Saturday, December 29, 2012


Five in the morning. Saturday, before the day starts me and my sister went home..
Im sleepy will continue story later. zzZZ (Manila 2:17PM Raining)

Im back! It us 8:53 in the evening, family gathering around here in the living room and me blogging. 

Before we decided to go eastwood we took this photo first, lazily picking something to wear for nightout

That's what we call procrastination.

Here is the picture early morning at eastwood city

Spent it frolicking with Faye, who never gets tired of listening to to her ate. Even if the ate is psychotic.
Thank you for ever spending time with me more often, like what we usually do when we were little. Keeping each others company through the good and bad.
Agree and disagree to things. Bad mouthing, cursing and laughing on problems at the same time.
Im just grateful of the gift of friendship and sisterly love.
The way we understand life that no one can describe and may never have in this this lifetime. I know many are wishful to experience this, I hope they do. This is one of the things I am thankful of. 
Ofcourse we missed Mai, she's tamad more often. She's with us by heart anyway, and the tummy ahhh. You missed it! But anyway Mai's with Ysabel, friend and classmate who just had 2 days sleepover at home.
Here are some more photos:

Chocolate milkshake, yummeh. It has refill too, see that silver canister behind? filled with vanilla icecream. Oh no, tummy tuck! HAHA

We love this Jukebox. We heard Dance with me in acoustic version and Thriller by Micheal Jackson while eating french fries and smothering beef loaded  sandwich. It was one hell of American classic evening.
This was earlier while waiting for the food. HAHA :P

wahahahahha :P

And more..
floral girls.

what took our milkshake sooo looong. just thinking..

Loosing it haha :P

That's it!
Fran :*

The Beatles Conspiracy

Would you believe that Paul McCartney's long dead?That  this photo of them crossing London Abbey road has hidden clues as proof Paul died in car accident? Which also says something like, John Lennon wearing white as Preacher, Ringo as Mourner, Harrison as Gravedigger and Paul on bare foot suggested he's the corpse?! He's left handed when smoking, while on this photo he held it on right hand. They said cigarettes referred to as coffin's nail. This also meant Paul's coffin was nailed so that people wont see his gruesome figure.More of this you can read on Daily Mail UK News

"Strawberry Fields Forever" - 3:56 listen closely! John Lennon says, I buried Paul.

Sure the rock band missed Paul, that the only thing they can do to indirectly inform the public about their grief was to leave prints to indicate death of their member. What turned out good was the record sales was not affected. But the world may never know the truth that lies beneath the grave...



Monday, December 24, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Nakuha ko na gusto ko
achieve na! haha

Thank you
I will continue what works best for me
and for the both us
Goodthing youre not a good googler
you cant google my bloggg
#twitterpated as always

Thank YOU

OMG wala na akong maramdaman

But ofcourse except to you
Thank you! :*

For now
My heart is yours.
Thanks dear...

Things Happen for Reason

I kind of understand
How they work
Sort of.

Problems keep on coming
without prior notice
and I am not ready to take all of them

But giving it a thought
before those problems came
Some decision has to be made
I said yes to it.
I agreed to take all that comes with it.
So I permitted them, technically.

Just to justify my problems
before declaring "God why me? 
Why all these?" (but I asked it anyway)
I realized, it was me who took the opportunity 
to be challenged 
to take another chance
to strike the hot rod once again.

Problems are opportunity. 

I am not ready to take these
But I have faith.
I dont know where I am heading
But I have faith
I know in my heart
I will get there.

So I laugh, God you are giving me all these now.
When the wheels change its course
It's payback time.

Now I understand that
Pain first before Gain.

Moving forward
I will savor this pain
For today
and the coming days.
Remember each of them.
I know for sure
Time will come
Things will change
And I envision myself
Overcoming fear
loneliness and worry.

The greatest gift is to learn
how to embrace life with its ugly truth.
Accepting pain and adversities,
that they are all part of this fiasco.
And missing those is like living in a play safe world
were the truth is
it wont work like that. 

Problems color life.
And having a way to solve it makes living worth while.
Life is grand to those who choose
the greater risk, I believe.

So why take away pain, 
when there is redemption after?
So why take away sorrow, 
when there is happiness after?
So why take away disappointments, 
when there is second chance?
So why take away loneliness, 
when there is someone after the loooong wait?

These spice up my life
my world
so I wont hesitate
 to welcome these problems
Because it is not yet the end
and I am still executing God's will
not yet done! 
God is still writing my autobiography.
And it wont go wrong.
Or things go wrong technically
But God has plans.
And it is good!
I have faith
and I trust HIM
with all my heart.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Ang SharePoint workflow kahit naka pikit kaya kong work-an
Ikaw di ko kaya workan ng naka pikit
Ang pogi mo kase.

Monday, December 10, 2012

I Think I Found My Own Grey

Why you?
Cos you are like no body.
Mature, quiet, chill.
Your eyes
Your lips
Your hands
they were perfect.
When you mention my name
I felt like princess.
I feel secure when I am with you
Like you cover up
when I was supposed to be hit by a ball.
You're tall as great wall
Cant believe those big hands and shoulders
Atlast they can carry me haaa! Like I am dreaming.
Like you open the door when I walk in
Like when you run to keep up
when I was about to go.
You give a lot,
I did not asked.
I love your stories, I can relate.
They simply make sense.

Sometimes I wonder why you ask a lot.
About my world
I am not able to share.
What is with me that made you want to think about?
I am like rosary according to you, I asked why.
You said because all I am is a mystery.
I like it.

I guess I put the boulder on you,
Not sure if I make it hard on you.
But I can see your face light up
like you light up my world.
Seems like we are enjoying each others company.
Being friends is perfectly cool.
But have faith you know.
If we are meant for each other
we will be, in time.

Thank you
For making me smile.
You are simply
nobody's guy.
And I love it.

I think I found my own Grey.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Real Steel

Charlie: What do you want from me?

Max: I want you to fight for me! That's all I ever wanted.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Isiah 64:4

Sharepoint 101: Copy List Item to Different Custom List Using Workflow

Is it possible to copy item list to different custom list?

Will try this later:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Let Me.

I woke up at 3am
still thinking of you...

you're such a darling
you know.
Let me take care of you.

Time will reveal.