Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chance Like This

My only wish is ---> FAST FORWARD 2015 Just kidding.. Who knows where the road will lead us. But atleast we've got something to look forward to. And I'm just glad that things turned out well, unexpectedly.

You see, I wasnt really planning for this, the great big move, but as time flee I just watched myself carried away by events. These are the days that I believe God has started His plans for me. 
I could not see the difference, my life now and how it went two years ago. But it seems like something is revealing day by day. And now I wonder, how was it possible that everything happens for a reason?

That what happened in the pass took me to this place. That right at this moment where I wasnt really thinking of years ago, will change my life. Could this be a surprise, His gift of transformation?

You know things will favor you (and I pray it will for the next years) when it is meant to be. No matter how much effort you put into it or you dont have much effort at all, if it is meant to be it will come upon you - In the right time.

At this moment Im still waiting for the great big plan. But I can smell it already!!! I'm really really positive about this.

I just want to thank you Lord for never leaving me especially in my darkest hour. And Im blessed you make me feel loved :) THANK YOU FROM INFINITY AND BEYOND! :)


Ponder on The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby - if it wasnt for the mist we can see your house accross the bay, there's always a greenlight that shines brightly at the end of your dock..

If you look at the "end" there might be two sides of the coin:

1.) If you are looking at the end goal, then you become optimistic.
2.) If you are looking at the end result, then you must be missing what lies your way.

The point is, you are never sure if you are going to make it. If you are going to get what you want. If things will turn out the way you wanted them to be. Dont lose sight of what surrounds you, dont lose faith. Hold your dreams, aspiration, perseverance, happiness and faith to the finish line. And if you fail, have no regrets. Because after all it's the journey you earn, so make sure as hell you enjoyed the ride.
Have a life that's well lived. Live a little! Chill and be happy :)


Monday, May 27, 2013

My Story


I'm deprived of sleep because of work..

But then I try to sweat like a pig..

So I'm happy and..

Amanda Bynes again!

Let's just frolic 
and stop
over analyzing.

Coz I know you're not that smart. 

Pump it up!

                                                          I miss the pumps.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

She Wolf

I once saw this photo of a child hanging on a museum's wall and then I noticed there were other picture frames hanging beside. It appeared to be sequentially arranged by day. A photo each day of the same person. The frames hanging on wall appeared to be swirling up the ceiling. And when I got on the last floor on top of the building, I saw the final picture an old woman wrinkled and weathered. She had her eyes closed to what seemed like she was sleeping or were already demised.

These photos of me will remain as long as the site wont mess up. I would like my children to see where they got their genes, ugly or not this is your momma. You gotta love this even if your aunt make fun of it. HAHA Girls will always have to have nice selfie photos whenever there is time. I am so adamant of sharing my activities (even the boring ones) to imaginary followers. And the best viewer will ofcourse be YOU my baby.

Well this is me at the age of 28. It's 6:04 in the morning, it's labor day May 1 so no work all play day. Your aunt and I were planning to have some milk tea later at eastwood, probably in Serenitea cause we missed it big time ( atleast to them, I just had my Wintermelon MT along rada makati a day ago). 

I call this SHE-WOLF a control freak QUEEN like cersei of Game of Thrones, if you try to google it you'll know why I love this series. Aside from that I can see fierce, brave, strong, passionate, driven, and uhmm haha something like that.. I maybe bad ass, or moody or bitch sometimes but I never lose myself. Who I am and what I believe will always remain the same no matter what circumstances I have been through.
So technically I am not entirely like cersei cause she's a psychopath. 

Anyway, I just want to say I love you sweethearts. xoxo momma