Monday, April 30, 2012

Juan and His iPhone

4.30.12 Monday 33deg. (MNL,PHL)
It was 8 am in Manila enveloped in 31 degrees Celcius, scorching hot humid temperature. I was in a shuttle going to Makati for work. I wore those polarized shades to lighten the impact of ever gleaming sun. I sat between two gentlemen and I can feel their sweat in both my arms, so I tried moving away from the chair... When the shuttle is near RCBC building, I noticed the man beside me, wearing slippers and holding his iPhone. I can tell he's working in Makati, because he dressed like going to office, just that he wore slippers...
Then I saw in him "Juan". A Filipino influenced by American hip. This is a story that could mean a lot...

excerpt from google image

Could it make a difference if we purchase imported goods and commodities? How does it change us?
Sometime ago, Juan was raised with slippers, but not with iPhone. What can it possibly make Juan?
Point of view of United States of America
1.) Influx of US capital
2.) Increase of US profit
3.) US gain
4.) Increase of US popularity
5.) Profit gain to Apple
6.) Partly Increase employment in US
7.) Investment on US R&D
8.) To Influence
Point of view of Juan
1.) Positive Popularity among peers
2.) Loss of capital
3.) Budget Loss
4.) sky scraper Ego
5.) upbeat to technology
6.) Influenced

Is Juan born to showoff? Even if patronizing imported goods would mean collapse of identity and culture distraction? Juan is capable to invent, create and influence.. But why not start? 

I stand by Juan, I believe he can. It's just that, for me it is difficult to wait amidst Juan's clattered thoughts... 
But he can decide and make a difference. Someday.