Monday, December 27, 2010


I wish I can go somewhere. I want to be at some place where I cant see some traces of usual faces. I like to enjoy the things other people has already enjoyed watching. I want to experience snow and streets and murals and louvre in other country. I wanted to fulfill this before I die, I wish as soon as possible.

If only God listens, please favor this...This is all I wanted for 2011. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

SB Planner last December 5, 2010.

My Random thoughts on my tropical Christmas Day

Today is Christmas Day, well almost… I saw my name on some of the gifts below the Christmas tree. I’m so excited to open them but have to wait until 12 midnight. Awhile ago I took pictures of Christmas stuffs in the house to get a glimpse of small things, as remembrance of 2010. Even the smallest neglected thing I photographed because I believe they made the entire house looked like it’s Christmas. I got the picture of the gifts and greeting cards that has little note on it. Picture of food and family and dog. Well the gifts, some are big some are small, I wonder which one I’ll make us of. Somehow I put it this way, It’s not how much the gift cost but how much it means to the person you’re giving it. It just so happen that what I like is expensive. I don’t expect though because I hate getting disappointed specially during Holidays haha. The only thing I hate right at this moment is my runny nose and teary eyes it’s killing me. I like the sneezing part though I get high.. I wish I live somewhere cold. It ain’t snowing outside not ever, it’s kind of hot right now, but I guess this is what tropical Chirstmas is.. temperature rising.

Last day, because it’s too crazy to wait for a taxi or an FX, Dabs and I hopped into jeepney, pushing our butts in.. The traffic it’s crazy plodding, nakakainip sobra. Again it’s crazy hot, and the boom box is amazingly nerve wrecking. As we go along, one of the passengers said keep the change besides it’s Christmas. Even it’s noisy I smiled. I hope it’s always Christmas, everybody’s being good. :)

Merry Christmas! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Privacy Filter

This morning I had my privacy filter. It's cool because I get to access sites without being noticed aha! I get bored when there are no issues, especially when server is down so I google, I FB, I check emails and right at this moment I blog. Actually I have a pending issue, but I care less coz we cannot relate, I cannot connect, I don't know what he is talking about. I give myself 5 mins to look into it, to internalize and see if I'm in the mood to learn what he do not know that I suppose to know which I prefer not know at all. But any way, this is yet another good day, coz it's freaking Christmas. It's freaky cold with the air gushing down the spine ofcourse with the presence of aircon, it's also chilly outside especially when it strikes 6pm. Times up! Gotta face the problem;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The birth of the word SHAME On You

Inconsiderate, self-centered, manipulative, liar, unfair, unjust, full of discrimination, superiority complex,disrespectful, traitor. I hope these people realize that it's not always about the money or the reputation towards customers but also the people who serve them right. I hope the ones who are on top of the foodchain take a good look to those they neglect before they totally forsake them. I hope they realize that they cannot build it by themselves only, so respect your people, treat them right because they deserve it,and do not threaten to beat them in performance. You do not make them unfortunate for your own good. You make yourself comfortable as well as your family to the expense of others. You are like hypnotist, you make believe others can be a sacrificial lamb and promise a greener pasteur in later end. You make them believe that burden is inconsequencial, an ingredient to FORTUNE. You are not a beholder, do not hold their future. Do not try to manipulate ass, just like trying hard to cover your own ass. You are a pig, a coward, a user. Darn, when you get that disgusting role, I hope you do something about it - before it's too late.

What It Means to Us

It's been three weeks now here in Vestas and It's good to know that the work is consistently non stressful. I have joined the first ever Christmas party, held at Intercontinental Hotel. It was fun even though I was not lucky in winning raffle. We had 1940's Victorian theme :)

After a week, all 150 of us gathered at the pantry for a coffee table meeting. Yes we meet at the pantry, the 32nd floor is still in renovation. Any way, we were all gather to have a brief introduction to our new policy in travel. 64% of our salary will go to the government as "tax" when we exceed 30 days stay in Denmark. How is that. The good thing about it is that HR is going to have agreement with Dk government of some sort to avoid this. Lucky are those who went ahead of this, Vestas shouldered all of their taxes. Complaining will come next after my onshore experience, how could I react if I haven't been into Dk at all? I hope they settle it as early as now. After that, we all received Sony walkman gadget. 16gig, about 10k each.. plus we get christmas packages. :) It's nice to know how generous the company is for the benefit of employees. It's nice to know that the management is supportive.

I wasn't aware at first that we can have this kind of set up and environment in a company. I got a good office, a non-stressful work, a well planned schedule, good Microsoft Training, Onshore experience, plenty of perks...

Thank You :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Starbucks 2011 Planner

Just yesterday, I spent the whole day with ma and my youngest sister at SM Marikina. They had the Sunday mass early on at the mall, while I failed yet again to come. I just went there during mall opening cause I needed Mr. Quickie to fix my shoes haha. Sorry God, I was late :(
I should have also fix my hair too, cause I feel like tired of curly hair. When we were there, just before my attempt to get inside, I asked mama, should I continue this? Then she suggested to ask the stylist first if my hair is ready for a straightening and then I decide from there. Then I realized, if I take care of my curly hair, it could be better, I also considered my hair did last 3 months only. And so I did not went inside the salon.After they had breakfast at Chowking, I treated them at Starbucks. I have this sticker booklet to avail planner and only 8 spots were left to go! I make mama pose, and she loved it haha! mama took toffee nut latte(hot) combined with Tuna pandesal and Maics & I just had Mocha Frap(Grande). Yummy :)
I promised Maics(little sister) that I'll buy her new rubber shoes, but I ended up splitting payment with mama haha! This is the photo of her new rubber shoes which I think is lovely. I told her that I am going to sign her up next 5k marathon to give it a try.Maics really loved this. We had several choices and finally the prettiest pink was pegged. I blab about Nike & Adidas which are popular & a little expensive than her new Fila baby, but she denounce it haha.

We waited until 5pm for my shoes, my feet ached badly and finally we went home with a blast! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

C'mon Nov15

Today is November 6 2010.. The last minute I rembered, it was only November 5,which was ofcourse our monthsary that I failed yet again to remember. It was just a usual Friday night as a devoted developer. Yes, I spent the entire evening fixing a bug, not to mention all other special request by peers that always keep me on the cliff. So anyway, as I kept on working, I just cannot hide the smile that lies beneath those tired face muscles, eventhough my eyes is burning and my allergies are attacking, which are by the way so fucking itchy, I have this thought at the back of my mind, ahh can’t wait for December 1, or atleast November 16! Oh I love this life! Mwah mwah!
This is really like leaving a war, a real casualty of war. And I know I WON! And I’m going back to a greener Pasteur, all because I deserve what I get always.. And I’m so grateful that God is always there to show me the right way. Amen.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


One of my hobbies is watching horror films. Ghost stories are what interests me the most. I have here few of the readings and clippings from the net.

I'm currently browsing on Ghastly Ghost Site, it kind of screens the photos to evaluate their validity, sometimes they are fake photos that just happens to form an apparitions or used low quality of camera or even the lighting or the formations of things that falsely points us to nonsense. However, I chose only the few who are real.

If you are interested, you can browse the following, and see it for yourself.

1.) A kid that film a ghost

2.)The Lost Child
Follow story at:

3)Scottish Ghost

4.) Jesus?

5.) Coffin

6.) The Devil

7.) Granny Ghost

5.) The Vatican Ghost

(Japanese version:

...Have a spooky day!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Rule

My Rule.
Start the day right
Instead of complaining, complement.
Do not find fault of others, instead praise their good deed.
Do not speak of others if your intent is to destroy their state.
If you are oppressed, tell your friends how you feel but never say negative words against your oppressor.
Acknowledge people, appreciation is the meaning of existence.
Never delay what you can do today, perform like you are new to the industry and excite your work.
Exude confidence, trust yourself at all times, but never boast.
Never wobble, work like a professional.
Learn new stuffs every day.
Gain knowledge from talented peers.
Know people who are useful to your career.
Know people who can boost your morale.
Know people who believe in you.
Do not let others define you, define your own.
Do not use others to get what you want, learn from them, use your own talent.
Practice your field of expertise; perfection takes a lot of preparation.
Develop your skills and potential talent, gain knowledge.
Acknowledge failure, learn and live with it.
Give your best at all times, never wait for the next big thing, nothing beats preparation.
Ask guidance. Pray.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The positive side of being human

Sometimes people need a breather from all the intoxicating fiasco of life. Sometimes it takes risk to get the ball rolling, to satisfy the urge to get out of a deep hole, where only pain and loneliness stay. Who would want a life that is not a life after all? Who would want to stay in a place where you know you are not welcome anymore? Who would want to stay if you know you cannot grow and find all the nourishment that you deserve. People need a break, once in awhile to celebrate birth and life, and childhood and bliss. There must be a change for everything we are used to do. We don't need crime, foolishness, tardiness, and hatred. We don't need those. We don't need people who don't appreciate, who don't care, who don't understand because those are not helping us become who we really are. They will never understand, they will never listen, they just stay there and be like a statue, no ears no tears no feelings no mercy. People don't need those luggage in their lives. We can learn but we can't expect, they just exasperate our being.

We can be who we want to be. We can do what we want to do. We can be the master of our own destiny. People should no lock themselves, we must believe we are free. It only takes courage to step up and be different among the others. There is always a way to become better and fuller. People do not need to hide at the back of other people's shadow. We have a role to fulfill. People must learn to seek their own happiness and satisfaction. If not happy then you cannot be satisfied, people must find own happiness to be satisfied.

We do not tie ourselves to commitment we cannot stand. In the end all who are involved will suffer. There are instances that we must not quit, but there are also times that we should end it all. People needs space to realize what really matters. We need to view it from the top to see if we are still doing what we are ought to do in this lifetime. We can make mistakes, but we must find a way to not do it often, because we just waste our lives to nonsense. Let's enjoy life. Yes it is not easy, it's always a struggle, happiness is what you make the most of your life. Happiness is the essence of our well being, the core reason why we chose to live for the next day, we must not waste our time to cling on things that we are no longer happy of. Life is happy.

If happiness is wine then drink. If happiness is bed then take a slumber on it. If happiness is music then sing. If happiness is a piece of paper & pastel colors then draw. People should not frustrate themselves to try hard, we just need an open mind to accept who we are and what we are capable of doing, we can celebrate our talents and be happy that we have them. People have their own strengths and weaknesses, we just need to embrace those. We don't need to be somebody else. We have our own path, our own destiny. We do not imitate someone else dream, because we may never be satisfied and may never be happy. Again life is happy, we might forget and loose it, that is why we need to step back and realize we can choose to live it.

Some happy people may not live long, but they live it well, 4 times better than those who pretend to be living life they wanted. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The haircut

It was yesterday that Gorio decided to take his haircut. Normally he waits for quite sometime to cut his hair off, 2 months in a minimum. In that case his hair is thickening. He has tail on the lower back left side, that grow fast. We wanted it to be removed, as well as the bangs that made it really hard for him to style using his gel.

After meeting with my derma, we went to Les Pappu, but it was closed in an ODDLY manner. There was a sign that says welcome, but the door was locked. To think that it is inside the mall, and it's weekday. Any way having no luck for the barber, we tried to look for others, we saw Express Barber's cut. Gorio, doesn't liked it, he said the barber might know only one cut that is, barber's cut. Finally we ended up with David's Salon. We took the nuisance, much younger as compered to other senior
hair stylist.

Well, his style totally rocks(lol). I mean it, it is too awesome, I told Gorio, you can look that pala, we should have had those cuts before! Imagine Jay Cuenca, Piolo Pascual and Gerard Anderson. He nailed it. I was too overwhelmed that I must say ang pogi mo naman! hahahaha!

The sylist, applied dough on his hair, you guessed, we went to bench and bought the same dough he used. Smells good! Going back to the haircut, I told Gorio to always go to David Salon, it's totally worth the bucks :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

The day that ends it all

Hi guys,

This is my last day in Accenture as I will be facing new adventures outside.
I want to thank all of you who made me who I am,a better and stronger person. I want to thank all my leads who have been understanding and supportive, as well as my peers who have been helpful in developing my technical skills. All I can say is THANK YOU, this is such a great learning experience, growing with you, facing challenges each day and all the fun times we shared together, I will definitely definitely miss those!

To my special friends, I will miss the starbucks days, but I'm positive that I'll still receive an invite from you guys. :)

Thank you KMAD-KX and Groups Team for making this journey worth while.

Au Revoir! Till next time..
This is Frances Enriquez..Now signing off...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Failure is not an option, I don’t like it, but I needed it. In fact, when failure strikes a hundred fold, I believe once you overcome it, the victory ripple comes five times of it. I appreciate the words Happy & Satisfied much better when I first encounter Adversity. It’s always during the moment I am in my lowest that strength, patience & understanding characteristics mature. When there are problems, I pray hard and look for signs, if things will get better sooner. It’s when I wait for the things to happen, that it seems it’s taking too long to just make it happen..!
It’s like a farmer, you plant and toil. You cannot force the plant to bear fruit if it’s not its season. Yet in the right time you'll harvest, you need to be patient. There are conditions in life that requires lead time for contingency plan, and there are some that shouldn’t be put on hold. I found myself creating new perspective when shattered with all the problems. I change. In the end, God provides more than what you asked of. Because, you deserve what you get. Always.
Failure – I don’t like, but is needed in whatever aspects in life to keep me grounded, stronger, wiser, better.
Happy – :)
Satisfied – when I reached the Happy state

Victory – like winning a marathon, with conviction & perspiration =)
Adversities – jumbled worries
Lowest poiNt – I’m at my worst state; I cry a lot in my lowest point; I pray hard that God will take it away
Strength – I get my strength from God.
Patience & Understanding – not overwhelmed with unfortunate events.
Force – (-) pushy, wanting, needing something to happen badly sooner
(+) unseen energy that conspire the universe to give you all you want
Wait – if it’s reasonable it requires you to wait, if there’s no point JUST LEAVE

Deserve – your life your rule your style, in the end you are what you ought’a be.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 1: Tea MAG not for Anemic

I am starting again to drink tea before bed time. This is my initiative to loose weight and achieve atleast 110 lbs. before end of year 2010.

Today I bought a Star Studio magazine to sneak on Robin & Marielle's secret wedding. Pictures are good, India looks great, Marielle's pretty, Robin's real good looking guy and that's it. I did not read it yet, I just wanted to see the pictures and how good they look. Any way, the other side of the story goes to the celebrity ball. Almost everybody's thin or skinny or anorexic. Obviously I viewed what I can relate to, beauty.. What is beauty for pinay celebrities? By default they are thin... I guess women can achieve their best figure when there are curves and lines that emphasize their body structure. I'm pretty much convinced that if I gave a little more effort to achieve that figure I can nail it before expiry date. Looking back at the mag, it pretty much encouraged me to get back on track, as much as it terrified me. All I need is a decision and hell lot of guts to stand by it by hook or by crook. Just by the thought of it kills me, diet, exercise & tea..

Tea is actually not good for me since I am anemic. I researched it & the studies showed that tea actually prevents the iron absorption of the blood. That is why I keep it on a minimal. I eat prunes & iron supplement just incase tea intake has huge impact.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

He loves you more

When I'm tired he holds me tight and tell stories.
When he's tired I hug him tight.

When he's happy he treats me somewhere expensive.
When I'm happy, I cook for him.

When I'm not in good shape, I blame him.
When he is to blame, he'd rather not talk about it.

When i'm mad, he keeps silent and gives me flower.
When he's mad, I'm mad too.

When I say I hate him, he'll say I love you.
When he says he hates me, I must be dreaming. ---xoxo