Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 is GOOD

It's been drought since 2015 and hopefully things will pickup this 2017 and bring loved ones good health, travel, improving oneself more on cultivating the interests and staying away from negative vibes.

So later, maybe I'll start working out again beginning with my diet and morning run - really really have to push myself literally drag my feet off the bed. But again Frances no pain no gain.

I left the bad stuff in the past so I can start fresh- beginning with self motivation "Be the Best Version of You". Then get driving lesson which infact is pasong paso na cause really driving is not my thing I'd rather ride a jeep than be stuck on traffic, but then things have to change. It's all about CHANGE people! Just change basically for whatever reason, it is a meter that measures your progress as an active participating and productive individual in an upscale environment. Then start working on my lovely home, and finally book some ticket somewhere.


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