Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good things I learned today

I'm working from home today and it's holiday in Philippines would you imagine? I am having a double pay yeeha!
Anyway I'm using my slack time to browse some good stuffs. 

I first saw Google Doodle from a friend's status, so I tried it. There I saw the Laba Porridge doodle, and it looks similar to my keychain that I bought in Kowloon, China. Back then, I didn't know what was it, I thought it's nice cause I saw some Japanese resto in Manila with these kinds of food replica. It's also interesting because I know these items are not sold in our country so I bought it. Now I have added value to my stuff when I saw its significance. Well, it originated in China, the LABA rice, "LA" means 12th lunar month and "BA" is number 8 - and they celebrate LABA porridge festivity (aka Longevity festive) to offer goods for their Gods. There, what an awesome keycain history :)

Another thing is the great Norwegian-Danish artist who painted Summer Evening on Skagens. He isPeder Severin Krøyer, he's one of those Skagen Painter in a Danish and Nordic Artist.I like the sun reflected on water, it's subtle and soft, kind of soothing scene.

Another thing is Google Pilipinas. It's a PHL flag but I haven't seen this go live goodthing they create doodle for our Independence day.
I also posted it here:)

Those are good info from Google doodle. I end here mon amie :)