Monday, August 27, 2012

The First Man Who Landed on the Moon

I remember my Dad calling me in from outside. He sat me down in front of the TV and simply said “Watch this. It’s history in the making.”
I was 7.
I just sat there and watched in awe. Later, I went outside and looked at the Moon feeling incredibly inspired to want to fly."

August 25, 2012 at 8:27 pm 

Thank you Sir Neil Armstrong for inspiring youth, to soar high 
defying gravity against the odds...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

You Rock My World

If I am gonna be single for the rest of my life, I dont care!
Im gonna be rich and famous and accomplished!
I will wear stiletto, 4 inch heels and dress that rock.
I will paint my lips pink or red or maybe nude color like beige.
I will buy my own pad.
I will drive my own car.
I will travel the world and explore!
I will wear my favorite lingerie.
I will wear bikinis and two piece.
I will dance in moonlight!
I will sing my heart out.
I will eat with no restrictions.
I will maintain my physique.
Your attention is not my concern. Thank you for applaud! Means you have a good taste haaa!

Should I end up alone? Ofcourse not, I am surrounded by loves, for as long as time is running, bliss is the only name of the game. No more dependent to opposite sex. No more worries, no more exceptions, no more boundaries, no more pretenders. Love is just around, so I believe. It will come when it is right. I only wish that if one comes along, may it be right or wrong, should I learn from you to be the best version of me.

But ofcourse dear, if you only knew... You rock my world. BIG :)


The Word Sweet was Originally Derived from Sweat

went to sm yesterday for year long Globe plan. Effing plan, here is why:
1.) Three weeks ago, I did passed all requirements and was informed that they, Globe personnel, call me for status after a week. So I waited until the second week. No phone call received.
2.) A week ago prior again to initial submission of requirements, I went back to check on it. Apparently the queue's too long. While bored waiting, there was this one guy, or should I say gay, so pissed off. He was like number 20+ in line, and all those came before him was called, apparently they went away.. When it was his turn, he raged disgust to Customer Service Representative. Who would contest? The service is, sorry for the word, sloooow. Are they all nuisance? Like the learning curve turned upward, so now it's called Learning vertical? Darn! When twas my turn, I simply asked, ANYARE? Chos. Wouldn't act reserved for that matter, just questioned them why wouldnt they call or update me? "Can we use the company address for billing address", so she said... OFCOURSE! whatever you want! Why didnt you call me?! Lame reason to stop processing application right? OMG.
3.) Yesterday, I went back. They need a billing address! WHAT???!! It was guard who informed me, so I was kind of pissed cos the personnel incharge was inside, I asked him to call the person, I want to talk to her! So he called her...When she came out of the cave(effin') I told her, I went here just a week ago you guys told me you just need to know my billing address right? So I said you can just send it to my office. And then you can proceed to process the application. What now?!..So then she explained they needed some papers to prove that it is my current address. Any ID with my address on it. So I went home, got PCCI letter, NBI, COE etc. When I got back, the guard yet again submitted it and went inside the cave(effin'!!!), after a minute he showed up. He said The PCCI is okay however it's dated 2011. You know what I said?! HAA! "T@*ng#na nakakairita na ha.." Then he was shocked, I was too but what to do?! So I asked him patiently, can you call that girl again??.. Then again he went inside. When he got back, he said kindly wait ma'am she's coming out...While waiting, I checked the PCCI letter, I was thinking, she asked for the billing address but not specifically the date it was sent. Besides the NBI clearance was encoded last August 3,2012. So I went back to guard, "please advice the girl why it took her so long, besides she did not even reviewed the documents, like NBI". Guard said "hindi naman po ako yung nag evaluate sila po, paki intay na lang po".. He has a point infairness, well I was really consumed by anger, felt my head was like on fire. When she got out, mind you it was a different girl.. She said they cannot accept NBI, and the PCCI letter was dated 2011. I said, what?? She asked for it not being specific about the date, and now it's the next requirement? Nakakaloka kayo! She then said, if you like po we can use your Company address as billing address?" Oh my God, it was in COE letter which was submitted early on!!! They already acquired the request all along... Then I said, please do so without further comment. Then she said no more black iPhone, they only have white ones. So I agreed without further arguing, should I wait if air changes direction their statement might change as well. I decided right then and there to take the white iPhone 4S. They might notice my new company and it is IT Consulting, they require CC if you are in that kind of industry. When I applied for plan (before I resigned) I declared Vestas as manufacturing firm so I need no CC as term of payment. I dont have CC, I cut my HSBC!! And it's really hard to apply for one, even if your salary is spiking high! For all they care...

So going back after long wait, Smart phone you're mine now. Unlisurf, tethering and all that rocks! woot! I still need CC to dl apple apps. Give me CC number and call me maybe?! And to that, I rocked the phone on Eastwood for dinner date. Kaloka, we had celebration for acquiring it and not the phone itself (cos iPhone 5 is coming out). I had Strawberry Shortcake of Mary Grace,sweet!

Well at least the story didn't ended with pissing me off, but mission accomplished!


When in rocky roads, when pushed with willing heart, you will run into pavement at some point. So keep pushing!! I-Push mo yan! Diba if you are not working hard for it then it is really not that important simply because you did not sweat your armpit on achieving it. Simple things are good, but hard things were really the ones that leave mark. Kase pag hindi mahirap bale wala lang. So better chase the rocky roads at first so that later on you'll appreciate outcome the more! Iba na pinaghirapan no! And one thing I learned, It's really the hardest things in life that brings meaning to it, patience and persistence to adhere adversities along the way is the key to success. So why love simple things when it only requires easy way, I think applicable lang sila sa mga materialistic, math problems and coding. But hey all those simple optimal solutions were actually derived from complex, looong formulas and codes. Simple forms were formulated from complex equations right Einstein? HAHA! 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have to Care Less About People and Start to Listen to Yourself.

What are we in this world?
I was born in year 1985. When I was little, I use to draw princesses, houses and farm. To draw a dog was really a challenge, I always end up with a monster like figure which is why it wasn’t my favorite subject. Ironic though, it has now become my favorite pet.. Dog.
I sneak outside, making sure no one is around then I run as fast as cheetah can race to be with neighboring friends. I play out in field, we dug holes, enter in nipa hut unsolicited. We live near the river Marikina. During that time it has farm with plenty of live stocks, farm paraphernalia and bamboo. We rarely experienced flood as compared today where it has gone up the houses ceiling. Going back, it was always afternoon attempt , the katiwala made us finish our lunch then prepare beddings for afternoon siesta. I didn’t like nap, to play outside is a must, so I sneak. Me and my sister, used to take nap. And when she’s asleep I open my eyes to check the vicinity and then swoosh off to play.

I remembered even with the sun scorching hot I didnt bother  running habulang taya with playmates. But look what it made today, I was na├»ve then, now it is a risk to go out without sunblock or umbrella. How arte, but hey that’s how kids mature. We grow up, make believe that when we were children we don’t care. We were less arte, sensitive and more of go getter without paying attention to consequence. I think I only have one goal and I made sure to get it. But as grown up, I begin to have lots of options and priorities and plans, that might have messed up a bit the thing I wanted the most. And as the time goes by, I begin to develop the art of multitasking, doing all things at once. Amidst all these, I try remember what am I here for? What do I really want? How can I get it? That one thing I wanted the most has drown through time.
Before I frustrate myself of finding the thing I want most, I wander for the meantime.
Searching for the right path, the right people to be with, the right words, the right place to soon satisfy this longing soul. I always remind myself about the child I once were, not afraid of being caught by katiwala, or being scolded by mom. Sometimes what I need is to listen to inner voice and to care less about people's thoughts or opinion. For they build their own and I was made to build my own too.To live the life I was made for is the ultimate search. Maybe this search is unending, maybe the learning experience will end only when mind stop thinking. Yeah, the search for life is on...

Let’s wander.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Come Alive

time apart..
You and I are different.
I spent summer by the beach.
You spent it home alone.
I eat yogurt.
You eat steak.
I never got tired shopping.
You are always excited with gadget.
I waste money.
You dont.
I give importance to my craft.
You give attention to your hobbies.
I buy my own stuff.
You buy your own.
I was not happy, I tell you....
You seemed happy, you wont tell me..
Lies sprung out through time.
A cruel smile, a sarcastic laugh, a fight for life.
Time apart
is a must.
For it is a waste
to last a lifetime.
To be apart 
for a lifetime
is all we need 
to come

Sharepoint 2010 : MLL for Most Loved Lssons..

Lesson #1: Workflow settings for Document Library Setting (with the use of Visual Studio 2010)

Lesson #2: How to increase file size
Go to central Admin, Go to Manage Web Application, Select webapp, Go to General setting, change file size limit

How to see all site. You can open the SP Designer then open site. You can see the list of sites.
Lesson #3: Create Workflow using SP Designer
First Create a LIST (List > create Item on list > create columns on items)
On LIST – you create an Item
On LIBRARY – you create a document
How to create custom workflow:
Example is using the Announcement List and creating a new Document Library.
·         Create document library entitled “SP2010”
·         Set the property of the doc library
·         Then navigate to this Document Library “SP210”
·         After navigating to “SP2010” go to Library on Tools found on ribbon.
·         Then open it on SP Designer.
·         You can see that there are Global Workflow that are reusable.. There are also options on ribbon for List Workflow, Reusable workflow and Site workflow.

·         Create a List Workflow, Select Announcement.
·         Create a name for the List workflow. OK.
·         Type Create (and press enter to see the choices)
·         Create List Item, then click on the link

·         Select current list (because you already opened the SP Designer via “SP2010”)

·         Create Body for instance
Save, publish workflow

xxoxo fran <3 i="i">

Friday, August 17, 2012

Page cannot be found. @$sH0|3!!!

It is rainy day 15th of August, the day India celebrates their Independence and my second week in Headstrong. I headed to office first thing’s I checked on my colleague to access http://name> /pages/default.aspx and it is also PAGE cannot be found. I’m relieved.
I’m now proceeding to training…

SharePoint 2010 Server Installation

August 14, 2012
Meanwhile in the office...

Installation of Sharepoint 2010 in my local machine was enticing so I stayed in the office until past 9 PM. Here are my favorite activities:
·         Install SP2010.. Whoops stop! We still have prerequisites and dependencies!
·         Need to upgrade from 2007 to 2010 MS apps – so I called helpdesk the day before for installation, so after lunch I have them all installed on my machine.. Finally moving along.
·         Windows 7 check, 64-bit check, 4GB check (why my iPad’s 16GB and it’s getting slow)
·         Run all the .msi, .msu but the rest are not in shared folder. Where to find? Dev server. Server’s down! GREAT! Laters alligaters. Moving forward..
·         Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Almost. Looking into Programs, SQL2008 Management Studio is not listed! I ordered it but they said I have to install it myself. GHAAA!
·         So I ran SPServer.exe and extracted it..
·         Run prerequisites like Microsoft filterpack 2.0 (FilterPack.msi), Microsoft Syc framework, SQL server Native Client (already in SQL server 2008 R2), Windows Identity foundation (Windows6.1-KB974405-x64.msu), Chart Controls(MSChart.exe), webdeployment setup (webdeploymentsetup.msi) and the one left in server SQL Server Analysis Services (SQLSERVER2008_ASADOMD10.msi)
·         I have to download Windows Identity foundation, Chart Controls, web deployment setup on Micrsoft Site, cannot wait for the server to go up.
·         Then setup Windows Feature (On/Off). Check all activities that apply.
·         For installation, I changed the configuration of config.xml (located where the files were extracted)..
·         Then from the folder where I extracted files, I run the setup.exe then, Product key Token was asked. I have to choose from 3 choices in Appendix so I disturbed my seatmate, which one? And he doesn’t remember, we asked seatmate 2 and voila! Then after that I left them chatting.
·         This is a standalone single server installation, then I rebooted.
·         BUT WAIT! Sharepoint Products configuration Wizard was my dilemma.
·         After I rebooted, Sharepoint Products configuration Wizard cannot proceed because of my SQL server 2008 R2. So I set it up! Hhuhuhuh
·         It cannot proceed because all the features were disabled. I wonder why.
·         Ofcourse google to the rescue. It says there, those features are already installed in SQL server. So no biggies. The problem now is why it always prompts to configuration error?????
·         I googled it again, but forums did not help. They’re heading to different topic. So I decided to play with it….
·         This time, I set aside the Installation Guide.. I checked the config file and yeah, it’s ok.. I tried to run the Central Admin, but my Site is not yet created, it needs to run first the darn Wizard to create a SQL and Site. So I open SQL server wizard, complete installation and rebooted.
·         Then I re-run the Sharepoint Products configuration after like 4 attempts, VOILA! It progressed and mind you it didn’t stop on step3! HAHA! IE miraculously open my new Publishing site!
·         Then I checked there’s, SQL2008 Management studio WHOA!
·         Then I installed SharePointPlatformSDK.exe and SharePointDesigner.exe
·         Question: Why I don’t have http://name> /pages/default.aspx instead we have http:///default.aspx..

So there, experienced rummaged down fingers to keyboards, where the click clack sound's unstoppable. No time was wasted, no time for boredom, only twittered for times when it get so thrilling. Tweets were purely work related, so most followers did not understand that, i guess so, i dont care...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Work Schedule Commandments

Second Day

I was absent!! Nobody replied to my emails huhu. Im so guilty, what can I do? Rain's a b!tch!!
It pours non-stop all day! House's flooded.. sigh.. Much worst than Ondoy.

Please Lord, stop the rain. :'(
Tomorrow's a new day, hoping for a better one...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Day

Im thrilled to announce it's my first day at tandadadan... HS! You guess.
However I cannot override security settings to access my webmails! Atleast there's twitter :)
Will try to install skype when I get my admin account.
Ugh rain all day...

Monday, August 6, 2012

What 'it' Taught

There were days I cried. 
Days I was foolish to search for answers I might regret to know in the end.
Those were the days...
Those experiences opened my mind to a whole new perspective. I found meaning to everything I do, even the little things that was not usually acknowledged before.
I drew closer to God, when I was weak He made my heart brave.
I realized this is about growth and maturity everyone has to go through. These changes taught me lessons to become a better person. It made me stronger and wiser. 

At some point I experienced lost and defeat. I struggled and pray more often that ever.
The feeling of grievance, dismay and disappointment combined together created a wound so deep it cannot be healed overnight. I took the hard blow and was caught off guard. It felt unfamiliar there was no guide handbook, no people around to explain what the hell was this about. And there I was, thinking. Praying. Until one day, it all made sense...

I learned to accept the fact that in order to grow I need to leave those I cannot bear to live, those I cannot tolerate and those foreseen as burden in future. As I grew older I leaned toward the  most prioritized goal. I get to choose what I want most and work for it. I invest more time to be with people with the same interest, goal and affection. Now I am in the process of learning to love a person without expectations and commitment. In love, I do away to decisions that may jeopardize his own purpose of living. That way we build boundaries and earn respect to our individuality. I believe the most important building blocks in relationships are Trust and Respect. In God's time, when decisions are ready to unfold things will work out fine.

Issues will never run out. So in order to overcome act like a bamboo were it sway and bends to great winds. People become tough in times like these. We become more of ourselves when thrown to adversities. Life is not always about winning, what matters most is the process of finding yourself a midst the hardships.
Defeat.Grief.Acceptance.Peace.Strength.Will.Drive.Achieve.Purpose = Happiness :)

Sanity my friend (crazy out, sane inside)
Stay right on track.
xoxo Fran

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Man Oh Man!

What girls should be reading to prepare for the worst case scenario.
Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man
Truth: Men are driven by who they are, what they do, and how much they make. These 3 things make up the basic DNA of manhood. Until man has achieved his goal in those 3 areas, the man you're dating, committed or married to will be too busy to focus on you.
Why Men Marry Bitches
I learned from that book that though shall not give a lot of attention to men especially during the early stages of courtship. A girl should not exert too much effort to show a man how great she is as "girl-friend-to-be".
I learned that I should keep my fix-it inside my boudoir and not show it to a man, that will leave him a tinge of curiosity he'd die to know.
Let's just leave them guessing, that way girls become irresistible.
Bitches are not boring. We are not sorry for being smart, funny and driven. 
We just know what we want. It's like "consider it done".
#bitch = #girlpower


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hard to Find Stuff

I want GARMIN FORERUNNER 610! It's no where to be found. So I asked pa and friends across the globe, how much and we will see if it is cheaper than pieces sold here in Philippines. OMG this runner's watch has all the features from footpod for distance, calories count, heart rate, GPS and the likes. I was really interested about it that's why I want to buy, though size is huge considering it has wide screen ( touch screen! plus point!), it looks awfully cute on meee! :P

Late this evening I watched some random television show, then I caught this girl holding a red box while mentioning chocolate. Then she said she used to play it with mom.. I was like, errr.. What? Finally she drew closer to the story and it was a scrabble with goodies! Then I searched it on Google found about HASBRO SCRABBLE - CHOCOLATE EDITION. I want to purchase one. However  feedback was it's hard to find. Ugh. 

Let the search begin!
Fran ;)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Scatter Strip

Farewell Vestas

Today is my last day in Vestas.
I want to thank friends,colleagues.. Especially my teammates, Microsoft Support..
And the gifts, MG Cakes and letters from da heart :) SB GC 700bucks din yun! thanks!
Parang wanted lang...