysian Coffee
I super love this cause it gives me a feel of my travels in Malaysia. We ate at Old Town resto inside Malaysian Airport and I love their coffee. Was surprised they have it packed and can even buy it conveniently at local stores.
Folgers - A friend whos kind of lazy brewing her own coffee I even baught her a coffee press but we end up using it in the office until it got lost introduces me to this. And dang it's sweet even with little or no sugar - I like this just black.

I will list down some more and update it once I try some other instant whites.