Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 1: Tea MAG not for Anemic

I am starting again to drink tea before bed time. This is my initiative to loose weight and achieve atleast 110 lbs. before end of year 2010.

Today I bought a Star Studio magazine to sneak on Robin & Marielle's secret wedding. Pictures are good, India looks great, Marielle's pretty, Robin's real good looking guy and that's it. I did not read it yet, I just wanted to see the pictures and how good they look. Any way, the other side of the story goes to the celebrity ball. Almost everybody's thin or skinny or anorexic. Obviously I viewed what I can relate to, beauty.. What is beauty for pinay celebrities? By default they are thin... I guess women can achieve their best figure when there are curves and lines that emphasize their body structure. I'm pretty much convinced that if I gave a little more effort to achieve that figure I can nail it before expiry date. Looking back at the mag, it pretty much encouraged me to get back on track, as much as it terrified me. All I need is a decision and hell lot of guts to stand by it by hook or by crook. Just by the thought of it kills me, diet, exercise & tea..

Tea is actually not good for me since I am anemic. I researched it & the studies showed that tea actually prevents the iron absorption of the blood. That is why I keep it on a minimal. I eat prunes & iron supplement just incase tea intake has huge impact.