Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oh Crap, People!

Stories told behind my back like I was two timed, made me feel sorry for the person. Do that person ever think to gain popularity by putting me down or by making me look stupid in front of his audience? You know what out of respect, it tells more about your self than me

My first impression when I heard the news was well ,who tell tales? That person is kind of shady, It's not my thing to talk about close friends lives behind their back cause I dont want it happening to me either so it's kind of off.  Is there subtle way to backstab a person? I dont think so. So my answer to that, even if it's not welcome because I know sometimes you just want to take side and judge people not expecting any explanation whatsoever just being a bitch, that during our time is really the time of my life. If I dont like a person, I kick them off the hood in a swoosh to avoid further casualties. But for this relationship I gambled and pray to God it wont bite if I lose. 
But either way the important take away is I had fun, I fell in love and Ive been to places that even up to now I still cherish and wouldnt trade for anything. And if you say that the pathetic looser is a two timer, which basically is just faking the entire relationship is none of my god damn business anymore, but yeah really awful kiss and teller. Some people are so lack of social graces to have the decency to put up a face and rain on your parade. 

I wouldnt fake a thing in my life because I dont need cheating myself to fucking delay my happiness and if the guy is afraid of me for some reason to blurt things out, too bad some people just need to work out their communication skills better. It's like a silent insult that I cant handle real arguments. But hell we know the person cant talk real shit, except when I turn my back right? I cant tell that I dont deserve it just cause I deserve everything God made me. My take is, it's needed but not necessarily had to stick around for long. In other words it's a short lived relationship lacking depth. Meaningless, nadah.

Let's not bad mouth that much haha, not that it still matters ( I just feel like a bad bitch today you know after prepin up my dinner with pasta and white wine). Well, I am entitled to my opinion. I had that shoes for quite sometime and not a soul, except my love ones, knows a thing how I walk and roll with it so outsiders need to relax coz honey - 
I  d o n t  c a r e.

Love Lots - Frances :)

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