Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

Dec 31, 2016

Today, New Years Eve, before the day parts with 2016 let me reminisce my life's major ups and downs.

To those days where everything seemed never ending nightmare, which is even hard to believe thats whats happening to me and it's my reality, fuck you - just want to tell you that you showed the other side of me that I wasnt aware Im capable of in the first place.

Circumstances dragged me to do things beyond my will and comfort zone. It made me feel numb, and made it look like it's my new normal. Like facing my demons, unclothing me shamelessly infront of the people I care less about. I felt like I cant even trust my own words anymore, Im like a complete trash. 

Deep down, there's a voice saying words like youre here for a greater purpose and you dont just get stuck in moments like this. And I know, even if I struggle every freaking day to follow the voice, I know what to do. Days gone by fleeting and let me tell you this I have given up so many times and tried to make days better but you know luck is not on my side which seemed like "kumunoy" the more I struggle the more I drown. There came a time when all I got is pray, pray even more, pray harder like literally begging Jesus for mercy. What do you expect, God it's all about timing right?

Now let me tell you another side of the coin, before the year ends I want to thank God for letting me go thru that tiny hole to fit in with all my might - I realized that somethings are meant to happen , things we dont feel like we deserve, things we despise, we hate we never wish or ever imagine our selves getting into but it has lessons that marks your entire being. It gives purpose on a higher level.

You may end up crying but with a fulfilled heart. That you helped the people you loved most and it's not about what can you acquire those material things there's no real happiness in there. It's by connecting, understanding and being in the shoes of people that you wouldn't even imagine exist.
Doing something to contribute and change their way of living for the greater glory of God. It's about of peace of mind and healthy heart. It's about Love - True Love.

Lord, Jesus Christ is really my savior in times when I needed him most he wont answer because - there's still more to learn. He saves me in his time, in his will that nobody can ever know or no body can ever stop. It's unstoppable. 

Thank you for all the blessing Lord, good or bad - in the end it is all about the GOOD. I now have a genuinely happy heart. THANK YOU!


Monday, December 26, 2016


Hon if youre reading this Im proud of you.
Please do your job the best way you can so we can have a trip to Dubai all expense free.

I just want to start the day with breakfast in bed, morning sky dive, eat lunch at Burj Khalifa and end the day in suite with romantic view of Atlantis, The Palm (or whatever it's called) and a bottle of pinot wine in my seethru pj's... And ofcourse rape you with all my heart.

your gangster wife

Someone's X's Lengthy Blah

Just read a blog and I cant help but comment..

I don't know, it feels weird reading someone's x's lengthy blah, but kind of gratifying so what the hell.

Maybe you're kind of young the time you wrote it where everything seems to fall apart and yet you still hang on in your relationship, but touche when I was your age I was kind of a "man-hater" to the point where i don't look nor speak to them, like they are meant to ruin my future something like that. So I get no BF since birth, but then now I realized I wasted my youthful years to kiss so many yummy frogs.. So what I want to emphasize is don't blah about guys that much you girl, there's so many fish in the ocean. This applies to young and young at heart.

You love him, he totally get it so why you being so sweet when he's pain in the ass? I suggest you ruin his life for a day, like holler the spirit out of him kind of stuff and get a life.

I totally agree, now that I experience long term relationships, that sometimes you end up giving so much to a guy that somehow makes you feel less - well depending on the level of maturity let me tell you this, you are not obliged to give more of what you have and you only feel less when he doesn't meet your expectations. Damn girl don't be hard on yourself just let him be. Keep your rules and your beliefs in life, hang on to it like a monkey on a banana tree.
Change for the better, don't be selfish, and don't think lagi kang naiisahan. Relationship is give and take, it's about compromise. But being shunga is a different story.

I suggest you help him become what he's meant be, probably he don't know what he wants too and it's your problem girl BF mo na e haha!
Guys are good follower you know (well if they love the girl).
He would want to be a better man because of you, remember that. You figure out what needs to polish then if "nah,can't do" then time to walk away. 
Don't fuzz about problem like it's the end of the world, if he makes you feel bad about yourself damn girl slap him in the face and leave. But if he's worth the ride, still don't fuzz about the issues because they are meant to strengthen relationships. The thing is know which one is worth for keeps.
Relationships without issues are problematic too, it's plain and boring.
I prefer a bit more edgier, char!. Well again it depends on you I like challenges I'm Aries kasi.

Just don't loose control of yourself over a guy. control him instead lalo na kung gago haha, if he cant be tamed and you cant even run wild with him then time to kiss him goodbye.
Wag kang profess ng profess ng love sa net then all you get is sorry the f is that? Wag tanga please, if you ask me why you not feeling lucky in relationships is because feelingera ka kase - dont baby talk him! He's old enough be your man, he suppose to know his role. All you do is compare career and love that you can't be lucky enough on both at the same time? Well that's true if you believe it. 

I hope you read my blog cause the answer is NO.

You can genuinely be happy on both worlds. You don't have to give up career or lovelife. They are significantly important to me, so I work double time to improve and cultivate and nourish to flourish my life as a whole. So maybe you can do that, and stop acting hopeless romantic you either fold your sleeves and dig in on dirt or not.

Lady Boss 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Yesterday's Blessing

Since Feb 24, 2016 (Wed) Im blessed beyond belief, he had JO haha
Two days after, here we are still living our simple life. Movie marathon!

Hon, I love you for who you are and what you have become.
We may have a rough start but Im sure it's worth the ride.
Everyday we learn about being a part of each other, how we differ yet fits together.
Never ending trials that seems impossible to solve, but in the end always find ourselves eating our favorite meal together. :)
I guess, this is what life is about..
Loving a person not just in their shining moment but in their weakest hours as well.
Being able to express ourselves without reservations.
Being happy without regret.

Fran <3 p="">