Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Favorites

Things I discovered this March are worthy to share, read on!

I really enjoyed writing this but I need to rest so to be continued.. ha!

Banh Mi Kitchen

So one Saturday , when I was suppose to sleep after night work, I decided to stay up and wait until Sunday which is my birthday. Making sure that I am wide awake, spending my last 31st year of existence, more like a celebratory ought, I started searching for fancy meal near the area. To be honest, it is a struggle to look for food when you're not craving and by the time you finally find one you lost your appetite. Top of the list are located in Eastwood and Megamall, since Eastwood is like my second home I focus on resto in SM. So amongst all the resto Banh Mi caught my attention, it looked familiar maybe I passed by it several times. I go for the reviews and seems like most of them who tried it for the first time kept coming back. Without taking a bath I ran off in the middle of overly heated streets of Ortigas to SM. Went straight to Building A 4th floor and there it was. I got whole classic Banh Mi , kind of like a Quiznos size and man when you taste it doesnt even at par with any local bread. It's legit, second to my favorite bread in the entire world charowwt. 
As of this writing ,AFC channel featured the Vietnamese Baguette and guess what it's called Banh Mi. I didnt even researched the meaning, but universe always find its way to us you know. So it has some Salami or Ham, coriander, mayo, tomato and some other stuff. Paired with large milk tea is the best, much bitter taste than your usual wintermelon tea :)
I got so excited I took a picture of my meal with my Gucci bucket bag (segway).

Vlogs - Youtubers

After getting a good signal, I finally met Youtube and we clicked instantly ha. It has been my companion for the last 2 months of living alone. Way back college days I didnt even wear anything on my face only johnsons baby powder while most classmates are full face done. Some even knew concealers way back, like what the hell is that stick looked like pimple remover or some hybrid of compact powder?
Not really into makeup, maybe it just goes with age as some discolorations and fine lines start revealing on my face. Although, I should have started wearing sunscreen and moisturizer when i was in college or highschool but maybe nah - I know me, Id rather buy book or food. I just realized how advance my classmates were in highschool and college when they put so much on their faces like foundation, blushon , concealers, eye liners, well groomed eye brows and lipsticks. Or it just goes to show that they took care of themselves better than I did haha! Who cares. But the impression they gave during that time looks like these girls are high maintenance, rich, maarte , malandi ganyan! I dont patronize makeup and getting groomed with so much aesthetics going on , I still prefer being simple and effortlessly natural look but I realized putting a little tint on your face is just one of hundered ways of loving yourself, taking good care of your skin without overdoing and has nothing, and I mean NADAH, to do with how people perceive you. I just realize if it keeps you motivated to do your best in school or work or it makes you feel confident then makeups purpose is put to it's highest pedestal. Obviously I watched to much makeup hacks, but I also follow french 101 and cactus gardeners.

10 Step Korean Skin Care

Damn, just by reading feels so stressful, right?.. One is keeping me out of the sink and ten is like ok na ako maging taong tabon guys. But I tried it afterall and believe it or not may face condition is waaaay better than before. So I have facial wipes when I wear makeup, some use the oil based makeup remover, I use iWhite to kickstart my korean inspired facial wash then second I apply Human Nature organic facial scrub especially important for dry skin like me. I also have sponge, love it lathers on my face like an applicator for Neutrogena gel the one I used alternately with iWhite. I dont have serum, expensive so lets skip that. I use toner celeteque since it's water base no alcohol, Im switching to WitchHazel since my toner almost done. Then I use tea tree eyecream and aloevera gel as facial moisturizer.
I use nose gel for white head removal twice a week.Also apply some face mask once a week.
I wash my face religiously  twice a day, even my body aches for my bed. The struggle is real dude.
But in time you get used to it, like it's part of your daily routine.

BB Cream - Skin White Trial

Im a type of person who doesnt drink a lot of water and my skin is dry to the point where it gets flaky. It's very itchy and sometimes irritating at cold temperatures so I always bring a handy dandy lotion everywhere I go. My face is also dry and makeup and BB creams tend to oxidize within hours. So basically I need to find a good foundation or cream that dont oxidize on my face. It gives me dewy look even if Im tuyot inside. See this is why it gets negative effect when you want to hide the bad aspects and not do anything to fix the issue haha! Well Im trying my very best to get 8 glasses of water a day. That's actually my permanent solution but sometimes full coverage creams can provide quick fix for busy girls like us, giving our skin dewy and hydrated look without over drinking water, excuse.

Gucci Bag

Damn is this not worthy to mention. Bucket bag is cute and when it's Gucci it's love.

The Ring

Speechless. 3 stones , gold for my color, and happiness.

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