Monday, September 23, 2013

Guess Im Bored

today i browsed huffington post, there was an article about micheal douglas thanking her estranged wife, zeta with a hope of seeing his son in prison. It mentioned his son will be imprisoned until 2018.
It dawned to me, hey 5 more years? What am I, living outside jail but feeling trapped! I need to do something to not feel like im behind the bars.

Im here in my room not in the office, contemplating shit. Why? Go figure.
Im typing and I can feel my left pinky hurts, I just cut the nails and the skin ripped off. Now it's swollen, dang.

My dogs got empty pellet, so I have to run errands, with my youngest sib. Intermediate classes was cancelled this morning due to torrential rain fall. This is a random thought of a bored person, bored but sane.. So I thought.. But I know Im not.. Who's kidding me?

This is me waiting to be someplace else, where amusement reign and magic happens. But I guess waiting is not the thing, I have to act. I remembered some time ago i did act, so I get results and look what Ive become - boring.. woohoo! This is a realization, that sometimes you think you are but you're not, so it's time to admit you're wrong and just move on. Next time I better damn do it right - for now I have to play it cool.

earlier I watched New Girl, just wanna quote Nick here:
"You should be with someone crazy about you, Jess."

Wow, that's a thought. Well I guess Im not selling myself short.
Just like sticking to the original plan, if there is none of that kind of guy, then I guess I'll be good at being on my own.

And that's why Im preparing for a new place and a ticket to Paris baby! Hell yeah, like Harvey always say "I dont have dreams, I have goals." That's mahman!
And to all the drama, shove it up your A! Im done wicha~!

Ooh smells delish, gtg! HAAAAAAAAAA

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


my photo the last time we're together haha , last naaaaaaaa goodthing wla kang blog jusme. smitten!