Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forward Slash


Being lonely, feeling pity, feeling sorry for yourself, regrets, fear, sleepless nights all bullshit, these crap do not help. Deep shit happens, well it's life afterall, WELCOME!
I feel like an asshole, non-sense retard so I focus on myself. I go to the gym, I shop, I enjoy being around with family, I go out with friends, socialize, talk to people I never spoke to before, mingle, read a lot of books, draw, sing, dance a LOT in short, I get busy. I get busy improving myself , forgetting horrific, tragic, bubble lie relationshit statuesque, and move the motherfucking forward. That's it. Voila, stronger, meaner, fierce ME. Oh, and still a bad speller!

I learned my lesson. Thanks to YOU, the earlier the better. Still praying for more strength and next exciting chapter of my life.

Good! G'nyt :) xoxo

Friday, January 20, 2012

Old Songs

- This Old House by Rosemary Clooney
- Unforgettable by Dinah Washington
- Let Me Love you Tonight by Dean Martin
- Allegheny Moon by Patti Page
- It's DeLovely by Sarah Vaughan
- Sweet Bird of Youth by Nat King Cole
- Summertime Lies by The Four Preps
- The impossible Dream by Robert Goulet
- Non Dimenticar by Jerry Vale
- The Birds & the Bees by Dave King
- Everybody Loves Somebody by Dean Martin
- I had the Craziest Dream by Della Reese
- Moments to Remember by The Four Lads

Yesterday we went with papa at NAIA. We bid goodbye, we'll see him again next Christmas hopefully. I already missed him right after he went on board :( I suddenly realized it's not enough. I should have gave him more, but I believe he's happy he's been saying that over and over. He's proud of us. I'm very thankful. Little did he knew how very proud we are of him :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

23 days for a total of 3 months

Believe in you.
Have simple pleasure as many as you can.
Embrace lazy days, find time for yourself.
Be at peace.
Complement a lot.
Dance, live, laugh - life is short so let your spirit rise on its glorious state.

Cry. Remember the good old days.
Smile. Remind yourself that rainbow will come next to rain.
Embrace pain, learn the natural way of being human.
Falter, fall, tumble, have faith. Someone will catch you. You are not alone.
Forget the worries, little by little you'll know bad things come and go.
Don't regret, it's part of life. Be thankful it happend.
Pray. You will be lifted.

Remember, hapiness is a state of mind. Own it, feel it, love it!

Happy weekend! :)