Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yoga in between work hours!

I took yoga today even if it hurts, I have my period! But it's fun, atleast I'm being productive.
According to our mentor Joanne, the steps were composed of pilates, taichi and yoga. Woa!

Here take a peek to my yoga mat, see that gray thing wrapped in plastic? It's in between my monitors!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Tribute to the Traveller of Space

When I dream and wake up, I sit for a while and try to remember what I just dreamed of.
Most of it I can't remember... Is there a word that can describe that? The thing you want to do but you can't? You just simply can't...

I woke up alone in the dark. 
It felt like I was sleeping for long time now.
I found myself lying on pavement feeling cold, wearing just a pair of pants and a sleeveless.
The surrounding was so quiet, I only hear my breath coming in and out of my lungs.
I reached my hand, saw it was filthy with damaged red fingernails.
I felt heavy, I tried to stretch my back and stand up. My legs are numb, I almost can't feel it. When I managed to stand up, I made my first step. 
The pavement was cold as ice, I wore a very thin pair of pink ballet shoes.
I walked four steps, wobbled like groggy.
I looked around, It felt ethereal. 
The path is hazy, I cannot see clearly where to go.
The fog covered everything my way.
Another three steps forward, I tripped, and felt my broken toe nails.
I sat down, and saw blood stained my pink ballet shoes.
I cried, alas! I can hear my voice. I'm sobbing! 
I tried to shout for help, but to my surprise, I couldn't hear my voice.
Something must've been wrong.
I only hear cry and gasp and sob, but no words came out.
I shouted again "Help!", it was like I'm trapped in a deep well.
No one heard me. Even I can't hear me. I'm muted.
I rest my head to the tree trunk.
Long branches swaying frantically gushed by wind.
I shivered, it seemed I'm sitting for hours but the tears never dried.
Even with the wind blowing.
I wonder how it defies the universe real nature, the property, the element. 
I pitied myself for being so helpless.
The shadows seemed to be watching me from a far.
I was scared, I don't know what to do.
Will I start to stand, walk and run?
Will those eerie creatures come after me?
What do they want?
Will they butcher me, and feed my flesh?
I stood up, and started to walk again with bleeding toe nail.
I don't know where to go, but I kept on walking.
I bumped into a seemingly boulder. It had my knees bleeding to.
I cannot control my legs, my knees fell flat.
I thought someone whisper, I heard it said "come and see".
I don't know what I was thinking but I laughed very hard. 
I said to myself, "why worry, this is just a dream. I will survive. Even for a day." 
I felt stronger, I knew this was just a dream and I'm just sleeping. 
There is no such thing as this. This is insane!

I realized I was lost in oblivion. This is a creation of my full imagination. It's just me and my playful mind. Nothing else. I laughed hard, until something crawled at my back. I tried to shooed it away, but another one crawled on my arms. Suddenly, I wanted to wake up. If this is just a dream, I'm going to die with nightmare. Someone must awaken me. I cried help! I pick-up myself holding on to the rubble. To my surprise it was a tombstone!
RIP Jade Star, a good friend, niece and  daughter. The name sounds familiar, but the creatures taking over my shoulder and back so I got no time to think, I stood up covered my face with shoulders, then I tripped again. The mud made the pavement wet, I tripped for the last time...

Everything went dark... What happened came flashing before my eyes, I cried and smiled.
But mostly I felt sorry and sad for everything. I made my world. And all I ever want to remember is this one day I asked of, to say I love you to my mom and bid farewell.

I now sit in the dark tunnel, with my new found guitar and pair of pink satin ballet shoes.
I have tears that never dries.
I am the shadow I fear long before... Now I understand, everything...
It's just that I will never wake up, ever again...

This is a tribute to Amy Jade Winehouse, 27 years old, died 07/23/2011...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There is Always a First Time

Be free! Become master of your own dream, and so they say.
Don't stray, sing with all your heart.
Dance for all who cares!
To be really happy could happen for awhile, take it even if it means risk!
We live only once, do what you want and fuck the rest.
Let loose, jump mountains high!
Dream big, go someplace you haven't been!
Cry, shout forget others for awhile and think about yourself.
Don't loose grip, believe that success rooted from failure.
Learn things you don't know. Experience the life you wanted. Go farther.
Stretch your arms wide, hold no boundaries.
Wait, everything will take its place in the right time.But wait not too long.
Hug those you love!

Summon challenges, compete! Feel the fruit of your labor. Celebrate your talent.
Kiss your mom & dad. Thank them.
Don't pretend, they will love you for who you really are.
Don't worry, they don't care, and don't mind them be happy!
Live your childhood dream.
Drive with no specific destination, bring someone special to accompany you. Eat exotic food together.
Take pictures, you may never know how long it will leave impressions.
Bring out the best in you, have courage take responsibility.
Get lost & enjoy the ride!
Love not hate.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HP7 review

As promised my review is posted tomorrow's week after that. Haha!

HP7 is epic. If you have not watched it from book 1, no one cares. But it seems like everybody is intrigued of its ending. Even mom who don't know what or who Potter is watched it anyway.

Should I spill? Yeah.. Sure..
Spill the beans...

And so Dumbledore died... Isn't it? I'm back tracking here, hey!
Voldemort stole the most powerful wand owned by non other than Dumbledore.
Why did he do that? It's because he had the twin wand of Harry. It cannot kill its twin, so there Voldemort had to steal. 

The problem is the wand do not obey Voldemort due to its master is still alive.
Relying on his guts, Voldemort ordered Malfoy (the dad) to look for Profeseur Snape. 

Why? Because he believed that Snape was the one who killed Dumbledore. Yes, infact it's true. But since Lord Voldemort plans had so many holes, he overlooked one important piece. It was Malfoy(the white haired kid) who disarmed Dumbledore, before Snape killed him. Suppose to be, Voldemort should've had killed Malfoy instead of Snape. 

Now there was this scene that Malfoy(the white haired kid) tried to get back his wand by confronting Harry. But he's no match, he can't even command his own stick. 
Why did he want to get his stick from Harry? Because a few chapters ago, Harry disarmed Malfoy. So the stick's master is now Harry Potter. To sum it all there are 2 wands who's master is Harry.

Anyway going back, there are 3 horcrux, the tiara, the chalice and Nagini (Voldemort's serpent). If these 3 are destroyed it would be more likely Voldemort would go back to being ash again.

tiara- was destroyed by Harry by fire
chalice- was destroyed by Hermione and Ron, before they kissed
and Nagini was beheaded by Neville.. the one who looked like can never have a gf in the movie, but totally hOt in real life.

And so Snape died (Nagini struck him many times to death, that bitch snake!)

to be continued... (be on yoga for a while..)

Harry watched at the back, saw Snape in silhouette with blood stains.
When Voldemort left, Harry went in and Snape told him to get his tears.

That's when the untold story unfolds.

Snape loves Lilly, Harry's mom. They are childhood sweet heart. But Snape did not confess his love, so there goes Harry's father. Maybe that's the reason why Snape is so eager to make Harry's life miserable when he was student in Hogwarts.

Anyway, when Harry was a little boy (book 1) her mom protected him with a chant, something like be strong take care son, so basically it was all love. But Lilly's fate came to an end when Voldemort killed her. When it was the baby (Harry's) turn to die, all he could ever to do his wand is put a scar on Harry's forehead. And so the boy lived, which made Voldemort frustrated, enough to hunt Harry down until he dies.

It was chaos in Hogwarts, Snape as headmaster was ousted due to the fact that Harry did showed up and McGonagall ordered every member of slitherin to keep out of site. everyone obeyed. Weasley all helped to protect the school, but Voldemort is so strong they can't do anything.

Voldemort somewhat whispered to everyone's ears to surrender Harry, he want Harry to face his fear in the forrest. He wanted to kill Harry, in short...

So there, to stop everything, Harry went there, said he was ready to die.
When he went there, her mother, father, uncle and Ron Weasley's dad appeared before him. He asked them, does it hurt when you die? The uncle replied, it was just like sleeping. And so Harry said, I'm ready to die...  Before Harry went to his executor, his snitch opened, I think it was Dumbledore gave that to him. Then the resurrection stone floated, he just drop it on the floor.

And so he went inside the forest, they were shocked (especially Hagrid who was a captive that time) Hagrid said, Harry are you out of your mind (to that extent)... But again Harry is ready to die. Voldemort, raised his wand and shoot... Harry was swept away. He's dead.

He dreamed of a very bright shinny white place, said it was a kings court?? I dunno... But he saw Dumbledore, he asked who's that slimmy little thing under the white thing (for me obviously it's Voldemort, looked like he shrunk and blood all over the body, he looks like Golum in Lord of the Rings)he asked if they are dead, and if he could come back again. (Some parts are vague so I'll jump) Dumbledore said yes you can choose to go, ride the train something like that... And so after the conversation, we go back to the scene in the forest.
Malfoy the mum, was tasked to check if Harry is really dead, when she was close, she asked Harry, is he alive(meaning his son). Harry shook his head, meaning he's alive and so her son. Malfoy mum told everybody, YES HE IS DEAD.

So the gang went to the school announced Harry's dead. But, Harry rolled over while Hagrid was holding him limp. Everybody was shocked. Some went away from Voldemort's allegiance. Harry fought Voldemort, when everybody is busted, Hermione and Ron was about to get killed by Nigini, fortunately Neville cut its head off. So then Voldemort's last Horcrux was destroyed. He ended up ash.

In the end Harry broke Dumbledore's wand, he didn't want it obviously.
Those who died:
Snape, Weasley father and one twin brother & more casualties of war...

Jinny & Harry get married after 14 years?? Yep I think so.
They had this little son, who was afraid he might be chosen by sorting hat to go to Slytherin. Harry said, don't be afraid, you're named after two great man Albus Severous. The second one came from Slytherin( a man who's not a villain after all) but he can still suggest to the hat if he wanted to go to Griffindor.

TADA! that's all I can remeber. It's worth watching. So eventhough you cannot relate, come and see, you'll be part of a history. Thanks JK. :)

Happy World

What is happiness. 
It is a strong feeling, a sense of freedom. 
It is acceptance and love.
It is dream made into reality. 
For me it's like riding an airplane and landing to a foreign land.
It is running in greenery with flowers bending under my hands when I hover.
Like little waves washing the shore. 
Enjoying mom's company in the afternoon while sitting on a sofa. 
Reminiscing good old memories with friends. 
Sending and receiving palanca letters on high school recollection. 
Reading a book on a quiet evening. 
Giving food to a street children.
Helping a sister what to wear in the office.
Treat family for supper.
Listening to classic music.
Remembering the past, how you survived the trials.
And believing that all you need in life is within your reach.

Smile - we live in a happy world :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Trip to Denmark: Airports!

The aiports vary on the sizes, style, accomodation and ambiance.

PAL, Philipphines:
(crowded airport)

Was the same ever since. Although local flights have the latest facilities unlike those of foreign, where the view is quite old though.

SCHIPOL, Amsterdam:
(going to crowded airport to minimal)

Was huge and basically amazing.
No long lines, everybody is accomodated properly and in no time.
They have this belt machine so that instead of walking you just stand there and get of right off to your nearest platform.
We waited there for almost 45 minutes, our flight was delayed. From PHL we to took the connecting flight from Amsterdam to Billund.

Billund, Denmark:
(from minimal to deserted!)

We arrived 10pm in Denmark, Billund is almost deserted. Almost no passengers boarding in.

Feet off the ground

He who waits and expect a change.
To act is last, to doubt is second, to dream is first.
He who stays in the dark and knows where to find the light.
To be pristine, to condemn and despair.
He who accepts defeat and remain silent.
To give a good fight with no cause and expect none in return.
He who proves nothing to anyone but himself.
To act strong, independent and selfish.
He who marvels to abundance and cover up misfit.
To marvel and dream. To wait and see. 
He who sleeps, is left behind.
To acquaint with life and learn it's lesson in reality not in dreams.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

HP the Last Episode

Later after work I am going to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.
Yes this will be the last episode of HP sequel. I have read the first two books and did not continue with the rest, that's the good thing about the movie I get to watch than read.
Although the first two movies, Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets did not captured some details from the book. Atleast the animation is ok. My reviews about the movie, will post tomorrow :)
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Best Trip to Denmark: The Airline Experience

I have never been outside Asia and I am dreaming of European Tour. I love to travel, to visit countries and experience their culture.
Then I moved in to Vestas, all I knew was new work place, new colleagues, new salary  and new environment. I could not believe my eyes when I had my first Schengen Visa. I went to Denmark this year. Could be the most exciting year of my life so far :)

I want to share my experience about my trip to...

The PAL 

It was quite a busy weekend in Philippine Airlines - most would probably pick the weekend to schedule a flight.
I had gone to a long line for immigration, boarding pass and checked-in luggage. It was a tiny room where everyone falls in line like "isaw" (Filipino street food of chicken esophagus on stick). We accept no special treatment to those foreigners, I saw group of Japanese baffling while falling in line - even though I don't understand what they talked about I figured out it has something to do with the queue on how PAL facilitate the line. I guess they're complaining and at the same time laughing about the system. I cannot comment on that aside from my mind is fixed with my trip, I am just assuming. But it seemed we are on the same boat - we're pissed off on system we're in. 

After like two hours of falling in line, we finally reached the boarding area, were we can sit for awhile. It was nearly afternoon when the plane arrived. It was so fun leaving PAL atlast! But of course leaving PH behind for 3 weeks is much more fun...

KLM Airline

We are now on board! I was surprised it was KLM, I only see that when I watch Cine Europa at the Shang.
I took the economy, back part of the plane. But it was as amazing as I could ever remembered. I didn't even care if I sat away from the window, which is my favorite spot! First, they had this cute monitor infront where I browsed and watched different latest movies like Gnomio & Juliet, The Preist, classic movies by Jack Nicholson. All of those I enjoyed a lot. It was spacious, there are three columns left, right and the middle seats. We occupied the left part, and I'm in the middle of two guys.
The food was great, I had a fish for a meal with tomato sauce and potato as sidings. They had this dessert, a yogurt that is so sour, when I tasted it from GJ's, I decided not to open mine and just bring it in Denmark. We had merienda, bread and butter and my choice of drink. I tried tomato juice and that's the first and last. It was like I'm drinking cold tomato sauce! My favorite is orange juice, like it went straight from freshly squeezed orange. I slept a little, maybe because I'm too excited.
In the middle there are foreigners with a child. They normally place those with children near the porch or the middle of the plane, where there is this pull-down wall for changing diapers maybe. For all the meals, I took the spoon and fork. I'm guessing there is no utensils in the apartment. Besides the plastic spoon and forks are quite hard, like it's substantial for use over and over again. I also tried to keep the plastic cups, yep I'm particular to that so much for appreciation sucker, I appreciate using those stuffs and would like to reuse them again to remember atleast how it felt being there sometime ago. So I kept the knife, spoon, fork, yogurt and the paper puke bag aheee! There are all labeled KLM, and I love those!
My bag was a lion skin inspired tote where GJ has brought me before the flight, I placed it under my chair. Why they don't allow bags in lap - not sure.

Gimme a break! It's Friday 4God's Sake :D

It's friday noon in Manila. I am sitting in my desk facing my laptop, feeling a little cold due to bad weather and aircondition. It's the same usual Friday in the office, want to work fast and finish as early as you can to get an early weekend. Can't wait for the activities for tonight and the days after that...

What did I just finished was my vsp time recording. As usual, registering time and activities for the entire week. Earlier before that, I went to town hall meeting, we had expat from Denmark who talked about Vestas Security. What stick to my mind was there are about 200 laptops left in Copenhagen airport every month. 
We laughed about such stupid thing, but it happens. I guess Torben (the presenter) was right too much of alcohol can get into your nerves. That Danish man is an attempted comedian, unlike those of I know in Denmark. Most of them are classic - many says Denmark is boring. My opinion is no. More of that, I also had a VDD application meeting with CROSE and the rest of manila team. By the way CROSE is an initial we use in Vestas that made our username short. Anyway - I just don't get the topic, I prefer to listen to monitoring knowledge transfer than speaking terms.

It's 5:15 and I'm ready to go home by 5:30... Time's too slow... ugh..waa.waa.waa.!
You see if I open my HPSD, which I closed 5 mins ago, would take me like 15 mins to load so when I open it, it's almost time to go home! So here I am formulating words, factual events of my day's work.

Anyhow, if you ever had a time to see this blog - please follow me on twitter hehe it's @franenriquez

You know the effect of Fridays? This is exactly how it feels - tardiness at work..
I want to start a new blog, because I'm wasting my time creating a seemingly diary.

Happy Weekend! :) smile smile!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life is a Journey

Last night before I went to bed, I kept thingking what's next to life? When I travel, I know where my destination is, I know there is much fun and excitement wherever that is. What about life? Do I have a destination, do I know where it's heading? No I don't think anyone knows.
I guess life is about journey. All the simple things overlooked matters the most. Maybe I take them for granted for they remain the same no matter how I change. So it wasn't about the destination really,all we need is to live it on our own special way, so that in the end we say -- my life's journey is worthwhile.
This picture was taken in Aarhus Denmark.