Saturday, August 31, 2013


feels like gravity
tempting but
maybe next time.



It is fascinating
how things turn out
in the long run.

For the past years
I enjoyed the travel,
adventure and company.
I also learned few things
worth remembering.

That happy moments
may not linger for long.

That pain is a must
to see how far I can go.

That being lonely never
last, but I personally
allow myself to stay
a little more
for there is depth and meaning
in there.

For some reason
I find clarity in this kind of
The feeling of
"how can anything go
wrong with this?"

So I care less about
the things that
doesnt concern me.

In sadness, well ironically,
I found myself.

I learn about letting go.
An excruciating process
well, I kind of like the craziness.

I thank God
for these opportunities
that for some may not
even pull up their
sleeves and get
dirty in mud.
Well, not literally.

But I get to enjoy the
ride. For the fruitful years
together. Celebrating
life in its grand.
And for letting go
of even the most
precious things
I had.

I know there  must
be some good
reason to all these.

I always pray to God, that somehow one day He will reveal to me the one. Whom I can say
Thank you this must be the ultimate reason of letting go. The man who will vow before You, that I am the only one that he could ever ask for in this lifetime. Who is faithful and understanding of me even at my worse. We will forever stand by each other, through thick and thin. That everything is spontaneous and effortless, and we will be truthful with each other. We will laugh like hayenas and dance in moonlight. And we will be madly inlove for the rest of ourlives...


Sunday, August 18, 2013


Today I had stomach cramps, I have mens eww. I crave for sweets! So Faye, Doy and I went to eastwood later this saturday afternoon and had dinner at pho hoa. Then we bought some truffle cake, black velvet and tiramisu cake slices at mary grace. Then we cap the night at Starbucks, Doy got his first SB card. Well we dropped by JCo for the kids and Watsons for nail polish...

So anyway,,, well by the way Mai just got home with Ysabel from Taylor Lotner?? err Jacob from Twilight meet and greet... So there going back, here is the highlight for today. Well I had searched for some interesting stuffs and here's what ive found:
- Elvis Died Aug 17, 1977, he's 42 dies alone in his mansion due to heart attack. He has twin brother who died at birth.
- There are no historical records for brutal murder about St Bridget students, therefore I assume the stories from our teacher is just for the sake of making us believe that there's still something interesting about her subject or her existence. Any way...
- I searched for first blogs like love, lust etc and found what year they were created. So lucky they had the luxury to use the simplest words, too bad they werent able to maintain those sites..
Love – 2005
Lust – 2000
Beautiful – 2001
Kind -2002

Horror – 2004

I want to answer this!!
1) Last dream: We bought a house filled with ghost, on guy holding a glass of liquior just went through me, and I was like, "why are you here, who killed you?!"... he disappeared like he shrunk to the floor, the suddenly a sharp glass came running through my feet and cut them, and I was like "I dont mind! who send you here? who killed you?!" whoa!! I am not afraid pf ghost even in dreams!! haha

2) Last car ride:
3) Last kiss: like 6 hours ago. 
4) Last good cry: like hmmm last friday, because somebodys dog died :( 
5) Last Missing Library Book: the myth short story books in elementary,the Egypt history book in highschool and the reader's digest in college.
6) Last movie seen: Pacific Rim
7) Last Book Read: Aleph
8) Last cuss word uttered: taena 
9) Last beverage drank: Novelino wine
10) Last Food consumed: truffle cake
12) Last phone call: papa
13) Last TV show watched: project runway
14) Last Item Bought: coke
15) Last time showered: awhile ago
16) Last shoes worn: hmm last june i think after my right foot was healed. Then after that I never wore shoes again. I wear sandals, slippers
17) Last CD played: hmm..two broke girls I guess but it's blank cd. Apparently Nixon wasnt able to really copy seasons 1&2. Then I got my externalHD.. no more CDs
18) Last downloaded: When a man loves a woman. TORRENT! haha
19) Last annoyance: awhile ago, but nah it doesnt count ... 
20) Last disappointment: uhmmmmm when I drank the entire bottle of coke, not zero :(
21) Last soda drank: COKE!!!
22) Last thing written: COKE!!!
23) Last key used:bin key.. loser
24) Last words spoken: last words spoken
25) Last trip:from boracay with friends :)
26) Last sleep: like 4 AM saturday :)
27) Last IM: do it in the morning. gives you a lotta chance to get a boy.. i said ok NOTED! HAHA (my reply to a friend in viber)
28) Last sexual fantasy: last night.
29) Last time you thought you saw a UFO: like 2012 - where I make believe they exist.
30) Last weird encounter:like today, the mouse is running in and out of the room fuckkkkk
31) Last Store Shopped at: Watsons
32) Last ice cream eaten: Gelato at Vikings
33) Last time amused: like yesterday when someone thanked me for recomending a chocolate in Denmark - Summerbird.. She posted a photo in instagram and thank the person who did recommend it to her - I know it's JUST MEEE! STOKED!
34) Last time wanting to die: like this very moment.
35) Last time in love: hmmmm. long time ago.
36) Last time hugged:hmmm, second week of august by a baby HAHA
37) Last time scolded: today! momma just told me I had to wear looseshorts because I have mens. it caused my cramps! waaa so I just removed it and just wear undies instead lol 
38) Last time resentful: hmmmm I dont remember
39) Last chair sat in: sofa
40) Last lipstick used: H&M lipgloss
41) Last underwear worn: skyblue
42) Last bra worn: babypink 
43) Last shirt worn: white zara shirt, it says try new things with a pug on it wearing a shark's costume haha
44) Last class attended: zumba
45) Last Final taken: final production configuration in production for sharepoint release! my project at work 
46) Last time dancing: 2 nights ago, twerking alone in the room
47) Last poster looked at: the twilight guy, my sister brought when she got home from taylor tonight
48) Last concert attended: maroon5
49) Last webpage visited: coopstrut HAHA


this is like emulating Chimi my golden retriever!
rainy day,8-18-2013(Sunday morning), Manila PH