Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Bag Essentials

This is just the fraction of what's inside my bag. I'm really hoping I can get out of house with only these.
Consider my gym bag, that's 15 pounds heavy. There is rubber shoes, boxing gloves, bath paraphernalia and others. Let's have a rundown of my essentials:
  • nail buff for emergency
  • shades
  • candy ponytail
  • company phone
  • wallet
  • blush on with mirror
  • brush
  • lippy (orange pepper)
  • moisturizer
  • perfume
  • lip balm 
  • lavander hand sanitizer
  • music player
  • rosary card

What I missed? A lot, but tissue should have been there in the picture. Anyway, it's always not enough, I could bring the entire cabinet to make sure everything's packed. I always think, this can be used, what if I need it today?! So to lessen the burden of conscience and regret to miss somethings, I would rather put it all inside my bag. How is that? Perfect right HAHA.

Good Old Friends

Closing time
(Last pose for the night @ the Big Dome Chiqui & Fran)

Last na talaga with Melai & Chiqui

Let's rewind (zeeweet)...

DAYLY??? Seriously?.. Hmmm

 Lifehouse tarp, lifehouse postcard and lifehouse fan - MELAI

Lifehouse Live in Manila
(Let's get it started! Wootwoot!)

The concert was great, it ultimately started with a bang. I was not kind of really expecting, I know little of their songs. But when they turn the beat on, it was magical, like I was being serenade. I had with me my good old college friends, Melai and Chiqui. We all sang our hearts out to most of the songs we knew. We scream, wave, dance and just let the beat of the music blow our minds away. It made me feel to open up again to a whole new affair and meet the one true love. The one who stays, won't end the day without my lovin' and yung hindi ako matiis even i'm gaga (cos ima girl!)... love love love <3 (and emotional freak kicks in). Just me thinking :)

So much for "smoochies", here are other photos. We were sitting lowerbox side it's almost near the stage so we got a clearer view :)

Chix & Fran
Franchix = friedchicken?

About to start

Rock On!

(excerpts from some blog)

Open the link below & fall in love! It's public & FREE luvin' deary!

Last stop eastwood Agave
Fran,Melai & Chix

With Pam on stripes 
(Fresh from Makati bath tub)

Cant get enough of:
1.) Melai's Lecture
2.) Chiqui's lovelife
3.) Pam's lovelife
4.) Tanduay Ice
5.) Fajitas
6.) Friday's Flash Mob
7.) Bazaar by 4AM
9.) "What is in store for me?"
10.) Love thyself, improve thyself.
11.) Opposition: Melai & Fran VS Pam & Chix (LOL)
12.) About Manage a trois
13.) Searching , finding, losing, winning
14.) Lightning strikes only once
15.) Relationship tactics
16.) Enjoy Life

I'm home by 4AM. I feel complete. Last night was the sweetest weekend turnover!

Friday, May 25, 2012


I had a great day today, it freaks me BUT it's OH SO FREAKY AWESOME!!!
Here is why...

In the morning I checked my blog, someone just twitted it... THAT SOMEONE I refer to Andy Lau Tak Wah.
I saw his wax in Madame Tussaud's HongKong!!! Woot! And here he is twitting my BLOG! Look!

Then at night while checking my twitter, I replied to Nikki Gil (what da heck, just gave it a try coz her ret is totally lovely, more like replica of my golden ret CHIMI)

I'm done at work, they just COMPLETE my day.. HUGE! 
THANK YOU, just ROCK my "Ordinary Thursday" -- now it's "Awesomeness Thursday"
HOW COOL is dat! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


This swagger nailed it bebe!

While my excitement suddenly dropped, I swear I thought of many justified reasons why PP won:
  1. Premonition: PP is like David Cook - da HUMP, his lovely manly hump.
  2. Those eyes, it hurts I could melt. You cyclops, or relatives eh? 
  3. Beard? Call me maybe
  4. Guitar, he's got talent on instrument. It could also benefit record sales if PP's with his guitar on album cover. #realthingPROP

  Truth is I bet Jessica Sanchez almost peg the crown (obviously there are only 2 left). I'm not really so much into AI, I just got to watch this cos SHE CAUGHT ME!
Jessica's duet with Jennifer Holiday is EPIC! Sixteen years old just gave me goosebumps which FYI I only get on listening to super powerful voices like Mariah's, Celine, Beyonce & Adam Levine(He's my crush so he gives me goosebumps anytime anywhere)...
Seriously, that girl has a resilient voice, it never breaks, remains on the note on its PEAK, deep and POWERFUL! BIRIT kung BIRIT WOW!
Only 16, amazing! 

She's by the way Pinay (half PHL half US I think) so dear she made us proud.
Toast to the both!!!

Pat's Chorva @ 18

Disclaimer: Vaklush ka? Try mo to...

Eto bongabells, rawr teh rawr! How about you sister? Parang Powder Puff lang... 

OHA Gaganda nyan! Gora mga lasengga, kabog nyo si Lady Gaga!

Wala nakong masabi dito! Kayo na! Ikaw na e OH!

Labo labo na! heek (sorry drunk!)

Eto pinaka tago tago ng Best Dress of the Night... SHOTSSS PAA! Glenn wagi ka, IDOL. Your hardwork paid off! GALING!

Gorgeous Minnies HAHA

Cute ng mga batang to! Mana saken (kontra pa)

Ganda ng shades oh, sarap isuot everyday cover lahat. PM me where to buy, irarampa ko sa office.

Oh eto pa, sawa ka sa face ko bwahahaha!

All for 3, 3 for All. Love sissy! 

Eto na si Chorva, GONDO GONDO! Happy 18 dich.. Basta yung message ko ah, get drunk, watch porn, smoke weed HAHA wait mo lang jombags ka ng Elders :))

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twitter Trending #100ThingsToDoBeforeIDie


          1. Go to Paris, France
          2. See Eiffel Tower
          3. Buy a house
          4. Buy a car
          5. Marry The One true love 
          6. Have many children
          7. Own an oven
          8. Learn to bake cupcakes
          9. Own a cafe in Paris
          10. Go back to Denmark
          11. Go sand basking in Dubai
          12. Become a Stylist
          13. Own a shop for clothing line
          14. Ride a limo across New York at night to watch city lights
          15. Dance with humongous MOON as backdrop
          16.  Learn how to swim
          17. Wear a diamond ring
          18. Have a library at home
          19. Have a movie theater at home
          20. Want to witness the sunrise in Boracay (I always missed)
          21. Go to Tokyo and eat sushi
          22. Go back to Hongkong
          23. Go back to Macau
          24. Own a cocker spaniel
          25. Have another retriever, this time sire
          26. Own american Bulldog
          27. Cruise and watch the sunset
          28. Want to see cherry blossom in Japan
          29. Experience Christmas with snow in US
          30. Gamble in Vegas for fun
          31. Eat in a local diner in US, just like in horror movies
          32. Attend a mass in Vatican
          33. Savor pizza, pasta and coffee in Italia!
          34. Be able to donate to send  children to school
          35. Be able to donate food & shelter for the homeless
          36. Meet the Royals in London
          37. Witness Aurora Borealis
          38. Sky dive (??? GORA!!)
          39. Be able to give parents the loveliest house ever built
          40. Visit the ruins in Rome
          41. Have siesta in Paris
          42. In snowy night, run all the way on cobble stone street wearing only bra & undies
          43. wild s** with The One, why not
          44. Learn to piano, atleast for a fave song like Moon River.
          45. Get the real Matryoshka Doll in Russia
          46. Own a super fluffy Bed
          47. Stay with kids longer, until I become great granny
          48. Stay up all night to cuddle with The One
          49. Go to Tuscany for some sunshine
          50. Surprise fine dining at home for my family (hubby & kids)
          51. ...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Astrology for the day:
"Take the down time as the breather that may actually reinforce your bonding. Steer clear of speculation. Rather, take to spirituality to calm down. "

This is how I MUST DO the DO:

  • DON'T be Jealous
  • Be Generous
  • DON'T Overthink
  • Think Positive
  • Let GO
  • DON'T Get Hurt
  • DON'T be Affected
  • BELIEVE not ALL Men are the same
  • BELIEVE there is THE ONE
  • Embrace Change
  • MEET People
  • LEARN from Experience (Best Guru)
  • Develop Talents
  • EAT
  • PRAY
  • LOVE
I am in the middle of it. Lord, six months and I'm off like a sky scraper! It's near!!! I know, I believe, there is nothing more I can ask of, because deep down I feel YOU. I did not chose to be in this situation, or select the places I go, or truly decide to become who I am now, it all just happen - IT FEELS GOOD. 
THEY JUST HAPPEN right before my eyes - IT FEELS GOOD. Though things were decided and some choices were made, I believe they happen for a reason and yet I am not sure where it's heading - BUT IT FEELS DARN GOOD. I TRUST IN YOU LORD. There is no time in my life that you put me down, it's always like backing me up and putting me on the right track. THANK YOU. Thank you that through these, I learned so many things in life... This is my story, my life with LORD JESUS CHRIST... - AND IT FEELS GOOD!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


This is my soap cupcake.
These are my real cupcakes. With lemon, taro, cotton candy and blueberry icings!
Thanks Two Broke Girls!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Bird of the Air

Being lost is only temporary...

It's Saturday, May 12. The sun is up when I woke up. Finally had the time to dance alone in my room to the tune of Beyonce. It was hot, no aircon no fan. I could only bear the sweat running down between my skin and my purple sando & undies. Then I freshen up early. With damp hair and wet skin, I put on my grey sando and undies(no shorts on Saturdays, those are just emergency clothes for visitors at home). I love it when my shirt is dripping wet, it's like a cooler just make sure no one sees you.
It's the laziest afternoon of the entire week, which is the one I have been wishing for in the past "years".
After breakfast, egg and porkchop (no rice haaa!), I watched a movie.
The title is A Bird of the Air. I like to ponder on their lines. Like:

1.) The guy keeps on searching for the Parrot's origin. Until he found the old lady quoting him "It was owned by my father who died in '87(not so sure), but he got it from the gypsies..." The guy was disappointed.. The old lady kept on going and said "you go forward, not backward..."
2.) Guy: You do not judge the man from his past; Girl:Man is made up of what he is today...; Girl: Sorry, now you hate my guts?? (And then guy kisses,,,OH rapes the girl. Girl is happy-heeee)
3.)Guy: Why did you sold your parrot? Old Man: Because of that GREEN EYED JEALOUSY.. (he's talking about his wife) Old Lady(the wife): I thought it carries diseases. Old Man: It doesn't matter, the most important thing is that bird as exchange to what I have now, wife kids, my Family.... Goodbye, I hope you find what you are looking for... Guy now pondering while holding his parrot (the pet one, not the other one hahahaha)
4.) Guy: Do you (cut short); Parrot: SHUT UP!
5.) At Cafe... Old Waitress: Being Lost is Only Temporary...

I realized even the parrot, found a home. How could any human capable of doing almost anything could not find what he's looking for? A home where heart rest in peace, comfort and love... Now I know it's possible, it only takes time and courage...


Friday, May 11, 2012

Voyageur de L'espace (traveler of space)

Title read as Vo-yajer du-les-pas

Travel... Voyager... Traveler... Voyageur...
That word... Invigorating, refreshing, feels like rebirth, new life, smells like sweet scent of sampaguita in cozy afternoon, sounds like jazz played on duke box and tastes like moist chocolate cupcake with soft icing on top.

It's everything good...
I want to travel to Europe. I want to go to Paris, France finally witness the majestic Eiffel tower and its unwavering symbol as lovers tower of love... I once joke to my sisters, one day we are going to get there, not buy a thing but scratch the Eiffel tower's rust and put it on a test tube, beat that! haha! Question is if it has rust. 

I LOVE SURPRISES!!! It doesn't matter if roads are tangled like labyrinth, I want to get lost! It's fun to be surprised in foreign land, meet amazing people, dabble on authentic French croissant, sip a cup of french coffee, hear buskers (like Roman Polanski's role in Repulsion) across the street, witness the sunset and evening stars, walk under the moon while jumping on alternate cobble stone path(wearing dress and pair of flats).

I once learned that all the things our eyes can reach, were all founded from a simple idea, a thought drawn out of dream or inspiration. It's fascinating, one day it's just a dream and then someday it becomes reality, the key I think is just hold on to it. It is free to dream, aspire and hope. If we all learn that keeping dreams safe in our thoughts every single day of our lives then we are never lost... It is being positive and keeping the faith that the cosmos conspires all living and non-living creatures to bring to us happiness and contentment, the paradise we ever dreamed of...

Today I am here, who knows tomorrow where these feet bring me... PARIS!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Victory: Day 2

Two things that needs to be done:
1.) Know the will of GOD
2.) Obey the will of GOD

Even if we ask for things to happen, we pray for it not, if it's will of GOD it will happen.
It's easy to know God's will, we can hear His voice clearly. But how do we obey it? How can we execute it?
It's like saying by year 2012 I will exercise and get fit. And then came the chocolates, cake, pasta, pizza oh my GOD! How can we resist temptations? We know clearly what we want, but it's difficult to make it happen.
Distractions, temptations and all that hinders us from doing the things we need to do to be able to accomplish our goal, can be put aside. HOW? FOCUS. If we are focus to something we are interested (we sure have to be interested and willing) then we can make it happen. For we focus on the will of GOD, to resist temptations, to avoid wrong doings, HE will unfold the truth, the perfect path for us.

Keep the faith, believe in GOD. Do things according to His will and nothing is impossible.