Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lax Night

@ Eastwood Chillin'
Someone apparently saw me today, well I saw him too. I was hiding, then I thought it was over.. Until he texted... Darn x_X

Cheese Seriously...

Say cheese! cheese?

Ordinary Day for Beautiful People: TBT Nike RUN!

#throwbackthursday if there is such a thing as hashtag in blog. Anyway this was way back Nike Run with the crew. Those days when they still wanna run, I dont know what made them relax, but atleast Doy and the rest still wanna join. Infact we're going to Nat Geo Run this July.
'Alright sissies if you need a break, so brekky it.

Picture of us re enacting OA gags.

This is me, laughing. Half of my brain saying there's paparazzi, half saying LOL what the EFF are you gone mad??? To the thing I was looking at.. Whatevs..
tata see you next run!


Ordinary Day for Beautiful People: Night RUN Crew!

Presenting the gang that spent the night hours with "run-maniacs" haha!
Well I hope next time we'll wait at the finishline so no one's LOST!

Anyway we had fun overload, thanks sweeties :*

This picture at BGC for Color Manila NiteRun! We truly love Color Manila Run, it's the best run I have been to evah!


Ordinary Day for Beautiful People: Delishuwas Crepe Evah!

Best crepe ever, although this picture shows sissy & I still having dinner.. :D

This will be the initial entry of Ordinary Day for Beautiful People. Hope you still with us till next selfies haha!