Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Real Coffee Talk

Earlier today, I signed up for part time job in most common cafe around the metro just for fun. Since I work at night, I might as well look for a job that does not require long term commitment and more importantly related to my passion that is tandadadadan- coffee

Through the years my love of coffee evolved to a more sophisticated taste, I guess. During college days where I cant even afford to buy a sturbucks coffee, who had manopolize the hype that time, I only get to taste it when treated by aunt or mom. Frappucino are my favorite, liek mocha or dark mocha. But as years progress so as my taste buds were kind of used to the same old frap. It came to a point where I dont bother which flavor to select as they all taste the same until I turned in my mid 20's. I kind of explored and swtiched from caffeinated frap to green tea frap with java chip. It sounds like less calories than the usual, so me being health consious that time it became my go to drink. 
So I go along with it for quite sometime. 

I work as an IT Specialist for all my life and the way I like to kickstart the day is to have a cup of vendo coffee. I was gravitated to it because it's free and taste pretty decent - so I thought. Iremembered this one company
who's so run by foreigners , German , Danish you name it - that they serve freshly brewed coffee. oh actually it is an espresso machine, neat huh. And they have this all sorts of syrup liek vanila, caramel, nutmeg which I dont like pouring in my cup for some reason. I guess it elevated my taste for coffee, this is a good start - I have a preference. 
But I still love love love steam milk, even espresso doesnt have sugar im good with it.

 One time, as I was sitting in a coffee shop I tried to order cappucino. Never really ordered hot ever since it made me feel like my mom can do it at home but not frap (how novice). 
My first ever cappuccino was MAGIC. Do you knnow that flavor? HAHA
I never knew how a cup of hot coffee could lighten up my mood more than my usual vendo coffee (lakas maka tanga). From then on, I always prefer hot over cold even the temperature here in Manila is rising as hell, no big deal.

So basically for all this years of taste testing I finally have an opinion of what a good coffee tastes like. Im not a pro,but think Im entitled - I drink one hell of a lot! 

Iced Caramel Machiatto - Starbucks. I dont care what they say about SB coffee but I love it - specially upside down 
Country Style - Decent taste, like light roast coffee beans and smells good. It's my morning  go to.
Dunkin Donut Brewed Coffee - cheap, brewed , water not randown like McDonalds. I also like the hot mocha here, but not all shops server it.
JCoccino Coffee  from Jco Donuts - which is quite dark roast with a hint of dark cocoa. Lovet it actually depends on who's brewing cause it changes everytime I visit.
CBTL Cappucino - tastes good not that bitter. I also like Americano , it has a note thats sweet but i still pair it with steam milk.
Seattles Best Classic Mocha - love it.
Lavazza Americano - Strong Dark Roast more like Italian or french coffee
I love the capuccino or latte or americano :)
Mauro Brewed Coffee - My favorite brewed coffee!!! It has a note of sweetness even without sugar!
Tobys Estate - Love love love the flat white and Gibraltar.
Plus they have a highly skilled barista that makes Rosetta a serious business.

So basically what I understand about coffee is you want to consume it fresh so buy whole beans from your local store and let them grind it for you. And to get the maximum tastes of coffee plus the good stuff in it get the medium roast, or light med roast rather than French or Italian. You want to make sure those beans are Arabica which is high grade beans than Robusta. Remember that. Okay I am done lecturing. I actually have used 2 coffee brewer and 1 coffee press - but it somehow doesnt give me the rich texture/flavor of my ideal coffee. I dont know, the search is still on. Hopefully someone from those I applied get back on me so I can grab some of their knowledge about coffee.


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