Thursday, March 21, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013


I kept counting the days
for summer to arrive
guess I lost track of the time
what season was I

All I ever wanted was sunshine
and warm weather
where I can ride on a bike
and play with the waves.

Last summer I remember
I walked by the shore.
I drew a line on the sand.
Powdery white, almost like flour.

I made a boundary,
not the salt water can cross.
Then I sat quietly.

Hours passed.
Then there was the sunset,
It was magnificent.
Like an orange ball 
Slowly sinking in the ocean.

I raised my fingers,
pretending to hold it.
I stood up, and run across the line I made
And into the water I swam.

Series of waves crashed 
through my body. It felt warm
and everything was calm.

Before the night fall.
I headed back, then there I saw
the line I made
Guessed the salt water
washed it.

I walked home,
supposed my life was like that.
Whenever there is something good,
no matter how concrete the walls
I built to avoid risk, I always end up
on the other side.

Just to know that there is something good
Like summer
Is enough to break rules
to do the thing you love
to make you happy
to really really
make you happy
Like summer,
like sunset,
like wind,
like waves,
like sand,
like no other
than you.

Life is too short
and sometimes sad
But if you know
where to look for
simple pleasure
you will never be alone.

Like the sun,
never cease to warm the earth
never asked earth to give back 
in return.
Give like the sun, never expect
and hope for the best.

Like the waves crashed to me,
but if I'd hate it
Then I'll never understand
the beauty of stillness
and peacefulness of the ocean
when it's clear at night.
Rather be thankful of it.
Give LOVE instead..
You'll know why...

It comes around once a year.

This is summer...