Friday, September 30, 2011

Subliminal Message - They are everywhere

It was kind of interesting how some pictures are able to subconsciously communicate to our mind - sending messages that affect our actions towards the object. No matter how it really impact our actions, it's interesting...

Here are some of them:
1.] Err... it's whiter than the woman's skin
What do you think is he holding on his left hand? 

Coke never failed, to look sexy , cool and youthful there has to be something... Tell me ;)


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bringing back Ondoy with Pedring's wrath

Yesterday, was the kind of usual rainy day in Manila, so I thought. Gary and I planned to work from home that day due to typhoon entering PH zone. Finn Puolsen, Vestas Director , announced to all Vestas employees to leave the business area around 3PM (which normally they do because in our company it's always safety first). But we weren't since we "could" have had WFH.

So the rain started to fall from Tuesday morning of Sept 28, 2011 with the wind furiously blowing that threw away trees, roof and even Manila Bay. And so the news went down to our community that we should evacuate the place immediately. We thought the water wont go up so we went easy, not prepared to go out of the house at all. Until 4PM came, all of a sudden there were noises outside, murmurs that they cannot carry their stuffs outside the house. We asked our neighbor which was my mom's sister, and they were about to go out because according to them the water is already behind our walls and it will continue to raise until we can no longer get out of the house. So I was frightened I went asleep that afternoon while reading, because we have to electricity and I could not work from home (no choice but to take VL). When I looked outside, it's like watching a mini water falls flowing down the ramp on our gate. We were so confused and so shocked that we tried to reach for whatever we need to grab and lift all stuffs on higher grounds. My mind just shut up thinking, I just told my mom and my sisters we should go, we could be stranded if we stayed. Fortunately Maica's (younger sister) service driver drop by our house and asked if we're ok, but obviously with our faces we're definitely not alright. We requested him to take Chimi (our dog|gold ret) to stay overnight on his house for the meantime, because as of the moment we are still undecided where to stay. Thank God he agreed. We worried that we did not have the luxury of time to turn of the power switch and to turn of the stove, Oh My. Lucky there is no electricity within our area.

After we went out, we heard news that they has released on of 4 dam that caused the flood. If the rain doesn't stop all day, we should expect flood, especially us we are near the Pasig/Marikina river. we stayed for a while near the elementary school as we waited for Gary, caused I asked him if he could take Chimi for the meantime while we're not staying home. Goodthing manong (Maica's service) went for Chimi instead.

Finally we went to Tita's house in Vista Verde. I thought we surpassed the flood, unfortunately Cainta/Vista Verde (their place) street was also flooded. We stayed there for a night, just to let the water subside in our area then woke up early the next day to clean the house. It wasn't that easy really, because their car cannot managed to go out and we have no driver so we went outside their house raining plus below the knees water. It was crazy, we held umbrella and on the other hand bulky backpacks/bags and strode along the shallow murky water. We went from the gate of the house to the gate of the subdivision, about 3KM. I feel sorry for my sisters, especially mama because I know she's tired of all this... Going back two years ago we had this experience, much disaster than this. the water covered our house, only the tip of the roof was seen, and they stayed at the top of our neighbor's (also one of our tita's) roof with pouring rain, no umbrellas, they are all soaked wet no food, plus Chimi not wondering were to go because it was like an island surrounded by deep water. They held there for almost 24 hours drenched wet on the rooftop until finally the water subsided. It was tragic really as I recalled I had a vacation that time but all I did was cry, wondering where my family is, are they still alive or they need help, I do not know :( We lost communication, their line was shut no signal within the vicinity. No power, no nothing... I was eager to home not prepared of what to witnessed, nobody knew what happened. Our relatives wouldnt know because even if they wish they were there, the streets are busted and flooded. Many routes were closed, non passable. It was hopeless as hell, but I prayed and kept faith within even with troubled mind (literally I could not think).. When I got home, everybody's safe, even my lost sister (which was at the office when Ondoy came) was there at home safe. I cursed Ondoy, for it made me feel how it hurts so bad I could have lost my family, my life :(... After 3 years here we are again.. The only way to get out is to move to other place or get a light house. I don't know it depends on ma & pa...

We are almost over with cleaning the entire house. we even planned to buy christmas tree today, but we're so tired. So just this night, we went to unwind at starbucks with frapuccino. Ma can no longer come with us.

Like I said Ondoy, f@(k you! Pedring, go to hell! But the lesson is still "Nothing beats preparation"..
Anyway there is a reason we of all we are the chosen few to went through hell, whatever it is I'm just glad we're safe, alive and still happy together. :)

Goodnight! / morning!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Lomo Picture

Picture taken at Randers, Middelgade apartment, Denmark.
Circa: 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mama's 55th Birthday

Yesterday, actually last night we celebrated mama's birthday at home. Why? Because she don't want to go out and ease the stress,"nkakapagod daw" (very tiring)... So then Gary and I just planned to bring home the handa (prepared food). It was fun really but needed lots of effort. Last Monday I think, or Tuesday Gorio and I just reserved this beautiful and sumptuous velvet cake at Mary Grace located at RCBC plaza, just couple of steps from our office actually it's within the same building... Just yesterday, that was Friday, we claim the cake with these little message to ma:
Right when she spotted the 55th she suggested we shouldn't have that age included... What do we expect. Again as Faye was saying, age is just a number :) haha! Anyway mama was thankful she didn't have to go out and all. She's aware that we had to run to MRT, go round trip just to get one of us sitting for the cake to still be perfectly delivered, plus the waiting time for food (delicious Chinese food by Super Bowl), plus the yellow bells, I mean yellow flowers to top it all. It was as an ease, yes for them not us hehe. But in total it was fun. Im just happy mama is happy too. Oh by the way I had this posted on my wall in FB:

"I remembered mama's face when I was 5, she's full of youth and very vibrant. She just laughed with everybody else in the room.. She looked at me and smiled... That day I prayed she live longer than me.. 
After 21 years I wonder what brought her to these fine lines on forehead and bony hands.. Then I realized, that's the perfect hand I used to hold when I was little, the same cheeks I kiss every morning and eyes that smile for comfort and assurance that everything will be alright... Thank you ma for all these years. You're simply the most beautiful woman in the world :) Maligayang kaarawan maa!.. Mahal ka namin, sobra ♥ ♥ ♥"
Many liked it, as much as I do.. I cried like loca in the office. It's awesome though some people have that kind of feeling too, same as everybody else :) I print a screenshot of this because mama has no FB account, so after she read it she handed it to Gary and she was asking him to read the words written, just to make sure Gary read it she waited until he finished hahahaha.. Mama thanks that's the way of saying that you're proud of me ehem ahem!! Love you ma! Let's spend another birthday in years and years and more more years to come :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Quotable quote made by yours truly:

#1 If the pair doesn't fit, but it looks good on you, bring it.
#2 If the bolt do not fit, you nuts find another one!
#3 Like dirt bag, you're full of shit.
#4 You speak that way, because you're guilty.
#5 I just listen & wait until you say something stupid. You never failed.
#6 They say less is more. But I don't settle for anything less.
#7 How come you talk as if you know a lot? My gut says, not even close.
#8 If you love to travel, find away and you will.