Thursday, April 13, 2017

Instant Coffee Fave

I cant deny to love instant coffee which are dupes of authentic coffee grinds.
First stop, the reason I follow up with this blog is UCC instant coffee my GOD delicious haha!
Like Medium Roast when mixed with hot water tastes like freshly brewed with milk.
Old Town Coffee - Malaysian Coffee
I super love this cause it gives me a feel of my travels in Malaysia. We ate at Old Town resto inside Malaysian Airport and I love their coffee. Was surprised they have it packed and can even buy it conveniently at local stores.
Folgers - A friend whos kind of lazy brewing her own coffee I even baught her a coffee press but we end up using it in the office until it got lost introduces me to this. And dang it's sweet even with little or no sugar - I like this just black.

I will list down some more and update it once I try some other instant whites.


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