Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 Factors to Make Your Life More Creative

5 Factors to Make Your Life More Creative, John Cleese

  1. Space (“You can’t become playful, and therefore creative, if you’re under your usual pressures.”)
  2. Time (“It’s not enough to create space; you have to create your space for a specific period of time.”)
  3. Time (“Giving your mind as long as possible to come up with something original,” and learning to tolerate the discomfort of pondering time and indecision.)
  4. Confidence (“Nothing will stop you being creative so effectively as the fear of making a mistake.”)
  5. Humor (“The main evolutionary significance of humor is that it gets us from the closed mode to the open mode quicker than anything else.”)
from this isn't happiness...

Playful Emoticons Ha!

When bored and cannot sleep might as well...


just grew a mustache. na-na-na

50 shades of grey.nyork nyork.

lenny kravitz home stylist in paris.yo nigga!

cc for charlie chaplin.

...make fun of other people, by fooling thyself.
Side effect's perfectly fine than popping a valium.

Let's get crazy before things get serious. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Perfect Day for Candycane

The day I dont need to work, just sit on a couch, watch Audrey Hepburn movies and drink ice milktea until sundown.

stroll down abbey road, beattles style.

lie awake on a white sand beach, topopop and no one gives a damn...

eat alone downtown Pizzeria Da Michele Naples Italy.

sit on a bar alone drinking vanilla milk shake with musicians playing midnight jazz.

wear floral dress, bare foot while dancing in the rain.

have dinner with Prince Charles.

go shopping with duchess Kate Middleton.

eat strawberry youghurt icecream infront of le Eiffel tower

visit avenue des Champs-Elysees at night with my boyfriend

plunge on warm bubblebath bathtub while singing to the tune of fave song. 

dine in one of resto in santorini at night with good friends.

chill at home with sisters tell stories and laugh our hearts out.

Do nothing but dance on a glass penthouse with DJ Callum playing! toogs toogs HA!

Let's pretend for once it's purrfekt.
Until it is purrfekt.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How Do I look?

How do I look is a television series in Lifestyle channel wherein a stylist has to pick a guest plus three judges (friends or relatives of guest). Obviously the guest have issues on fashion sense, they have this glass tube that sucks all gory clothes . Each of the judges come up with a clothing line that matches the personality and lifestyle of the guest. In the end, it is always like goose turned into swan. Who wouldn't want to look like a swan(metaphorically speaking ofcourse!)?

I started serious diet and exercise December 2011. And I get to see the results in six months. Now everybody's curious how did I do it? This is how it worked for me, how I trim down body fats...

Mind Set
it's all in the brain baby!
First you got to have a reason to do it. This enables you to get your ass off the couch and to stay motivated every single day.
Goal is everything, and you must be willing to endure pain and sweat like hell for every given opportunity at home, in the gym or even while shopping at any given time. Think WORKOUT and mean it because this is a serious business. There is no easy way to get fit but its as rewarding as having Adam Lavine as your BF(well at least for me it's like that.. bigtime). Anyway you will get use to it as it becomes your routine until the day pain is almost as sweet as dessert you can't get enough of.

Avoid What
I love excuses but I turned down even my favorite one. For what? For a lifetime achievement.
Here are some of them:

  • I can not get up at 5 in the morning.
  • Will go home early from work cause it's a weekend
  • It's cold in the gym
  • I am alone in the gym
  • I dont like to see that bitch again in the gym
  • Have to meet a friend I have to cancel my workout
  • Cough
  • Aunt Flaw
  • Back pain, leg pain, soar throat, sore eyes... WHAT?!
And the list goes on and on... OK let's face it some are true sometimes, but aren't we just over reacting to save our fats from burning? The thing is, more often than not they are just plain excuses... The most common is "Im sick", if it is serious do something if not go workout! If you are seriously sick like coughing your lungs out, ofcourse we dont want to spread the love virus while on a threadmill eh? Take medication as prescribed and get full rest then plan ahead for the next routine in the gym. 

This is how I run over my qualms, vis a vis on top
  • I sleep 6-8 hours a day, enough to get up 5 in the morning
  • I go early in the office to spare time for workout
  • I can wear warmers in the gym, or get intense workout to sweat
  • I greet people in the gym "Good Morning!" and we're friends instantly or I wear earphones when I do some intense routine (do not disturb sign)
  • Believe it or not working out releases very good hormones, so even if you're Cruella Deville like me you get to learn to accept people for who they are even if they are stiff and just let it be (who cares baby you're sexy anyway!*wink)
  • Go to gym early before work if there's a friend to meet most probably by lunch or dinner.
  • If you are sick, go figure out if it's really true or you're just acting weird. But if you feel like you are not in a good mood, you can always release it in the gym. Then just treat yourself afterwards with Mary Grace choco truffle cake(depends on you... HAHA)
  • Aunt Flaw, this is also a serious stuff especially for girls so I suggest if it hurts go home if it doesn't wear the thickest pads then go hit the gym.
Again, you got to loose weight, high priority must go on top of your list.

Seriously, Avoid What?!
the hardest part... boo fatty foods. errrrrrr ugh.
I cannot dictate what you should or should not eat. I think our bodies have different ways to respond on eating habits.
Some of you eats a lot but retains good figure, it could be your metabolism that's oh so perfect. Therefore this blog's aint for you, so...shoo shoo! Kidding aside here are the topnotch fatty trigger foods you should think twice before lavishing.
  • Uber salty
  • Uber sweet
Get the picture? Salty foods obviously contains great amount of salt that when ingested will get hold of liquid which in effect settle on our belly and other parts the body. Fluid retained where it should be drained out of our system causing excess body luggage. Sweet foods are like happy hormones, it contains sugar/glucose that's somehow food for the brain. But let's not forget when we take too much of it in a consistent fashion will get us in dilemma like diabetes, more often the not you end up obese or dead. BUT let's not get into that gore.

Here are the food that I denounced and denied ever existing on my first months:
(take note meaning of denounce; Verb: Publicly declare to be wrong or evil.)
  • Rice (whatever color is that)
  • Pork
  • Chips
  • Chocolate
  • Ice Cream
  • Cake (no to MG chocotruffle, cheesecake and even moist cupcake)
  • Softdrinks 
  • Coffee
I totally avoid them for like 3 straight months. I became a monk. A boring monk. But hey, I got a flat tummy haaa! BUT it does not end there... It is just the beginning...

Eat What
lean and greens.
On the first months ( I had 3 straight months to detoxify) I became "choosy" or strict with my food selection. When going out with family like dinner, I order salad greens which totally bothered my mom because I prepare my salad at home and she was like "what?! is there no other option on the menu?!"... What can I do, I have my goal to pursue right? I stick to the plan and go for the gold. Anyhow there is no best way to do it than get yourself DISCIPLINED. Instead of Soda or Milkshake I have water or fruit juice not fruit shake.

I never run out of vegetable supplies in chiller. When lettuce is thinning it's a sign to go to the grocery. You can't stock many of it cause it easily decays. If you want to try, you can have this simple recipe at home plus you can click on links to cross check the benefits of ingredients I used:
  • Boston Lettuce click me
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Spanish Sardines click me
  • Onion ( anti oxidant, anti cancer)
  • Carrot click me
  • Cucumber (for eyes and skin)
  • Garlic Ranch dressing ( 150 calories per 2 tbsp, watch out), you can use balsamic vinegar for lower cal but not my taste.
Just peel, slice, grate, dice whatever you like your choice. Then toss, turn and finish it with dressing. VOILA lunch/dinner is served.

In a day I can eat:
  • Salad Greens (lunch/dinner)
  • Bread (1 slice wheat, pandesal or plain tasty doesnt matter)
  • Fish and or Chicken (steam or fried)
  • Banana and or Apple
  • Water
My rule of thumb is do not go beyond 1000 calories per day. Of course it depends on your weight loss program. If I was aiming to maintain weight, I can have the most 1500 calories a day, but since I need to loose I give up 500 calories intake per day. Until now, I still maintain 1000 calories a day.

Click to compute your BMI   BMI Calculator

Work IT
"the more you sweat in the gym, the less blood you shed in the battle"
I workout together with diet regime. I worked my ass really hard to get the shape I wanted. I had these huge legs I wanted to get rid of, so I target that area.
  • Start with stretching your biceps, lats, triceps etc.
  • Cardio 15-45 min. on threadmill (to monitor my speed on running uphill for marathon)
  • Use machines that target legs (20- 30 min.) then put 20 - 30 lbs weight.
  • Plank (3 repetitions, 60 sec. per rep) for arms and core
  • Squat then use 2 lbs weights for arms strength 
For me it's effective to use body weight to get hard on yourself like doing planks, pushup and crunches. You can feel your body tense as it shakes, you sweat like hell, heat rises, some part aches or numb you just want to collapse. Always remember to breath deep. Then after painstaking routine, shake it! Dont settle cause your body muscles are still working so take advantage while you still have time. Rest will come after.

Extra curricular activities:
  • Attend GX classes like Yoga, Zumba, Belly dancing, Body Jam, Body Vibe, Body Attack etc.
  • Do Boxing once in a while
Most important thing is go to the gym atleast 3 times a week. Take atleast 30 mins for intense workout or 1 hour combination, intense and mild.

here is the fun part!
Finally after 6 months of excruciating pain and sacrifices, I get to live again a normal life.
I already attain my desired weight, desired shape, unfortunately not my desired height but lucky I'm petite others find it cute (looking at the brighter side haa!). I get to loose 30+ pounds. Yes dear, I did...

  • Repaired pants (belt cant do the remedy)
  • Removed XL clothes in closet ( some I made my sleep wear)
  • Apparel: From L/XL to S/XS - means SHOPPING!
  • I get to wear short shorts
  • I now get to wear body hug tops which flatter my shape
  • I am now comfortable wearing stilettos, clogs and wedges paired with my legs
  • I can now wear two piece again!
  • I can run without gasping for air
  • I can carry heavy luggage
  • I feel lite
  • I feel more confident conversing with people
  • I gained a lot of friends - I think they simply adore the fact that I was once obese who turned fit in such a short time. That's what they're saying..
Most importantly:
  • I can now eat pizza!
  • I can now eat Pasta!
  • I can now drink caramel macchiato, mocha and all sorts of coffee!
  • I can now drink too much Serenitea's winter melon tea and Chatime's macha mousse (large please! haa!)
  • I can now eat Mary Grace Choco Truffle AND Velvet cake. Contis Mango bravo and turtle pie, Banapple's Blueberry Cheesecake and Coffee Toffee Roca Pie! YUM!
In moderation! Mostly executed during weekend "cheat days".

My Mantra
live strong, chill and be passionate about life!
Remember getting fit makes you feel you're on top of the game. You feel confident and you work well with your body. You get the benefits of being healthy and strong at the same time. I personally transformed physically and mentally with these routines. It made me realize that I can be what I wanted to be I just have put my mind into it and become IT. Eventually all the good things follow.

There's no other person who knows you better that YOU. Trust yourself in accomplishing goals for your own good. Believe you can do it. Because darn, you simply CAN DO IT.

I have these boosters:
  • Think positive
  • Dont be hard on yourself (except in the gym), we all make mistakes - JUST MOVE FORWARD
  • Complement others
  • Find the good of others
  • Laugh
  • Be with good friends
  • Surround yourself with love ones
  • Do good at work
  • Smile often
  • Listen to others
  • Read a lot about anything under the sun - LEARN NEW STUFFS
  • Be generous - HELP OTHERS
  • Dont mind negative vibes
  • Face your fear (how can you be strong if you dont?)
  • Love
  • Pray
  • EAT!!!! ooeemgee reward yourself at the end of the day. Maintain CHEAT DAY(s)!
Another keyword is consistency. This is a routine. You got to need these to maintain what you have attained. Take CHARGE of YOUR LIFE and START TAKING CARE of YOUR FUTURE. 

♡ ♡ 

This is me before and after.
I wore the same dress on different occasions. First photo was taken way back 2 years(circa Jan2010) when I was with college friends at Eastwood. The second photo was taken this year (circa May2012) during Lifehouse concert at Araneta. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Optimal Solution in ORSP

Oh we have this in ORSP - UST engineering days.
This is what we call finding the OPTIMAL SOLUTION.
It's the faculty DEAN who taught us the formula.
FUCK dont you forget about IT!

I bet you are not yet satisfied. Read on.

Good F night.

Awestruck to Christian Grey

When you're excited on a book have you ever tried skipping on pages, or reading fast where you blabber on words to get to the bottom of the story?
If yes, we're on the same boat!
Not all books are worthy of hovering technique except ofcourse Fifty Shades of Grey.
This is fiction romance for Adult, similar to Sleeping Beauty (classic genre). My only dilemma is for every scene my thoughts shift to different faces of Grey. I wanted to be consistent  on imagining single character with American-African descent, slim physique, broad shoulders and damp black hair features. HELP!

So much for that, let's take a peek of what's inside, let the paperback speak for itself. I chose some lines per chapter where I twitterpated.

Chapter 1: mild

Chapter 2: mild

Chapter 8: extreme! you know :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Let's do the countdown., it's the fifth of July, two more weeks and I'm outta here.
I chose August 2 as effective date of resignation to get the the full package of Fitness First, according to a colleague when ending membership facilities' still available until end of month upon cutoff. So I get to use FF until end of August.
Plus, there were heresy roving around the office that we will have retroactive increase in salary by end of July..
So meaning, I get the chance to receive it too, whatevs it is. Anyway, that's mainly the reason.. Above all, I am so excited to work with new environment, meet new people, learn new stuffs and explore more being independent and free.
I just have this feeling that I need to plan for my future, and I pray I am heading on the right track (baby I was born this way, ugh).

I have the list here what to miss and what not:

What to miss:
Colleagues (selective)

What not:
all else

Kidding aside, I am really grateful of the things I have learned and experience here in Vestas. I love them all. If it wouldn't be them, then I would've been someplace else right? But I was destined here, to experience it all, to start and and end things. Sad endings, but what I look forward to is new beginnings.
It's like sunrise, i love sunrise... Do you? hahaha (talking to self again,ugh)
I cannot proceed without kidding, you know it's hard for me to get serious on stuffs cos there's nothing really the matter. And adding a little humor from time to time always gets me through the day. It's my special dose of "be-alive-today" thing. Whatevs it just works for me!

My start date is August.. secret, I'll just reveal on next bloggin'..
My coffee is getting cold, and naninigas na ang croissant, so I will have to leave you.. Until next chikas.
mwahmwah tsuptsup!

Let's celebrate!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What a Singular Do on a Weekend

"I" is singular.
I am single and wandering early in the morning at Eastwood City.

Eventhough sleepy, I urge myself to the gym (Fitness First Eastwood). Did some stretching, running, planking and some leg works. After that, food. Hungry as hippo, while on steam bath, I was already thinking what to eat, would it be tuna tartare or Pho Nam noodles? After battling thoughts I was finally enlighten and ate at Pho Hoa. After lunch, I had my eyes on dessert, then I thought of bazaar inside Eastwood Mall, where they sell variety of goodies.
There are French macaroons, home made cupcakes, velvet cake, suman, taho, oatmeal cookies, brownies and others. But since I still have the beef stocked in my throat, I decided to go to Power Books for a while, delay dessert and figure out if this time I have my luck on Shades of Grey I. Ofcourse I don't, book's still not on the deck. Shit. And then I google on fiction books section, saw open paperback of Aleph and read it. But with my condition, standing ovation plus my duffle bag loitering on the ground as huge as hell, I was not able to finish it. But anyway I have no plans of finishing it as the story become dense as I drew closer in the middle and my eyes were getting heavy, preparing for a nap.

Anyway, my singular trip wasn't over yet nah-ah! I went to Berrr..err. I forgot the store's name! They sell organizers like kikay kit, empty containers etc. But i didn't bought a thing. While inside I just received a text from a friend asking for yoga schedule this week, and cancelling boxing due to aunt flaw... I just stood inside the store and kitikitext. Taste buds kicks in, time to buy my dessert! I ended up with Mary Grace, unfortunately all time fave Choco Truffle was sold out as early as 3pm. I just bought a slice of Velvet Cake and suman for mama. Then I took a cab and swoosh off.

Nobody's home so I dabble on my cake, open my laptop, play some music then doze off. After two hours, here I am writing about what a weekend means to an I, a singular, independent, free and sexy vixen. Chosera no?! AHAHA.

Let's live.