Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hello 2014!

There is, ofcourse so much to thank for 2013 like having my own crib, travel, career and so-so in love life haha!

Anyway, I am beginning to feel positive about my future - feeling young and fresh like ever! Honestly I havent felt like this for long, until now. Maybe, just maybe it is for a fact that my new job is on the way.

I am excited about changes - it is quite unexpected since I did not applied for it and I declined it once again(drama queen) but since people around are persistent I swallowed my pride and what the heck I gave it a try! Then I ended up signing the contract - what the?!! It's like I am consoling my conscience to stay for a while and see if things will work out in my current company. But then again settling is not the name of the game - I am not the type of person who settle just yet (for anything less ofcourse). Dang, cant keep promises (pretty little liar). So I guess this is my life - not waiting for things to happen but making things happen. Tsk.
Actually my bosses guaranteed to apply my A1 VISA in the US - fail safe for training on client's specialty domain which means there is no probability to be declined(really sir?). The project is in Chicago IL and I represent Manila Team for Sharepoint dev. That is just one of the offers. The other offer came from my Manager in Pfizer to put me in the loop in Business Analysis, engaging in management in New York City, my place will be in (not in Manhattan) New Jersey since NYC is expensive haha! There is also one offer that's in Canada for Morgan Stanley account where my role is SharePoint developer. All of which I declined - for reasons manager and I only knows - but the real by few loved ones bahaha!

Going back to my outlook in life (wth) it's going pretty well and as the saying goes when the road gets rough you get tougher haha! All in the name of Jesus who then rescues when things get worse. Thank you for making this journey much more exciting and thrilling and surprising!

Why seaweed, because it was just last 2 years ago I figured out seaweed tastes good but forgot to buy it in grocery store. And just two years after that I bought a pack of seaweed in Japan Store for 88 bucks and it was like BAM! I was rekindled to my forgotten love - seaweed. Good taste just dont happen you see, it takes time to master the art of being classy (aka choosy b*tch) Life progress and so am I haha! Anyway on the serious side that's the good thing about changing the old ways, I learn things and experience them in my own time. I choose how to live it - nothing in a hurry. I widen my scope of connections and friends, open up to possibilities, take more relevant responsibilities, explore the different side of me - which Im surprised I did not knew have I not move out of my comfort zone. I worry less because I know God decides, I just choose.
I am less afraid because for all I know everyone dies and the only thing that matters is to be happy while we're alive. Like the seaweed it just gets even better when swallowed more and more continuously! MORE BLESSING I MEAN HAAAAA!