Monday, August 25, 2014

Just Married . . .

Ahh remember the days we wander as singles? Not to mention those nights we stroll along Makati for a perfect cup of coffee and a nice emo talk? About love, relationships and anything under the sun.. Ohh the instagram! Yes the instagram moments we had in every shops we dine hahaha, not bothered even if we look like timangs infront of madlang people.. Those days I will forever cherish bruu!
I just want you to know that you have played a huge part in my life. When the days are doomed and the skies are dark you're like DUH ahhaha! And everything feels so lite and normal again.. Nothing complex with you around, that's the BEST part of it.
I hate to admit that you have been an inspiration (a big sister I didn't have), that made me do boring exercises and made me bought condo. HAHA 
Thank you for being a sister bruu. Im really thankful to God that amidst the unexpected time and place we met, and look how our friendship grows.. to the garbage char!

And now that you are no longer in the pool of singleness, which I must say buti nga hahaha
Akin nalang sila, kaso di naliligo #ayunlang
Thanks to Dwight, he saw the best in you. You see, it's rare for a man to see what's within not just your b.. lam na. Although kasama na din yun. HAHA
I must say his intentions are not sugar coated but real.
I love it when you call each other mahal and you giggle a lot!!! Which is a very good sign. Move over boring couple!
I wish not for you, but for me hahahah sana ako ren pag dating ng araw. #lordpatawad

I know this will be a good start for a new chapter of your life with your mahal :)
Keep making babies, and continue to spread the love in God's will :)
But don't forget ako parin ang bruha sa buhay mo bwahahah!

Love you bruu and D! <3 font="">


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Boy oh boy

Out of all the compliments, this I love the most.
Why? First because I don't have any idea about FAST, and yet the subject matter expert assumed I am his offshore counterpart. And lastly he's Jason - the smart ass, handsome build engineer. Perfection haha!

Can you teach me something else?