Saturday, December 29, 2012


Five in the morning. Saturday, before the day starts me and my sister went home..
Im sleepy will continue story later. zzZZ (Manila 2:17PM Raining)

Im back! It us 8:53 in the evening, family gathering around here in the living room and me blogging. 

Before we decided to go eastwood we took this photo first, lazily picking something to wear for nightout

That's what we call procrastination.

Here is the picture early morning at eastwood city

Spent it frolicking with Faye, who never gets tired of listening to to her ate. Even if the ate is psychotic.
Thank you for ever spending time with me more often, like what we usually do when we were little. Keeping each others company through the good and bad.
Agree and disagree to things. Bad mouthing, cursing and laughing on problems at the same time.
Im just grateful of the gift of friendship and sisterly love.
The way we understand life that no one can describe and may never have in this this lifetime. I know many are wishful to experience this, I hope they do. This is one of the things I am thankful of. 
Ofcourse we missed Mai, she's tamad more often. She's with us by heart anyway, and the tummy ahhh. You missed it! But anyway Mai's with Ysabel, friend and classmate who just had 2 days sleepover at home.
Here are some more photos:

Chocolate milkshake, yummeh. It has refill too, see that silver canister behind? filled with vanilla icecream. Oh no, tummy tuck! HAHA

We love this Jukebox. We heard Dance with me in acoustic version and Thriller by Micheal Jackson while eating french fries and smothering beef loaded  sandwich. It was one hell of American classic evening.
This was earlier while waiting for the food. HAHA :P

wahahahahha :P

And more..
floral girls.

what took our milkshake sooo looong. just thinking..

Loosing it haha :P

That's it!
Fran :*

The Beatles Conspiracy

Would you believe that Paul McCartney's long dead?That  this photo of them crossing London Abbey road has hidden clues as proof Paul died in car accident? Which also says something like, John Lennon wearing white as Preacher, Ringo as Mourner, Harrison as Gravedigger and Paul on bare foot suggested he's the corpse?! He's left handed when smoking, while on this photo he held it on right hand. They said cigarettes referred to as coffin's nail. This also meant Paul's coffin was nailed so that people wont see his gruesome figure.More of this you can read on Daily Mail UK News

"Strawberry Fields Forever" - 3:56 listen closely! John Lennon says, I buried Paul.

Sure the rock band missed Paul, that the only thing they can do to indirectly inform the public about their grief was to leave prints to indicate death of their member. What turned out good was the record sales was not affected. But the world may never know the truth that lies beneath the grave...



Monday, December 24, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Nakuha ko na gusto ko
achieve na! haha

Thank you
I will continue what works best for me
and for the both us
Goodthing youre not a good googler
you cant google my bloggg
#twitterpated as always

Thank YOU

OMG wala na akong maramdaman

But ofcourse except to you
Thank you! :*

For now
My heart is yours.
Thanks dear...

Things Happen for Reason

I kind of understand
How they work
Sort of.

Problems keep on coming
without prior notice
and I am not ready to take all of them

But giving it a thought
before those problems came
Some decision has to be made
I said yes to it.
I agreed to take all that comes with it.
So I permitted them, technically.

Just to justify my problems
before declaring "God why me? 
Why all these?" (but I asked it anyway)
I realized, it was me who took the opportunity 
to be challenged 
to take another chance
to strike the hot rod once again.

Problems are opportunity. 

I am not ready to take these
But I have faith.
I dont know where I am heading
But I have faith
I know in my heart
I will get there.

So I laugh, God you are giving me all these now.
When the wheels change its course
It's payback time.

Now I understand that
Pain first before Gain.

Moving forward
I will savor this pain
For today
and the coming days.
Remember each of them.
I know for sure
Time will come
Things will change
And I envision myself
Overcoming fear
loneliness and worry.

The greatest gift is to learn
how to embrace life with its ugly truth.
Accepting pain and adversities,
that they are all part of this fiasco.
And missing those is like living in a play safe world
were the truth is
it wont work like that. 

Problems color life.
And having a way to solve it makes living worth while.
Life is grand to those who choose
the greater risk, I believe.

So why take away pain, 
when there is redemption after?
So why take away sorrow, 
when there is happiness after?
So why take away disappointments, 
when there is second chance?
So why take away loneliness, 
when there is someone after the loooong wait?

These spice up my life
my world
so I wont hesitate
 to welcome these problems
Because it is not yet the end
and I am still executing God's will
not yet done! 
God is still writing my autobiography.
And it wont go wrong.
Or things go wrong technically
But God has plans.
And it is good!
I have faith
and I trust HIM
with all my heart.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Ang SharePoint workflow kahit naka pikit kaya kong work-an
Ikaw di ko kaya workan ng naka pikit
Ang pogi mo kase.

Monday, December 10, 2012

I Think I Found My Own Grey

Why you?
Cos you are like no body.
Mature, quiet, chill.
Your eyes
Your lips
Your hands
they were perfect.
When you mention my name
I felt like princess.
I feel secure when I am with you
Like you cover up
when I was supposed to be hit by a ball.
You're tall as great wall
Cant believe those big hands and shoulders
Atlast they can carry me haaa! Like I am dreaming.
Like you open the door when I walk in
Like when you run to keep up
when I was about to go.
You give a lot,
I did not asked.
I love your stories, I can relate.
They simply make sense.

Sometimes I wonder why you ask a lot.
About my world
I am not able to share.
What is with me that made you want to think about?
I am like rosary according to you, I asked why.
You said because all I am is a mystery.
I like it.

I guess I put the boulder on you,
Not sure if I make it hard on you.
But I can see your face light up
like you light up my world.
Seems like we are enjoying each others company.
Being friends is perfectly cool.
But have faith you know.
If we are meant for each other
we will be, in time.

Thank you
For making me smile.
You are simply
nobody's guy.
And I love it.

I think I found my own Grey.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Real Steel

Charlie: What do you want from me?

Max: I want you to fight for me! That's all I ever wanted.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Isiah 64:4

Sharepoint 101: Copy List Item to Different Custom List Using Workflow

Is it possible to copy item list to different custom list?

Will try this later:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Let Me.

I woke up at 3am
still thinking of you...

you're such a darling
you know.
Let me take care of you.

Time will reveal.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


If there is no one
I will set foot to unknown.

It has been too long
before I realize that
It is better to not have
than to have but sad

If there is no one
I will remain standing in the light
that even my shadow is enlighten

For past is past
And let love lost set free
with forgiveness and gratitude.
To hope and open new doors.
To love 
and be love again.

If there is no one
My heart will grow fonder each day
My faith stronger
And lessons are learned
to not repeat the history
of broken heart but
still willing to try and make things work
and learn to fight when the right one comes along.

It has always been my dream
to travel the world
see places and meet people

If there is no one
I will carry my mom&dad or
my sisters or
my friends or
maybe all of them
to roam the world.

I know
In my heart
what I want
what I care for
what I long for
what I live for
what I believe
what I love
for infinity and beyond.

If there is no one
then there is more.
More to life.
More to love.
More to give.

This is my stand.


WD 1TB is LOVE at First Sight

Today I went to Park Square,  this was made possible by Nixon, who instructed me how to get there.
It was like "You know the annex that connects Glorietta and SM? Go down, first floor of Glorietta, turn right and there it is!" haha.

Anyway, I remembered that place. Did not knew it was Park Square, I was there when I took my photo for visa. I also remembered the Bio Research, actually I saw a lazy retriever there (browse my instagram page!! and please LIKE haha! it'shttp:// !!!) a while ago.

My agenda is to get the WD 1TB for tv series!! woot Im soo glad it's holiday this Friday! Aside from paint job I have to finish and dinner dates, I have my external for moviessss yikes! All I want is my external for evening chill mode :)

 I had it for 4,500 bucks much cheaper than other stores inside. Actually the price was originally 4,700 ++ but since I paid in cash, I saved 200++ . So see I took the silver one. I was thinking red, but I kind of easily get bored with that color so I go with silver almost close to white, clean simple and elegant just like me teheee. =P I was looking for black or white but they are all out of stock! Anyway I hope they had color purple, no question ask I'll take it "agad-agad" =P

I was thinking of the ff before I bought this little piece of heaven:
Tudor ( Boleyn & Henry 8)
2 BROKE GIRLS (waaaaa)
New Girl (waaaaa)
Walking Dead (deads deads dead)
Stieg Larson's trilogy 
and mooooooore!

Waa thank you Lord, even though Im a bad girl, youre always good to me.
Please continue, promise one day I'll break my curse heeeeee.
One more thing, you know what I want for Christmas... Let it beeeeeee plssssss 


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can't Stop to Rock!

I just had my first planner last Friday night. Thanks to family and friends for cooperating who, inspite of not sleeping at night due to caffeine over dose, were still willing to drink coffee with me.

Just for the benefit of children, we are more than happy to share our blessings. More sleepless nights to come love ones! kudos to us! HAHA Solid support for a cause, CAN'T STOP TO ROCK!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Had fun tonight looking at this...

whatta meme! wahahahahhahhahaha

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saturday Evening..

The happening did not cut short, we all end up with Breaking Dawn! Whoa! I was really in awestruck!
Twas a blast! Great!
After the movie, we went straight to Eastwood for dinner. Gary V was there too, luckily we heard his last two songs. Voice was amazing. 

We had dinner at Le Creperie. The Crepe's taste good, but the food, comsi comsa (french word for kind of ok)

Here's for side dish ratatouille.

My dish. Sarap din!

La Creperie

Time for SB! With Mothership and sissies :*

With youngest Mai, hala lagok! Stickies! I want stickies!

With Faye. 

Love saturdays with loves.

Saturday Morning..

This is my most awaited Saturday. Why? I have lots in mind lined up since last week. What are those?
For a change, we want to paint the house differently. We used to color it white or beige or cream every year.
Now we go for "colored-wall-of-fame"! Colored it with cherry choco!
Nervous at first, but afterwards twas easy breezy. And I kind of enjoy the strokes, when roller turned like magic wand , changing hues from white to red. Love it!
This was the initial shot. We were all excited! 
With my sissies Faye and Mai :)
Ofcourse mama on finishing touch.
Mothership and Mai.
Emote time! The Christmas wall <3 font="font">


Thursday, November 15, 2012


Lana Del Rey, a year younger than me. Seems like  she had full of experience.
Ironic though, seeking for life while anticipating death along the way - the end of all means.  Nostalgic, poetic and sad.
Here are my fave lines in this song:

"I'm tired of feeling like I'm f-ck-n crazy
I'm tired of driving 'till I see stars in my eyes
I look up to hear myself saying,
Baby, too much I strive, I just ride"

"I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast
I am alone in the night
Been tryin' hard not to get in trouble, but I
I've got a war in my mind
I just ride"

"Im crazy.
But Im free..."


Sharepoint 2010 Basics

How to Create Web App

Create Site Colletion
Application Management > Create Site Collection

The simplest KNOW HOW
How to Create Web App, Site Collection and Website

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend with Loves

This is my Saturday escapade with family. 
Race for Starbucks stickers and Red Velvet cake hunt.

 Martin Nievera's concert.
MoMo Cafe, good food!
 The best part is being together,though we miss papa too.

Good laugh still the best way to express love and security.
I am home with the love of my life - my Family.

Movie Review: Skyfall

One word: AWESOME!

Real good actor, Daniel Craig. The epitome of action star aged gracefully.
The story was awesome too, where he resurrected from the dead. Its story has connection to James Bond's master. It was rooted from the their past.

As per resurrection, one agent received a 'take the shot' order from M (007 master) even though this agent made acknowledgement that her position is not clear and the bullet might hit Bond.

Bond was hit and remained "MIA" in M's record although most speculated that he is already dead.
He stayed in a secluded land, a resort until he's healed.

When he went back to M, she just said "What took you so long?"

James Bond, took come back test to see if his fit for the job.
M said he passed. One officer questioned M's decisions while they are in a conference with Bond.
After Bond left, M confessed to officer, he did not pass the test. But Bond is the only one who can execute the plan. So they did it anyway.

Before James Bond joined the force, his master aka 'M' has a very good agent. This agent has all the potential, class A and very intelligent. However this agent lost his ability to justify, he went on to make his own plans against the M's orders. So she let him go and was replaced by four other agents.

This agent went back for revenge. He wanted to kill M, and he did. But Bond killed him too. Ofcourse.

The movie ended when M died and the officer replaced her. James Bond is more than willing to take orders from his new boss.

Love it!
Love Daniel Craig!!!


Did My Reasearch on Chernobyl

During the Japan Fukushima Nuclear Power plant explosion, one reporter from CNN explained its similarity to Chernobyl. I was inquisitive so I looked for it. It was really shocking to know that these were the biggest nuclear explosion ever noted in human history. But the most dangerous is Chernobyl.


This happened in Ukraine (USSR) on April 26, 1986.
Nuclear Reactor Unit 4, also officially known Russian name as No 4. ukrytiye,exploded sending radioactive fumes in the atmosphere. Its effect is massive destruction of entire Chernobyl City. During that time people has no idea of nuclear effects. There was a report that after the explosion, they even sent a helicopter to drop some clay, lead and sand to stop the fumes to spread on air, however the rotor collided with the crane on top of near construction. The helicopter dropped in midair before even executing the plan, 4 crews were killed in action.
"I remember joking to the others, "There must be an incredible amount of radiation here. We'll be lucky if we're all still alive in the morning."
 "Of course we knew! If we'd followed regulations, we would never have gone near the reactor. But it was a moral obligation – our duty. We were like kamikaze."
 Anatoli Zakharov, a fireman stationed in Chernobyl since 1980 
"tasting like metal," and feeling a sensation similar to that of pins and needles all over his face...
Illustrated by firefighter before he died similar to statement given by Louis Slotin, a Manhattan Project physicist who died days after a fatal radiation overdose from a criticality accident. 

The radiation effect is still visible until now. Many animals mutated from its original habitat. Some reports said many children with infected parents were born with abnormalities.

Today Chernobyl is deserted and isolated. The entire city looks like ghost town, where most of personal stuff where left behind by families.

A sarcophagus (flesh eating rock) halt the release of tons and tons of radio active corium, highly contaminated dust, uranium and plutonium in the air. What is inside the sarcophagus can no longer be fixed.
As it releases 10,000 röntgen radiation per hour. Where currently the city normally has (and can take only) 20-50 microröntgens level of radiation per hour.

It was said that the sarcophagus can only hold it up to 20-30 years. Some reported there is leakage  in roof releasing contaminated substances that goes to the ground which is then sipped by soil. This in effect questions the integrity of sarcophagus. The health organization already provided a plan to disseminate the old sarcophagus that would contain and allow it to naturally collapse and be removed together with the contaminated substances.

Excerpts from Wikipedia.
Excerpts from Youtube

Today I watched Chernobyl Diary with my family(Mama, Faye and Mai). I was kind of thinking, were they really mutants who stayed there up to now? What are they like? Zombies? OMG?! Walking dead contained by government! Scary...

Will they be like the ultimate war weapon that can swipe the entire world? NOOO! Enough.
I enjoyed the movie though. 

Still my sympathy goes to those affected.



My Favorite Research of All Time

The following are real bazaar searches. 

Favoritism in random order:
  1. Sphinx 
  2. Pyramid Egypt
  3. Sarcophagus
  4. Roman Polanski Rape case
  5. Sharon Tate Murder
  6. Kurt Cobain Sucide 
  7. Chernobyl
  8. UFO
  9. Area 51
  10. Judas
  11. Masonry
  12. Adolf Hitler
  13. Nazi
  14. Holocaust
  15. Audrey Hepburn
  16. Bipolar
  17. Kamikaze (just now!)

Princess of China

Hurt is equal to Fell-out-of-love.

Boy Toy

I have something to share to you.
I have observed some distinct behavior of boys.
Something very familiar yet others prefer to keep silent about it.
Let us enumerate:
1.) Boys always put their best foot forward.
2.) Boys adore you on the first half year (starting on the first day you met)
3.) Boys have eyes on other sexy beautiful girls especially when they are in a relationship.
4.) Boys sneak and flirt with other girls especially those in long term boring relationship.
5.) Boys lie. White lies whatever, they are expert on it.
6.) Boys tend to lie low and easily get bored when they are in a long term relationship. So they cheat.
7.) Boys prey for pretty girls while their girlfriends are not around.
8.) Boys get bored to girlfriends (body, face, ass maybe? haaaa!) after some time, 
then they hunt for new prey.
9.) Boys love pretty and sexy girls. For the Nth time.
10.) Boys will never ever be a MAN.

WOMAN needs a real MAN beside her.

Not boy toy... Sorry. 


Saturday, November 10, 2012


Me: Sino nag basa neto papatayin ko.
Faye: Agad agad?
Me: wahaha!

Me: ay ganda ng pic ko jan!
Mai: Wag ganun teh!
Faye: (sabay harap kay Mai) Ano yung sinasabi mo saken kanina Mai?
Me: wahaha! bastos.

Me: Mas maganda ko jan.
Faye: Teh naman!
Me: wahaha! CHE!

Me: Mai ganito pose mo dapat.. (umaarte sa labas ng room)
Mai: Teh, pakisara pinto.
Me: wahaha!

Me: libre ko.
Mai: Thanks 
Faye: Thanks
Me: ganda ko no?
Mai: Iyo na teh
Faye: Dibale na.
Me: wahaha! mga walangya.

Faye: Tignan mo teh, kamuka mo oh (korean star)
Mai: Yon naman!
Me: Alam ko! Pero wala akong pera. 
Faye: wahaha!
Mai: wahaha!
Me: DUH, mas maganda ko jan.
Faye: Teh!
Mai: Teh! Tama naaaa!
Me: wahaha!

Ang mga kapatid kong hunghang pero wagas ang beauty. Ang dalawang tao na pinaka proud ako, kahit barubal. Sila ang love ko to infinity and beyond. Bow.


HAPPY with YOU! :)

When I was little
I wonder how it feels like to go out alone.
Can I survive going to mall on my own?
I remember I was in high school when I started to go out.
That time I brought my sister Faye to movie theater.
We watched AI at Sta. Lucia.
It was good though my concern really is we come home alive.
It was a bit scary, but I was kind of proud at the same time cause I can carry my sister with me.
And mama trusts me on Faye, so I was kind of responsible for her, love the feeling of big sissy.

When I was in college, I swear to God I was the only one attending the first class in Faculty of Engineering (UST) with chaperon! Mama was with me and went as far as second floor, she even waited outside the classroom!! haha!
I beg her to come with me cause I'm a bit nervous that time. I couldn't help it, we even excused her to campus guard to admit her inside since it's my first day of class. Yeah-yuh shame on me.
But you know, mama's proud about that because It seemed to her that I was not ashamed of her accompanying me inside the campus. The first two weeks, mama always fetch me in school, then she taught me how to go alone. Again it was scary at first, Manila is too far from our place. Besides there are lots of hobo around the area. But then again I learned how to go alone.
It wasn't easy at first but I carry on.

When I had my first work, I was nervous I cried a lot. That time I felt what was it like when you are in a position where you cannot please everyone. My co-worker made me feel she's better than me. That I do no good. She was senior, but the hell I care, I give it a shot. Told her how she acted weird. Told her to back off I have nothing to do with her qualms. She should mind her own business! A week later, when I can no longer ease to see her face, I decided to let go. First, I am not happy anymore, second the office is too far from my place, third she's got a face that annoys me.. A LOT! When my manager asked me about it, I told her I can no longer work since it's too far from home. But she didn't believed. She told me to retract my resignation, and see things if it gets better. But I said sorry, it is non-negotiable. She fished for more, but better of she look for the reason on her own. I dont want to burn bridges, besides that annoying face has no bearing to cut my relationship to other colleagues. She wont matter after resignation anyway...
So I resigned. Right after I quit I was totally relieved. I felt one thousand times better than ever. Then I looked for a new job. And all alone, I bagged it! Was so happy that time, it gave me confidence to face challenges. I learned that oranges are not the only fruit. 

On my second job, I learned that quitting is not always an option. I learned to be patient since it is also a bit far from my place, the salary is a thousand bucks cheaper than the first and the environment is non-techy. Oh darling I learned to use paper and pens like back to basic. I learned to mingle with sorts of people, I was a production supervisor. I handle more than a dozen of people plus those in logistics. If they fail, I fail.
No time for crying, so I learned to be tough. I learned that in times of difficulty, it is more useful to get out of your comfort zone take risk and explore on options. Sometimes even if I live by rules it cannot suffice to ever changing events, so I need to bend and make some exceptions to make things work. 
I learned as I grow old, decisions are more complicated. Before it was like what candy to buy, now who will stay and who will get fired. Darn! I hate that when it is on my hand to put the verdict to someone. But what can I do? It is all part of growing up.

On my third job, I learned to flirt. Not that I dont flirt from my previous company, it is just that I am busy.
This time, my work requires for tech savvy, I am now a certified developer. No field work, not much of physical thing, just my computer and me. Many office-mates had confess their admiration which I did not get when I was in college due to my regrettable geeky sense of style. I regret that up until now since I should have had many admirers ( I actually do "i-cant-see-you"/ "i-cant-hear-you" drama, roll eyes , rant etc etc in short i was snobbish - actually a man hater! YIKES i totally don't get the idea do i??! ughugh tange!)
So there, I had my first boyfriend. I was kind of experimental, since I am NBSB. So I tried since he's senior and he's in a circle of friends who are tech savvy too! They are like the populars in our project, in short I was  awestruck by his group of friends. I am not sure it was a good idea, but we clicked. And the story goes so-so... Then we moved up to the ladder, we both transferred to a new company. 

This fourth job, I lost my individuality a bit. I was kind of lax, I was almost in the edge of forgetting what I wanted to do in my life. What are the things I love most, where I want to go, what I want to explore. I almost lost them, but I have my boyfriend so I thought it was enough. But it isn't. I wanted to find myself so I broke up with him. Then when I decided to move on and turned my life's wheel upside down - Found a new job so I moved out. I learned a lot you know. First, to not take for granted special times together with your love one, second, to always take time to find yourself - even if you are in a relationship, third, to not drown to other's opinions of you because in the end it is what you do for yourself that shapes you as a person (like become a better Frances), fourth to not be ashamed to anyone and simply be true to myself, fifth, to always be thankful no matter what even if circumstances almost killed me I still believe the hardest problem is the best mentor, sixth, I trust God above all, I put my faith in Him, seventh, I learned to be myself again, eighth, I felt loved by friends, relatives and family once again, ninth, I felt the singlehood notion again but it is the kind of hopeful one, that when the right man arrives I promise to do good in the name of love, just like the love of God, tenth, I learned to be happy for the past, because it gave me life when I needed it the most and it also gave me the opportunity to express the love I suppose to give and received it back too, eleventh, I learned to trust my instincts, now I know it is 99.9% true, twelfth I learn to give, forgive, let go and love again, thirteenth, that LOVE is the ULTIMATE MAGIC, the adventure of a lifetime that I wouldn't dare to miss! 

Here I am on my fifth job, becoming more of me, accomplishing things on my own, saving for my future, building my dreams little by little, living a kickass singlehood life, experimenting, loving, caring, eating, travelling, spending, shopping, working out, working, learning new stuff a day, singing, dancing, playing, still ranting, Oh it's morning! It is no longer dark outside, I havent slept! waaa We are going to grocery store later and eastwood for dinner, probably get my bazzar red velvet cupcake yum-eeee waa im still zombie wide awake! darn so much of this I think you get the point! Just stay happy, be single if you're not yet ready, find yourself, explore dream discover that's what they say!
When you are ready it will just happen, by chance, by accident, by purpose in His perfect time! SMILE DEAR!

night night!