Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Man up

Can you really forget that easily if severely scarred of the past?
Or you cannot get hold of your own destiny due to the fact
that you are unsure of how little your resource can get you by?
Or you just hang for a while in the shadows and cringed in a mess you welcome in your
wide open door?

I dont understand why people choose to hate and scorn others to death.
Your fingers always pointing towards the accused, babling about what was gone wrong.
And you stood there, waiting with all your might to prove them wrong..
You are the righteous one, clear as crystal. 
That is how you were perceived by comrades and yourself.

You created a perfect environment to scowl and crucify people you love to hate.
You love to ruin life, to feed your weakness.
And you cannot accept the defeat that you openly
participated from the start.
Are you a victim or self confess failure?
Truth is behind the closet that you ever so protect.

Who dared not to speak up about truth and honesty and good in the midst of it.
After all that has been said and done, you still squeeze the life out of struggling beast.
Oh you are a monster in a sheep’s clothes, you know you are good at it.
Who are you to blame others for your loss?
When all you gave is nothing, but pain and humiliation.

Who dared not to pray for light and divine intervention.
And in the final curtain, you missed the show.
When all you collect is trash, and so life gives it back to you.

You are bounded by the past
and your strength is towards keeping bad mistaken as good.
You are not perfect, no one is...
You are good, oh yes in a pathetic world you created.

Too bad, too late...

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