Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Not a Saint, I am Survivor and a Fighter

Today I received an invitation...the travel that i have been waiting for... European tour!!! I can feel it's just around the corner! :D
I want to take this opportunity to impart to others that I am living proof that courage to step up is the key to success. It might not come along the time you expect it, but it will come when it's time.
The point is, if you have the courage to let go of things that you know in your heart will never be yours then that's first level of success. You free yourself from norms and barriers that hold you to achieve what you want. When you learn to move on and accept the fact that you are born to be a fighter and never a quitter is the second level of success. You understand that's the nature of living - become a fighter. Things may get rough but it's you who decides the next episode of your life.
You need hope - a guidance. You pray and he will do the rest. Give your best, show that you give importance in your field. Offer and share your talent in what ever form to your peers, family, friends and all whom you encounter. Show what you love to happen - and believe it will... And yes IT WILL! :)

I can't put my mouth shut when I received the invitation. Thank God I'm also with Gary -- it will be like one of our get away luau! And it's in Denmark :)
Thank God we are saved from too much chaos - because it left our soul with so much pain.
but thank God, you made those problems - because we might not feel this way, and we are darn serious EXCITED & extremely HAPPY!!!
I still pray for all those who are trapped in shadow - WE pray that they may find the light with your grace.
Thank you Jesus...WE LOVE YOU!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

five six hours of waiting

Here's my new look. First straighten my previously korean curl hair (c/o Tony & Jackie's), second removed unwanted hair color with black cellophane and third smile with swaying rebonded hair (c/o Classica). It's been 5-6 hours of sitting position and my butt was on fire!!! ouch!

Forgive me, I used my sisters favorite laptop picture/video application aka WEbcamMax... I liike the bangs really, it captured it well so I think this picture is good. :O)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bucket list

Hmm, before I die I want to make these happen.. atleast most of these:

1.) To travel in France
2.) To own a restaurant - pastries & coffee
3.) To walk in quiet street with lights (preferably in cold weather ;) )
4.) be able to buy a car
5.) travel with my family in Hongkong & Macau ( esp in Disney land)
6.) own a very soft fluffy bed...
7.) To eat exotic food :s
8.) ...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Remnants of Tsunami

Today I realized how fast as snap can people's lives go. Last Friday, Twitter was flooded with messages about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. In a split second, a Tsunami was reportedly approaching onshore. As I watched it, it was like a movie special effects, like 2012.
Wrecked ships, cars and houses were washed over the street. More prefects were destroyed instantly, the center of the magnitude was near Sendai and you can just imagine how intense fear they experienced. Some prefects like Tokyo were also greatly affected. Death toll continues to rise up until today.

After the Tsunami in Japan(March 11, 2010-Friday) some nearby countries like ours were alerted to prepare for earthquake and tsunamis since we lie on the pacific ring of fire. I wonder if it did ever happened to the Philippines, are we prepared? Are we equipped like the first world country like Japan? Japan was used to earthquakes but they weren't prepared to as big as this. Buildings are earthquake proof but not tsunami proof said the expert in CNN. Nuclear melt-down after Tsunami's after earthquake is too much. Thousands are confirmed dead and or missing, and those who survived said they are not even sure if it was right to survive. They were thinking how can they begin, how can they re-build the city and bring back their lives to normal? The entire place looks like a dump site.
One thing is for sure, they are capable of facing challenges like these. They solve chaos with dignity, they grieve but not too long because they strive to spend most of their time, energy and effort to do what they must battling the time searching to put back the pieces altogether.

Amidst all these, people not only in Japan learned lessons in life, be strong, have faith, protect life, move forward...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting positive vibes when encountering a$sH*)@I3s

If I find a high paid job, I will resign right away. And if I get rich, I will send a charity gift check to a colleague from work to send him to SPEECH POWER. I will mail it right on his desk with encouraging words:
To toot...
This giftcheck entitles you to unlimited speech tutorial class for a better future in callcenter world!
Goodluck and hopefully you stop annoying everyone around you :)
Enjoy!- Frances.

You gotta love a colleague who's pretty much annoying... First it enabled you to think twice of even having the same job as his that's why you start thinking of other work with much higher salary, second you get to know that there he is adding into the population of tiny mind who only knows how to bluff without even proving any achievements and lastly I proved that he suffers the dilemma of what-accent-to-use which I find funny, with that I have a much much better grammar...thaaank you SOnfBch! >] Imagine a world without you?!! what a better world, ahhhh. :)