Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last 5 Mins before 2012

Thank you 2011 for bringing forth bitter sweet life. Goodbye!!!
Will look forward to a brighter tomorrow in 2012!
Thank you Lord for the years, more blessings to come!!!
I hope everything will be renewed for the better.
With peace, joy & much love!!!

Frances dec 31, 2011 11:54 PM

My Year Round Mantra

There comes a time in our life where all of a sudden good things come into halt. Just like having a heart failure where it just stops. During those times, when the heart fails the mind function to the point where it is like having some neuro meds kicked in. We may think clearly or vivid. The mind somehow supports the hanging fate of a person's life when the heart's paralyzed, just like wearing a gas mask when it's hard to breath. That moment, when our mind is at its vulnerable state it somehow recalls the past. You think of your last conversation with someone, twisted decisions, immature responses, guilt, satisfaction, love, hate,insecurities... Then for the next hours passed, you ask yourself, who you are and why is nobody ever understands or treat you the way you wanted to?

Last Christmas I was deprived of joy partly because of my own selfish way. It was my decision to collect things and start all over again and maybe put some direction to benefit both of us in the long run. But now I am not sure, well we all are not sure when it comes to heart matters. I decided to shut all sorts of connection and move on without ever looking back. I am not sure what he thinks, but right at the moment I care less. One reason could be that initially we both care less and I just stepped up and speak for it so it saved him one hell of a drama. I think he's good with that, doing fine and infact continues life in a bliss.
As for me, I try to learn a good lesson here. Maybe it looks like I'm a masochist but I believe life's a yin yang, when there is bad there is always good. And so it's normal to feel bad sometimes atleast I look forward to what's good next. At first I asked him what is wrong with him, and since I get no guaranteed answer I found it after the next few days of being a part from him. Funny cause, aside from issues about us, I found out that more issue is on me. We all are not perfect, life can be at its WORST ever. I have so many biyotch decisions as well. I realized that it's my reflection that I am afraid of, it's who I am I have to deal with and not him, or others. Yes it's partly him but it's on me really... I forgot that sense of individuality, that everyone is unique and not to be compared to someone else. We all have our walks in this life. Some like to ride a bus, others would rather walk, some prefer violin others guitars. It depends on what we want, what we need to fulfill the life we wanted. God is good because just now he made me realize that we cannot push people to believe the things we believe, make them do things just like what we wanted because they too have their own responsibility to be just like themselves, unique and free. I remember the word freedom, that we all have that. And it is on our hands how to make use of it, in the right way. God himself did not put a tight grip on us, because I believe he wants us to enjoy life in freedom - his gift... Now I think, I could only suggest and maybe comment a little, but will not impose as to hinder whatever he wanted to do with his life, because he owns it, nobody but him. It's God's gift to him as well. If that is the case then, he has to follow his freewill. To change is one thing I cannot push, but only influence. It is up to the person if he wants to change, sincerely.  Therefore, as for my freewill too, I will chose to love those who in return love me unconditionally, who cares just enough to show sincerity, respect and loyalty. If not then It's my freewill too to leave and simply let go...

You know, it's faith and twisted fate that we hope for the better tomorrow to come. It's tough, and I am proud to be strong because I deal with love that could be unique as well. No dictionary, just experience...

So reward yourself ladies, we are important and very much substantial, this human race will fall if we are not in it (LOL). Enjoy yourself, be generous, live, laugh, cry a little, kiss your parents, play with your siblings, get out with friends, be brave and God will do the rest :)

Just like in the New Year's Eve mantra "Have a little faith in me..." You can be wrong at first, but believe in change and trust and love... What matters is in the heart <3

Happy New Year! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eight Hours Before Christmas

Before it's officially CHRISTmas, I would like to recall the things I'm thankful for because of Jesus:
First I am thankful for my Family, for their unconditional love and all other great things that were unselfishly shared.
Thanks for the hardships. For giving me a chance to lead to realize how difficult it was,had I not taste how sweet to achieve victory.
For the challenges, calamities that drove our family closer and stronger.
For friends who lighted up those gloomy days.
For my imperfections, had I not know I'm special and unique.
For my dog, who may never had listen or speak but always made me feel accompanied.
For my work, that made me realize there's more to come.
For mornings, that there are second chances.
For evenings, to be at peace with myself.
For love, hope, dreams, music and you.
Thank you for making me feel happy and sad at times...
May your wishes come true Jesus ;)
I love You!

Looking forward tonight...

Lotsa Love,

Posterous 12.24.2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is He?

How important are you to your man?
Do you feel special, for instance giving you little things to make you smile even in non-occasional day?
Is he giving you the best among everything? Did he always put you on top priority for instance will leave everything to attend to your needs? IS HE? If no, just say NO then :)

He's never yours and you're for someone else... That's for sure. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


When we got there around 11pm, the airport is deserted as if it just waited for us to close. They had this lego world hanging in the ceiling, I took a picture of it. Legoland is just around the corner, they said, we hadn't got a chance to go there though. We tried to look for money changer, but all are closed. Maybe they are not expecting people to land that time.
The huge Danish man was waiting infront of the lobby, he's waving a Vestas plate to recognize him. The driver looked like a white collar worker looked professional, he had his own headset, they are so techy! Right when we got out of the main exit, it was freezing! We would just cross the clearing to locate the van, but it felt like walking forever, I can't wait to get inside the van, it's so cold!! I wore those neat sweatshirt from f21, not that thick scarf and tights (I should have wore pants instead). After went into the car, I was relieved because it has heater! As the SUV drove along, their wide pavement caught my attention, even it's silhouetted with fog and dim lights I saw that there are no houses along the coastal road. It was barred with fence filled with light bulbs :) There are lots of arrow lit too which points to our direction. It was crisscross, unlike in other countries like Philippines, they have lots of pathways, I think it's four?! The SUV has its own GPS, which is cool.  In about 30 to 40 minutes of driving, we finally arrived to MiddleGade apartment. The place looks serene, deserted and melancholic. Everybody's sleeping I suppose. I remember the breeze, it's chilling and sweet :)

We had the room on the upper deck, 3rd floor. It was neat although when we chose our room, the bed sheets smelled like sweat haha. I had it perfumed before slumbering into sleep. I dont care if it's too cold, or the sheets smell, or my feet ached, I am here in Denmark, and I loved it.
That was my first night in Europe...