Monday, September 23, 2013

Guess Im Bored

today i browsed huffington post, there was an article about micheal douglas thanking her estranged wife, zeta with a hope of seeing his son in prison. It mentioned his son will be imprisoned until 2018.
It dawned to me, hey 5 more years? What am I, living outside jail but feeling trapped! I need to do something to not feel like im behind the bars.

Im here in my room not in the office, contemplating shit. Why? Go figure.
Im typing and I can feel my left pinky hurts, I just cut the nails and the skin ripped off. Now it's swollen, dang.

My dogs got empty pellet, so I have to run errands, with my youngest sib. Intermediate classes was cancelled this morning due to torrential rain fall. This is a random thought of a bored person, bored but sane.. So I thought.. But I know Im not.. Who's kidding me?

This is me waiting to be someplace else, where amusement reign and magic happens. But I guess waiting is not the thing, I have to act. I remembered some time ago i did act, so I get results and look what Ive become - boring.. woohoo! This is a realization, that sometimes you think you are but you're not, so it's time to admit you're wrong and just move on. Next time I better damn do it right - for now I have to play it cool.

earlier I watched New Girl, just wanna quote Nick here:
"You should be with someone crazy about you, Jess."

Wow, that's a thought. Well I guess Im not selling myself short.
Just like sticking to the original plan, if there is none of that kind of guy, then I guess I'll be good at being on my own.

And that's why Im preparing for a new place and a ticket to Paris baby! Hell yeah, like Harvey always say "I dont have dreams, I have goals." That's mahman!
And to all the drama, shove it up your A! Im done wicha~!

Ooh smells delish, gtg! HAAAAAAAAAA

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


my photo the last time we're together haha , last naaaaaaaa goodthing wla kang blog jusme. smitten!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


feels like gravity
tempting but
maybe next time.



It is fascinating
how things turn out
in the long run.

For the past years
I enjoyed the travel,
adventure and company.
I also learned few things
worth remembering.

That happy moments
may not linger for long.

That pain is a must
to see how far I can go.

That being lonely never
last, but I personally
allow myself to stay
a little more
for there is depth and meaning
in there.

For some reason
I find clarity in this kind of
The feeling of
"how can anything go
wrong with this?"

So I care less about
the things that
doesnt concern me.

In sadness, well ironically,
I found myself.

I learn about letting go.
An excruciating process
well, I kind of like the craziness.

I thank God
for these opportunities
that for some may not
even pull up their
sleeves and get
dirty in mud.
Well, not literally.

But I get to enjoy the
ride. For the fruitful years
together. Celebrating
life in its grand.
And for letting go
of even the most
precious things
I had.

I know there  must
be some good
reason to all these.

I always pray to God, that somehow one day He will reveal to me the one. Whom I can say
Thank you this must be the ultimate reason of letting go. The man who will vow before You, that I am the only one that he could ever ask for in this lifetime. Who is faithful and understanding of me even at my worse. We will forever stand by each other, through thick and thin. That everything is spontaneous and effortless, and we will be truthful with each other. We will laugh like hayenas and dance in moonlight. And we will be madly inlove for the rest of ourlives...


Sunday, August 18, 2013


Today I had stomach cramps, I have mens eww. I crave for sweets! So Faye, Doy and I went to eastwood later this saturday afternoon and had dinner at pho hoa. Then we bought some truffle cake, black velvet and tiramisu cake slices at mary grace. Then we cap the night at Starbucks, Doy got his first SB card. Well we dropped by JCo for the kids and Watsons for nail polish...

So anyway,,, well by the way Mai just got home with Ysabel from Taylor Lotner?? err Jacob from Twilight meet and greet... So there going back, here is the highlight for today. Well I had searched for some interesting stuffs and here's what ive found:
- Elvis Died Aug 17, 1977, he's 42 dies alone in his mansion due to heart attack. He has twin brother who died at birth.
- There are no historical records for brutal murder about St Bridget students, therefore I assume the stories from our teacher is just for the sake of making us believe that there's still something interesting about her subject or her existence. Any way...
- I searched for first blogs like love, lust etc and found what year they were created. So lucky they had the luxury to use the simplest words, too bad they werent able to maintain those sites..
Love – 2005
Lust – 2000
Beautiful – 2001
Kind -2002

Horror – 2004

I want to answer this!!
1) Last dream: We bought a house filled with ghost, on guy holding a glass of liquior just went through me, and I was like, "why are you here, who killed you?!"... he disappeared like he shrunk to the floor, the suddenly a sharp glass came running through my feet and cut them, and I was like "I dont mind! who send you here? who killed you?!" whoa!! I am not afraid pf ghost even in dreams!! haha

2) Last car ride:
3) Last kiss: like 6 hours ago. 
4) Last good cry: like hmmm last friday, because somebodys dog died :( 
5) Last Missing Library Book: the myth short story books in elementary,the Egypt history book in highschool and the reader's digest in college.
6) Last movie seen: Pacific Rim
7) Last Book Read: Aleph
8) Last cuss word uttered: taena 
9) Last beverage drank: Novelino wine
10) Last Food consumed: truffle cake
12) Last phone call: papa
13) Last TV show watched: project runway
14) Last Item Bought: coke
15) Last time showered: awhile ago
16) Last shoes worn: hmm last june i think after my right foot was healed. Then after that I never wore shoes again. I wear sandals, slippers
17) Last CD played: hmm..two broke girls I guess but it's blank cd. Apparently Nixon wasnt able to really copy seasons 1&2. Then I got my externalHD.. no more CDs
18) Last downloaded: When a man loves a woman. TORRENT! haha
19) Last annoyance: awhile ago, but nah it doesnt count ... 
20) Last disappointment: uhmmmmm when I drank the entire bottle of coke, not zero :(
21) Last soda drank: COKE!!!
22) Last thing written: COKE!!!
23) Last key used:bin key.. loser
24) Last words spoken: last words spoken
25) Last trip:from boracay with friends :)
26) Last sleep: like 4 AM saturday :)
27) Last IM: do it in the morning. gives you a lotta chance to get a boy.. i said ok NOTED! HAHA (my reply to a friend in viber)
28) Last sexual fantasy: last night.
29) Last time you thought you saw a UFO: like 2012 - where I make believe they exist.
30) Last weird encounter:like today, the mouse is running in and out of the room fuckkkkk
31) Last Store Shopped at: Watsons
32) Last ice cream eaten: Gelato at Vikings
33) Last time amused: like yesterday when someone thanked me for recomending a chocolate in Denmark - Summerbird.. She posted a photo in instagram and thank the person who did recommend it to her - I know it's JUST MEEE! STOKED!
34) Last time wanting to die: like this very moment.
35) Last time in love: hmmmm. long time ago.
36) Last time hugged:hmmm, second week of august by a baby HAHA
37) Last time scolded: today! momma just told me I had to wear looseshorts because I have mens. it caused my cramps! waaa so I just removed it and just wear undies instead lol 
38) Last time resentful: hmmmm I dont remember
39) Last chair sat in: sofa
40) Last lipstick used: H&M lipgloss
41) Last underwear worn: skyblue
42) Last bra worn: babypink 
43) Last shirt worn: white zara shirt, it says try new things with a pug on it wearing a shark's costume haha
44) Last class attended: zumba
45) Last Final taken: final production configuration in production for sharepoint release! my project at work 
46) Last time dancing: 2 nights ago, twerking alone in the room
47) Last poster looked at: the twilight guy, my sister brought when she got home from taylor tonight
48) Last concert attended: maroon5
49) Last webpage visited: coopstrut HAHA


this is like emulating Chimi my golden retriever!
rainy day,8-18-2013(Sunday morning), Manila PH

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things I Learn During Weekends

1.) Bad arse, kick arse, fuck arse altogether now! There must be something wrong with someone's ass.
2.) Korean and Indian dishes.
3.) Chinese elite circus performers teach kids to stretch until they reach their limit. How elastic!
4.) How to be a couch potato.
5.) How I love Beth Behbers and Kat Dennings 
6.) Being good at being bad speller.
7.) To laugh aloud while watching series alone.
8.) To walk in mall for hours as replacement for workout.
9.) To viber friends and discriminate, rarely we praise simply because it's not fun.
10.) I find myself taking note of schedules in NatGeo for MudCats!
11.) I also take note of Tuna, forgot the title #NatGeo
12.) Wide awake for Anthony Bourdain's The Layover - I SUPER LOVE THIS!!!
13.) I learned that when in Rome, you drink Cappuccino until 11am only, when you drink it past 11 am then you're a tourist! haaa!
14.) Blogging, tumbler, twitter, instagramming all the way! Not to mention ignoring texts from aliens

A Kiss

A Kiss to Build a Dream On
 xoxo Fran


In a relationship I wasnt able to understand myself, it's like believing in something I wasnt. 
I began to put effort on doing things I am really not interested to, but I have to for the sake of partnership.
In a commitment I ought to give up things I used to believing that the bond will grow stronger.

You know what happened? It was quite smooth sailing at first but after sometime I lose myself. I forgot who am I, what I want, where I want to be, what I want to accomplish and what I can give for others as well.

It was I who was lost, and so I need to get a grip again to life I wasnt sure of. I was scared at first, I didnt know what to do, if I was making the right choice - I am cray cray so I dare to slip away and call it quits.

Again I wasnt sure of my decision so I pray hard to let the feelings flit away as fast as possible and then Im ready to see what life has to reveal.

And you know what happened? Twas a whirlwind. At first I felt like trash, like a ruin. Not capable of being loved at all... Not lovable. So I embraced the insanity that I was. Little did I noticed that every single day is a transition-  working miracle for a long term commitment.

I met friends.
Along the way, I became closer to friends I didnt Imagined I could get along with. One was my ex colleague whom I couldnt talk to for long when we were officemates back then. But before I knew it, we're like soul sisters.

I was reaunited with colleagues and we get along in an instant. Being with them made me feel special and important - not the way in relationship with bf/gf worked but I had this sense of empowerment. I get to voice out my opinion and I am really glad they get to listen and believe in me. Didnt had that opportunity for a long time.

I get more friends.
I spent time to improve myself, to really know what it feels like being the best version of me. So I strive a little bit harder to achieve some imaginary figure I wasnt sure I was gonna make but perhaps did anyway. I am happy to hear from people how I changed a lot. I wasnt ashamed of being fat for all I care, but somehow it pays to be a better self. I gain confidence, trust, self-esteem and good vibes. So I get to share it with other people as well.

I became woman for others.
Well honestly aside from being a gossip girl - I enjoy knowing a person heart to heart as in I wanted to know their frustrations, problems and all that bring them down so that I can help. I learn to listen and just be there for them - not that I kiss and tell because Im not that kind. I became responsible to the point that I keep my promises (well most of it) to be with friends when they needed me most. Even the littlest thing they need I make it a point I will find time. And it feels great to be dependable - to help.

I learn to appreciate love.
Love is not just caged in a boy girl relationship. Now I undertand that those people around equally deserves my attention as the guy Im with. So better be with friends too!

I found myself.
Well honestly at first I was afraid, I was petrified HAHAHA
No really I was sacred I wouldnt be able to have a bf, get married and have kids. I was paranoid.
But then after sometime I try to observe family, husbands and wives, bf and gf's and singles.
Well guess what, I will try to be rational but if this sounds judgemental forgive me HAHA
For engaged happy for them but the marketability is going down, so if the guy has no money then no girl will ever pay attention to him aside from the fact that he has a ring and for the girl be prepared to be a mother figure not that you will gain weight but they will be tamed a little maybe - but over all the focus will be for family, as a team as group bonded together forever. And so they say.
For Gf/BF I dont know it makes me wanna dance why? I've been there and when guy's all over you meaning he's into you but he could not get what he wanted, so their eyes wander by mistake to other girls or the games they usually play. So if the guy is just a BF, dont take it too seriously. For single - more are bitter but better. They are in good shape with lots of money and love interests. But standards are getting higher depending on previous experiences but in total singles are sometimes hopeless romantic (bec they think there are no better for them) but they always get what they want, in a commitment - no strings attached.

I cannot categorized myself as single or taken because I dont like. HAHA. I am a golden girl 007. blah blah

So here is the deal, it is true that what most people are saying - DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS...

It is not just setting the bar high but just being practical, to protect heart, mind, body and soul from fraud/ fake/ false alarm stressful drama. Well I have learned my lesson :)

I can honestly say, I have no regrets, I am happy I can see both sides of the coin now, I can straight face look in the eye of the ex with a grin, I can totally sit next to an admirer with no sweat and wear two piece even if I have fatty figure. I totally understand this, and I guess life is about dancing in the curve, giving in and not taking trash too seriously. Because all things end, so I just want to enjoy every bit just for fun. :)

Oh life :)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Playlist

Here are the top series certified to make YOU potato couch for two straight days:
-2 Broke Girls
-Game of Thrones
-Criminal Minds
-Walking Dead
-2 Broke Girls
-2 Broke Girls
-2 Broke Girls
-2 Broke Girls
-2 Broke Girls
-2 Broke Girls
-2 Broke Girls
-2 Broke Girls
-2 Broke Girls


Hey Max if you're reading this, YOU can be me and I can be YOU.
I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my abdomen :})

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rander's Sidewalk and Acapella Rendition of Midnight Train

Three years ago (2010) I sung Midnight Train in Randers Denmark while strolling down the cobblestone road. The mood was relaxing and everything seemed perfect, it's as if I can make all my dreams come true on that day. I can feel my hopes are high and my spirit is soaring up the sky.

Cory and Lea sung Midnight Train in Glee. Just this Saturday July 13, 2013 Cory Monteith died...
It so happened that the spirit of my song died two years ago, and now it is official.

Midnight Train gone, and so did Cory...

Change is such a bitch.
Death is such a bitch.

I hope we'll find a new perfect song that will linger a little bit longer, like until we grow old...


Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Doors - Hyacinth House Demo Version

The Doors - Hyacinth House [Demo Version]


The Cranberies - Dreams

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
And make believe it came from you

I'm gonna write words oh so sweet
They're gonna knock me off my feet
A lotta kisses on the bottom
I'll be glad I got 'em

I'm gonna smile and say
I hope you're feeling better
I'll close with love the way you do
I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
And I'm gonna make believe it came from you

Oh yeah

I'm gonna write words oh so sweet
They're gonna knock me off my feet
A lotta kisses on the bottom
I'll be glad I got 'em

Oh yeah

I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
And I'm make believe it came from you
Oh yeah
I'm gonna make believe it came from you

Oh yeah

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

What I can see, You will never see.
That's my gift of mystery.

A Pair of Wings for a Pair of Arms

Everyday, I wake up, go to work, go home and sleep. It was like living hell for months.
You know it hurts to see yourself getting old and not moving towards the direction where you planned to be. But it hurts more not to know the reasons why they happen.
Nowadays more and more people are becoming restless. It seems like even if we are working too hard (or even smarter for that matter), it is still not enough. The fallacy that spending more time at work eventually pays off has become a reality to most of us in this generation.
Why don’t we stop for a moment and think… Do we spend more time at work instead of being home with siblings watching your favorite movie, or have a heart to heart talk with mom, or help dad with his task, or help a friend to find a dress for prom? Work gives us money, no question. And money gives us almost all we need. Almost.
Some famous people go out, have fun, relax, be in places never been heard, be with friends – that’s cool. They’ve got money, travel’s their life, fame is their destiny. The lime light, all that glitters and expensive, whatever they desire they can have in a snap. The question is – from the inside are they truly happy?..
Are you?..
There are so many things going on in our life, so fast that we can no longer remember every detail of it. We tend to live up to every “people-we-look-up-to’s” expectations. Some were born to impress others, to make them look like interesting and fun and spontaneous. Some master a fake smile. All these leaves us nothing but emptiness. Empty.
Are you?..
In time when our fantasies become our reality we fail to see what we ought to be. People nowadays are  becoming more and more lonely. That gave birth to the popular word “bipolar” – we are behaving like both ends of the rope. We are sad then suddenly we are happy. People are stressed, depressed sometimes for no apparent reason.
Because life happens.
There is always something good that will come out of shit. Probably some percentage, but definitely there is. Like I said, my life has been a hell raiser of some sort. I was like in asylum , life turned 360 in a snap too. Like extremes of a bipolar – from good to bad man. Everyday I ask myself what did I do wrong to deserve these? Honestly sometimes I brave heart talk to God selfishly – blame him for most of it. But I end up crying. One thing I understand so far is that he broke my wings just so I can use my hand to fly. You think it’s hard right? How could anyone fly with a pair of flapping arms? Just like life – damn it’s hard. And I struggle. When will I realize that just so I can stretch my arms and embrace that many people – He purposely broke my wings? When will I ever digest that? There is always a first time for everything right? I hope someday I will realize that I am not a bird so I would stop flapping my arms. That my wings too could never be repaired because it no longer serves me just like before. All this time we are waiting for an answer but infact it is right there infront of our face – we just need to be courageous to face and deal with it. Life is tough, and there’s no better way to prepare for it than live with it. And all these experiences and the adversities will make us strong and brighter. This is gift we must earn.
To think that I have a fair share too of luxury but not to the point where I go down and sleep with money – but what I remember for the past five to ten years down the memory lane was the afternoon with my family. We are at the local park – we don’t have that enough money so we share lunch and we ride a bike for most of the hours. Those times we spend together telling stories under the sun. I rarely remember those things I buy for fun – not unless I am looking for an outfit of the day. But memories, ahh always a good idea specially if they made me sweat through difficult times – and looking back I would say that was me and I am here now - see how far can I go?
God knows that – all He wants is for us to see it too. We ought to be more than what we are now – no pressure but it feels good to know that all this time we’ve got something to do that matters. God has plans for us to become a part of a greater good. Although the road is foggy still there is a path and we just have to be brave and step forward, because at the end of it we look back and the road we travelled is all we ever need to get there – happiness.
Life happens. Be patient and you will get there.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Novels that Hit the Screen

Here is the list of movies from original novels that I already watched:

Catch Me if You Can
Nick and Norah's Infinite playlist
Peter Pan
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Breaking Dawn
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Lion the witch and the wardrobe
Must Love dogs
The Great Gatsby
The Perks of Being a wall flower
The Grinch
I am Number Four
Harry Potter Series
Animal Farm
Persuit of Happiness
Legally Blonde
The Other Boleyn
The Avatar
The Runaway Jury (Grisham)
Diamonds are Forever - James Bond
A Game of Thrones
The Girl with Dragon Tattoo
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Alice in Wonderland
The Kings speech
The Lucky One
Robbin Hood
The Indian in the Cupboard
Oliver Twist
The Princess Diaries
The Three Musketeers
Freaky Friday
The Little Mermaid
Marley and Me
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
The Never ending story
King Arthur
The War of the Worlds
The Secret Garden
Schindler's List
Ella Enchanted
Black Beauty
Sleepy Hollow
Jurassic Park
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
War Horse
Dear John
Tuesdays with Morrie
The Prestige

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chance Like This

My only wish is ---> FAST FORWARD 2015 Just kidding.. Who knows where the road will lead us. But atleast we've got something to look forward to. And I'm just glad that things turned out well, unexpectedly.

You see, I wasnt really planning for this, the great big move, but as time flee I just watched myself carried away by events. These are the days that I believe God has started His plans for me. 
I could not see the difference, my life now and how it went two years ago. But it seems like something is revealing day by day. And now I wonder, how was it possible that everything happens for a reason?

That what happened in the pass took me to this place. That right at this moment where I wasnt really thinking of years ago, will change my life. Could this be a surprise, His gift of transformation?

You know things will favor you (and I pray it will for the next years) when it is meant to be. No matter how much effort you put into it or you dont have much effort at all, if it is meant to be it will come upon you - In the right time.

At this moment Im still waiting for the great big plan. But I can smell it already!!! I'm really really positive about this.

I just want to thank you Lord for never leaving me especially in my darkest hour. And Im blessed you make me feel loved :) THANK YOU FROM INFINITY AND BEYOND! :)


Ponder on The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby - if it wasnt for the mist we can see your house accross the bay, there's always a greenlight that shines brightly at the end of your dock..

If you look at the "end" there might be two sides of the coin:

1.) If you are looking at the end goal, then you become optimistic.
2.) If you are looking at the end result, then you must be missing what lies your way.

The point is, you are never sure if you are going to make it. If you are going to get what you want. If things will turn out the way you wanted them to be. Dont lose sight of what surrounds you, dont lose faith. Hold your dreams, aspiration, perseverance, happiness and faith to the finish line. And if you fail, have no regrets. Because after all it's the journey you earn, so make sure as hell you enjoyed the ride.
Have a life that's well lived. Live a little! Chill and be happy :)


Monday, May 27, 2013

My Story


I'm deprived of sleep because of work..

But then I try to sweat like a pig..

So I'm happy and..

Amanda Bynes again!

Let's just frolic 
and stop
over analyzing.

Coz I know you're not that smart. 

Pump it up!

                                                          I miss the pumps.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

She Wolf

I once saw this photo of a child hanging on a museum's wall and then I noticed there were other picture frames hanging beside. It appeared to be sequentially arranged by day. A photo each day of the same person. The frames hanging on wall appeared to be swirling up the ceiling. And when I got on the last floor on top of the building, I saw the final picture an old woman wrinkled and weathered. She had her eyes closed to what seemed like she was sleeping or were already demised.

These photos of me will remain as long as the site wont mess up. I would like my children to see where they got their genes, ugly or not this is your momma. You gotta love this even if your aunt make fun of it. HAHA Girls will always have to have nice selfie photos whenever there is time. I am so adamant of sharing my activities (even the boring ones) to imaginary followers. And the best viewer will ofcourse be YOU my baby.

Well this is me at the age of 28. It's 6:04 in the morning, it's labor day May 1 so no work all play day. Your aunt and I were planning to have some milk tea later at eastwood, probably in Serenitea cause we missed it big time ( atleast to them, I just had my Wintermelon MT along rada makati a day ago). 

I call this SHE-WOLF a control freak QUEEN like cersei of Game of Thrones, if you try to google it you'll know why I love this series. Aside from that I can see fierce, brave, strong, passionate, driven, and uhmm haha something like that.. I maybe bad ass, or moody or bitch sometimes but I never lose myself. Who I am and what I believe will always remain the same no matter what circumstances I have been through.
So technically I am not entirely like cersei cause she's a psychopath. 

Anyway, I just want to say I love you sweethearts. xoxo momma

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lax Night

@ Eastwood Chillin'
Someone apparently saw me today, well I saw him too. I was hiding, then I thought it was over.. Until he texted... Darn x_X

Cheese Seriously...

Say cheese! cheese?

Ordinary Day for Beautiful People: TBT Nike RUN!

#throwbackthursday if there is such a thing as hashtag in blog. Anyway this was way back Nike Run with the crew. Those days when they still wanna run, I dont know what made them relax, but atleast Doy and the rest still wanna join. Infact we're going to Nat Geo Run this July.
'Alright sissies if you need a break, so brekky it.

Picture of us re enacting OA gags.

This is me, laughing. Half of my brain saying there's paparazzi, half saying LOL what the EFF are you gone mad??? To the thing I was looking at.. Whatevs..
tata see you next run!


Ordinary Day for Beautiful People: Night RUN Crew!

Presenting the gang that spent the night hours with "run-maniacs" haha!
Well I hope next time we'll wait at the finishline so no one's LOST!

Anyway we had fun overload, thanks sweeties :*

This picture at BGC for Color Manila NiteRun! We truly love Color Manila Run, it's the best run I have been to evah!


Ordinary Day for Beautiful People: Delishuwas Crepe Evah!

Best crepe ever, although this picture shows sissy & I still having dinner.. :D

This will be the initial entry of Ordinary Day for Beautiful People. Hope you still with us till next selfies haha!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013


I kept counting the days
for summer to arrive
guess I lost track of the time
what season was I

All I ever wanted was sunshine
and warm weather
where I can ride on a bike
and play with the waves.

Last summer I remember
I walked by the shore.
I drew a line on the sand.
Powdery white, almost like flour.

I made a boundary,
not the salt water can cross.
Then I sat quietly.

Hours passed.
Then there was the sunset,
It was magnificent.
Like an orange ball 
Slowly sinking in the ocean.

I raised my fingers,
pretending to hold it.
I stood up, and run across the line I made
And into the water I swam.

Series of waves crashed 
through my body. It felt warm
and everything was calm.

Before the night fall.
I headed back, then there I saw
the line I made
Guessed the salt water
washed it.

I walked home,
supposed my life was like that.
Whenever there is something good,
no matter how concrete the walls
I built to avoid risk, I always end up
on the other side.

Just to know that there is something good
Like summer
Is enough to break rules
to do the thing you love
to make you happy
to really really
make you happy
Like summer,
like sunset,
like wind,
like waves,
like sand,
like no other
than you.

Life is too short
and sometimes sad
But if you know
where to look for
simple pleasure
you will never be alone.

Like the sun,
never cease to warm the earth
never asked earth to give back 
in return.
Give like the sun, never expect
and hope for the best.

Like the waves crashed to me,
but if I'd hate it
Then I'll never understand
the beauty of stillness
and peacefulness of the ocean
when it's clear at night.
Rather be thankful of it.
Give LOVE instead..
You'll know why...

It comes around once a year.

This is summer...


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This One is For You

When someone special left you behind
you get to realize something you should do
it gets you fired up to make things happen
it opens a lot of possibilities
it clears your mind
it gives you direction
it gives you something to look forward to

There is a sense of freedom and independence
a taste of life
the life you plan
and the life you pray to be there
just in time...

You Pray.
God bless you for all your plans
to make it through the year
and make them happen
one at a time...

Your sense of responsibility
creates a well being of
a person who's positive about life.
Who is positive
that things are possible
with courage, patience and hard work.
Who do not dwell on weakness but use it
to improve oneself.
Who listens to heart over mind,
when things get rough.
Who is faithful to his own dream and aspirations...

You Pray.
To keep the fire burning,
as you come near the dock.
When the ship sails, and the wind blows and
the wave crashes, never falter.
God is your captain.

And when time comes,
the one who's special comes back
you are ready to take off again
this time
you're equipped
experienced, well balanced and
all you have to do is RELAX.

Darn HAVE FUN!!!

We love you papa
Ate Candy :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Polanski On Tate's Death

Polanski has said that his absence on the night of the murders is the greatest regret of his life.[90] In his autobiography, he wrote, "Sharon's death is the only watershed in my life that really matters", and commented that her murder changed his personality from a "boundless, untroubled sea of expectations and optimism" to one of "ingrained pessimism ... eternal dissatisfaction with life".



Thursday, February 21, 2013

For the Good

As life progress things get difficult and hard to understand. There are lots of changes.
People I love come and go. Places I've been to are becoming vague memories of my past. Some friends, colleagues and foes were simply forgotten. 
You know what I realized?
That among all these only problem is persistent. 
It is always there, like twin soul.
Since it's persistent, it never left my side.
It goes away for the meantime though... 

So how about...

Be the same as my problem...
Not that I am going to be a problem (but yeah sometimes)
Instead I
Accept problem and try to work around it.
Look back and realize that I have come this far from nothing to somebody, so never back out.
Do not fail, be persistent to find ways to solve.
Always have time to think, how on earth did this problem occurred?
Get to the bottom of it and act accordingly.
If my problem has solution, then maybe the problem is just me, just thinking nonsense.
Justify the reason of the problem, never run away.
Take the leap, challenge and project dreams to a better tomorrow.
Stay for awhile, try to experience every aspect of it. 
Embrace the problem sure you'll get the the solution one day.
And when
It goes away for the meantime,
carpe diem, as they say... SEIZE THE DAY!

Remember - there is far more greater reason of problem - and it is always for the good.
And All that is difficult, all that is hard to earn, all that makes me cry and just want to die, are the ones that has greater risk and the most important experience ever. All that's easy are easily forgotten and neglected - and the rest are worthy. The deeper the scar, the more it becomes visible, the more it defines me as a person.

Like I said to God, I may not be his best soldier, but I'm persistent.

IF this is what it takes to get in, then bring the hell on earth and I'll do the rest. So help me God... 

"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger..."


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hearts Day :)

just enjoyed 3G's, good guys, greetings
just like the first time twitterpated, happy, content, relaxed and gorgeous! ahaha
Thanks much mmmwah <3 nbsp="">

with partner in crime Faye Marie <3>

I Smile Because Of..

city lights
cobble stones
brick house
eiffel tower at night
eiffel tower in mornings
night stroll
love letters
falling leaves
old songs
new places
new faces
swim suits
night sky
shooting star
roller coaster
good stories
christmas lights
a tree
your eyes...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Poem for Lost Soul

Time engulfed moments of serenity and replaced it with placid dream..
Never imagined life would be like painting in wall
beautifully made, quiet and lonely.

As time goes by, the painter blurs its memory, forgets how it felt the first time he started it...Full of inspiration.
Its just a painting that whenever you look at you remember something, something once familiar but vague.

There is something about life that makes you learn even if you dont want to.. 
It gives you trials and full of sufferings.
It pushes you to state of sadness, euphoria and madness.
It even makes you want to take your own life.
Makes you feel unimportant, like there is nothing more instore for you.
Something that's hard to fathom.
And so you cry.
You shout for help.
No one hears you...
And its sad.
Its sad you know, 
living in a lonely world.

Maybe the One God is so busy with others happiness, leaving you behind. Forgetting about his old paintings soaking in the rain until it turns into paper mache...

Its never getting easy, but harder and harder each day...
You smile, like you accept that tomorrow's hell day again.
And you live your dream in a painting that's cold like dead.
That's how you get so miserable.
When painting has lost its vibrancy, its worth and worst it has no meaning at all...

You're alive but you're dead inside.

Today is Feb 9 2013, 
I posted this last Feb3. 
I really have to get back on this blog,
as I reread it there's something I realized...
That a painting increase its worth as time goes by...
And so you see my friend, you may be lost soul but
you gain a lot through experience
each day you live
is a life worth living
a gift from God
a chance to be born again
and all the days of your life
is waiting to unfold
the happiness you are yearning
is in your hand
and yes I believe 
it is a matter of choice.
so you see
work hard for your happiness
because more often
as the saying goes,
best gift comes in disguise
it maybe wrapped clumsily 
but it's up to you to try
open it
take the risk
if it is not a bomb you're lucky haha
Take the risk,
you may never know 
what's best instore for you
so keep moving forward
God knows you are on the right track.
Keep the fire burning you lost soul..
You will be found one day...