Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This One is For You

When someone special left you behind
you get to realize something you should do
it gets you fired up to make things happen
it opens a lot of possibilities
it clears your mind
it gives you direction
it gives you something to look forward to

There is a sense of freedom and independence
a taste of life
the life you plan
and the life you pray to be there
just in time...

You Pray.
God bless you for all your plans
to make it through the year
and make them happen
one at a time...

Your sense of responsibility
creates a well being of
a person who's positive about life.
Who is positive
that things are possible
with courage, patience and hard work.
Who do not dwell on weakness but use it
to improve oneself.
Who listens to heart over mind,
when things get rough.
Who is faithful to his own dream and aspirations...

You Pray.
To keep the fire burning,
as you come near the dock.
When the ship sails, and the wind blows and
the wave crashes, never falter.
God is your captain.

And when time comes,
the one who's special comes back
you are ready to take off again
this time
you're equipped
experienced, well balanced and
all you have to do is RELAX.

Darn HAVE FUN!!!

We love you papa
Ate Candy :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Polanski On Tate's Death

Polanski has said that his absence on the night of the murders is the greatest regret of his life.[90] In his autobiography, he wrote, "Sharon's death is the only watershed in my life that really matters", and commented that her murder changed his personality from a "boundless, untroubled sea of expectations and optimism" to one of "ingrained pessimism ... eternal dissatisfaction with life".



Thursday, February 21, 2013

For the Good

As life progress things get difficult and hard to understand. There are lots of changes.
People I love come and go. Places I've been to are becoming vague memories of my past. Some friends, colleagues and foes were simply forgotten. 
You know what I realized?
That among all these only problem is persistent. 
It is always there, like twin soul.
Since it's persistent, it never left my side.
It goes away for the meantime though... 

So how about...

Be the same as my problem...
Not that I am going to be a problem (but yeah sometimes)
Instead I
Accept problem and try to work around it.
Look back and realize that I have come this far from nothing to somebody, so never back out.
Do not fail, be persistent to find ways to solve.
Always have time to think, how on earth did this problem occurred?
Get to the bottom of it and act accordingly.
If my problem has solution, then maybe the problem is just me, just thinking nonsense.
Justify the reason of the problem, never run away.
Take the leap, challenge and project dreams to a better tomorrow.
Stay for awhile, try to experience every aspect of it. 
Embrace the problem sure you'll get the the solution one day.
And when
It goes away for the meantime,
carpe diem, as they say... SEIZE THE DAY!

Remember - there is far more greater reason of problem - and it is always for the good.
And All that is difficult, all that is hard to earn, all that makes me cry and just want to die, are the ones that has greater risk and the most important experience ever. All that's easy are easily forgotten and neglected - and the rest are worthy. The deeper the scar, the more it becomes visible, the more it defines me as a person.

Like I said to God, I may not be his best soldier, but I'm persistent.

IF this is what it takes to get in, then bring the hell on earth and I'll do the rest. So help me God... 

"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger..."


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hearts Day :)

just enjoyed 3G's
...gifts, good guys, greetings
just like the first time twitterpated, happy, content, relaxed and gorgeous! ahaha
Thanks much mmmwah <3 nbsp="">

with partner in crime Faye Marie <3>

I Smile Because Of..

city lights
cobble stones
brick house
eiffel tower at night
eiffel tower in mornings
night stroll
love letters
falling leaves
old songs
new places
new faces
swim suits
night sky
shooting star
roller coaster
good stories
christmas lights
a tree
your eyes...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Poem for Lost Soul

Time engulfed moments of serenity and replaced it with placid dream..
Never imagined life would be like painting in wall
beautifully made, quiet and lonely.

As time goes by, the painter blurs its memory, forgets how it felt the first time he started it...Full of inspiration.
Its just a painting that whenever you look at you remember something, something once familiar but vague.

There is something about life that makes you learn even if you dont want to.. 
It gives you trials and full of sufferings.
It pushes you to state of sadness, euphoria and madness.
It even makes you want to take your own life.
Makes you feel unimportant, like there is nothing more instore for you.
Something that's hard to fathom.
And so you cry.
You shout for help.
No one hears you...
And its sad.
Its sad you know, 
living in a lonely world.

Maybe the One God is so busy with others happiness, leaving you behind. Forgetting about his old paintings soaking in the rain until it turns into paper mache...

Its never getting easy, but harder and harder each day...
You smile, like you accept that tomorrow's hell day again.
And you live your dream in a painting that's cold like dead.
That's how you get so miserable.
When painting has lost its vibrancy, its worth and worst it has no meaning at all...

You're alive but you're dead inside.

Today is Feb 9 2013, 
I posted this last Feb3. 
I really have to get back on this blog,
as I reread it there's something I realized...
That a painting increase its worth as time goes by...
And so you see my friend, you may be lost soul but
you gain a lot through experience
each day you live
is a life worth living
a gift from God
a chance to be born again
and all the days of your life
is waiting to unfold
the happiness you are yearning
is in your hand
and yes I believe 
it is a matter of choice.
so you see
work hard for your happiness
because more often
as the saying goes,
best gift comes in disguise
it maybe wrapped clumsily 
but it's up to you to try
open it
take the risk
if it is not a bomb you're lucky haha
Take the risk,
you may never know 
what's best instore for you
so keep moving forward
God knows you are on the right track.
Keep the fire burning you lost soul..
You will be found one day...